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  1. Is it worth getting COD BO4 season Pass or should I just buy the classified zombies add on? I care about Zombies and black out. Not so much about mp. I recently purchased Bo4 and started playing, so far I love it.

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    2. way2g00d


      How many zombie maps are out till date? Just classified right?


    3. InfestLithium


      DLC 3 and DLC 4 are Aether maps. Not sure how much you enjoy Aether compared to Chaos but getting Classified alone is already a plus. Assuming you get the last two DLCs I'd say just buy them separately to be honest.

    4. Lenne


      Dead of the Night is the first map which got released back in december and in march there will be the second map.

      Dead of the night in my opinion is very good.

  2. Is there an EE guide for VOD? Just curious. Not asking anyone to make one. I completed this last night, so I wanted to check back on few steps. Is there a place you guys recommend? 

  3. I have started playing Gauntlet mode lately and I am loving it. Currently at 22 and can't seem to get past the pack a punch step. Also, it takes a lot of endurance to stay focused after that 9 min of hell. It gets boring. The round where they take away all your points for taking damage from zombies is pure evil but I love it. Treyarch thinks it's funny, let's take away all their points then have they fully pack a punch their weapon and spend 20,000.
  4. How are you Pinnaz. Long time no talk. Let's get some cod games going. Are you still around on psn?

  5. I got a lot further than I expected. But I still don't know where the shield parts are and how to pap. Reading through the guide I noticed, it would help to have pictures. But still thanks for putting this together. I remember Superhands back in the day always did guides and also posted pictures for reference. Great job Still.
  6. I really am starting to like this game mode. I just got the BO4 game and I have to say I got bored of Zees. I play MP and black out a lot now.
  7. Eagerly waiting for next board. Also where's Slade?
  8. Hi Guys! 

    1. anonymous


      Way to good to see you again. And that wordjoke was way to bad.


      Good to see you again!

    2. Lenne


      Hey, hey, hey hope everything is going fine and you are doing good, way. Really nice to check back in. ❤️

    3. way2g00d


      It is good to be back. I am back in cod playing black out mostly. But I enjoy playing zombies content. Mostly playing with randoms for now, I don't know if any OG players are still around. Chopper, Eye, InfestLithium, Grill, Flammen, Superhands. Damn. 

  9. This thread brings me back to good old days. I recently started playing BO4 zombies and noticed there is a Gauntlet mode and could not contain my excitement. Although the challenges are round based they can totally make a list of challenges mentioned in this thread. I haven't messed around with custom mutations yet, but it looks like some of this can be accomplished with this. I'd be nice if treyarch lets us access other peoples created custom mutations.
  10. Anyone here play destiny/?

  11. I am 371 now! Grinding every day to get to higher light level and maybe beat the raid. I got to Aksis cp and was unable to beat it as most of my teammates were first timers like me. I am enjoying rise of Iron. If someone needs to team up I am game. I play pretty much every night around 8 central
  12. Yep, I still need to do Hard raid and find few fragments.
  13. Need to say Destiny has been more fun than ever for me. Have been grinding Nightfall, Challenge of elders, quests for exotic swords, then iron banner. Took for ever to search the legendary stuff in spinmetal and relic iron. But I will have my arc and Void swords tomorrow. Already have Raze lighter. This week it is arc burn for nightfall and it is Valus t'arc. If someone from CoDz want to tag along, I am playing every night around 8 central. @Matuzz I see you are taking a break. I inspected your classes and looks like you are all set for Rise of Iron with all your characters l
  14. So, that's how you the name lol.. Boom is an awesome guy to play zombies with. Very chilled and fun player.
  15. Didn't see this thread exist and created a similar thread in off topic. Can a mod please merge this if needed. If not no big deal.
  16. I need to say this. Watch Dogs 2 looks great. I will probably get that.
  17. List of games that are confirmed for xbox one. Gears of War 4 Dead Rising 4 Sea of Thieves Forza Horizon 3 Scalebound State of Decay 2 Halo Wars 2 Recore Crackdown 3 These are the games I am excited about personally. What about you? State of decay 2 Tekken 7 Destiny 2
  18. I forgot to mention, the multiplayer of this game has been more fun than ever. The mayhem clash playlist is so much fun. Levelling up gunsmith and factons, vanguard to get good guns, god rolls and so on is always a fun way to grind strikes.
  19. True, I was so disappointed after the Skolas POE mission that I did not play for for year, skipped TTK. After the infusion, things look more balanced, as you mentioned and the game was playable, not to forget the return of POE. I hit 334 Titan, 333 on Hunter and warlock on my PS4 without even touching a single raid. That made me happy, the game level up system was not entirely dependent on raid gear for once. Not saying raids are bad, just don't have that kind of time to do it on daily basis. Overall, this is a much better game for me now than zombies has been in the last 2 years.
  20. @Matuzzcan't wait to play this expansion.
  21. Big reveal at 10 pm pt, but thanks to xbox store that leaked almost everything about the new expansion. Warning spoilers ahead. http://www.theverge.com/2016/6/9/11893104/destiny-iron-gjallarhorn-rise-of-iron-expansion
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