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  1. Is it worth getting COD BO4 season Pass or should I just buy the classified zombies add on? I care about Zombies and black out. Not so much about mp. I recently purchased Bo4 and started playing, so far I love it.

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    2. way2g00d


      How many zombie maps are out till date? Just classified right?


    3. InfestLithium


      DLC 3 and DLC 4 are Aether maps. Not sure how much you enjoy Aether compared to Chaos but getting Classified alone is already a plus. Assuming you get the last two DLCs I'd say just buy them separately to be honest.

    4. Lenne


      Dead of the Night is the first map which got released back in december and in march there will be the second map.

      Dead of the night in my opinion is very good.

  2. Is there an EE guide for VOD? Just curious. Not asking anyone to make one. I completed this last night, so I wanted to check back on few steps. Is there a place you guys recommend? 

  3. way2g00d

    Official Blackout Feedback Thread

    I have started playing Gauntlet mode lately and I am loving it. Currently at 22 and can't seem to get past the pack a punch step. Also, it takes a lot of endurance to stay focused after that 9 min of hell. It gets boring. The round where they take away all your points for taking damage from zombies is pure evil but I love it. Treyarch thinks it's funny, let's take away all their points then have they fully pack a punch their weapon and spend 20,000.
  4. How are you Pinnaz. Long time no talk. Let's get some cod games going. Are you still around on psn?

  5. way2g00d

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    T, L please
  6. way2g00d

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    R, S please
  7. way2g00d

    Voyage of Despair for Beginners.

    I got a lot further than I expected. But I still don't know where the shield parts are and how to pap. Reading through the guide I noticed, it would help to have pictures. But still thanks for putting this together. I remember Superhands back in the day always did guides and also posted pictures for reference. Great job Still.
  8. way2g00d

    Voyage of Despair highest round

    26 with three other randoms.
  9. way2g00d

    Official Blackout Feedback Thread

    I really am starting to like this game mode. I just got the BO4 game and I have to say I got bored of Zees. I play MP and black out a lot now.
  10. way2g00d

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    Eagerly waiting for next board. Also where's Slade?
  11. Hi Guys! 

    1. anonymous


      Way to good to see you again. And that wordjoke was way to bad.


      Good to see you again!

    2. Lenne


      Hey, hey, hey hope everything is going fine and you are doing good, way. Really nice to check back in. ❤️

    3. way2g00d


      It is good to be back. I am back in cod playing black out mostly. But I enjoy playing zombies content. Mostly playing with randoms for now, I don't know if any OG players are still around. Chopper, Eye, InfestLithium, Grill, Flammen, Superhands. Damn. 

  12. way2g00d

    The Ultimate List of Zombie Challenges

    This thread brings me back to good old days. I recently started playing BO4 zombies and noticed there is a Gauntlet mode and could not contain my excitement. Although the challenges are round based they can totally make a list of challenges mentioned in this thread. I haven't messed around with custom mutations yet, but it looks like some of this can be accomplished with this. I'd be nice if treyarch lets us access other peoples created custom mutations.
  13. way2g00d

    ~Zombies Hangman~

    U please
  14. way2g00d

    Highest Round on Buried!

    So what's your highest round on Buried? Top 3 will be updated in Original Post. Posting Proof is encouraged. Must for Top 3 entrees.
  15. Anyone here play destiny/?

  16. way2g00d

    kumbaya boombyeyeah

    So, that's how you the name lol.. Boom is an awesome guy to play zombies with. Very chilled and fun player.
  17. way2g00d

    New Administrators

    Congratulations Boom and InfestLithium.
  18. way2g00d

    Divinium Now Available!

    Great, I like it. With so much post pumping I did in the past I should be banned from this :)
  19. way2g00d

    Definition of a perfect map?

    Why do I feel like I have no motivation to play this map after seeing videos of it? If someone is patient enough to carry me and teach me the basics of the game let me know and we can party up some point before my XBOX Live expires. I will be grateful. @InfestLithium Sorry didnt' mean to threadcrap bud.
  20. Destiny has playlist that awards legendary marks that play weekly or daily playlists. They rotate these game modes to encourage and award players that do so.
  21. way2g00d

    Kino styled maps

    Are we ever going to get kino style maps where no buildables exist? Where PAP is just the matter of teleporting, where you can have fun with friends doing first room challenges and not have to worry about side quests, where zombies actually don't sprint. where is the feel for good old Kino? I have given up on zombies, after Der Eisendrach I lost any interest in zombies. I am not interested in learning new ways of upgrading buildables. If anything give a hint of what needs to be done in help guide rather than having to rely on YouTube videos to learn to upgrade bows. This is growing old now. After the zombies was changed to multiplayer engine, it was over for me. New bells and whistles but we have lost the feel of original waw zombies at the moment. And whatever happened to No mans land 2.0 Rant over.
  22. way2g00d

    Anybody else miss BO2?

    That is why Giant remains my most played map, because I can just kick it with randoms and shoot zeds in the head with new weapons.
  23. way2g00d

    Anybody else miss BO2?

    I agree. I miss kino styled maps. Simplicity and ability to play with randoms without having too many expectations.
  24. way2g00d

    Anybody else miss BO2?

    Yes I miss the transit crew as well. But it's funny, when we played BO2 most of us wanted the O4 back, well they are back unfortunately they are not the same O4.
  25. way2g00d

    Kino styled maps

    Very good points mentioned. However I guess I am nostalgic to plain old zombies. My biggest gripe I failed to mention in OP is that playing with randoms is very difficult now than ever. Most everyone checks to see if you are okay with EE and if you say no, they just leave.

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