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  1. Hey just wanted to say I read your story book and it is amazing. I couldn’t stop reading it and can’t wait for more chapters. Great job.

    1. RadZakpak


      Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed.

  2. I found a little tip for when you are looking for the symbols in the windows to get your sword. The Canal symbol can be seen on foot. After unlocking the first door to the canals, go left up the stairs, and continue to the top of the second set of stairs. Now turn to the right and face the Silence is Golden sign. Look above the sign and you can see the circular window with the symbol. Jump to get a better look.
  3. Only round 6 so far. Still learning the map and shaking the rust off. One of my random teammates was named InfestLithium, and I remembered that name from here. Hey friendo!
  4. In Origins I found a piece of paper that looks to be part of a picture, similar to the Shock Gibson one. At generator 2, in the tank station, Go up the ramp ( closest to the box location), look behind the pipe on the right side. This is the only one I've seen, but I haven't really looked around.
  5. Good catch, but I think thats 1 month and 2 weeks prior to June 1st (don't forget May). Maybe they didn't use the exact dates so as not to disrespect the real vets who fought that battle, but I have no idea.
  6. Steven King and Ghostbuster references, I love it! But this makes sense to me, because of the blue eyes the Templar zombies have that come from behind the seal that is broken and the yellow/orange eyed zombies above ground. Looks like the Germans may have broke on through to the other side.
  7. Wow cool video. I noticed a lot of steam leaks and pressure gauges throughout the video. At 24 secs, what is that piece of machinery attached to a tube? It reminds me of one of those drawings in Der Reise of the traps. Looking forward to next week.
  8. I had a similar thing happen on Tranzit. I went and got Jugg first with the turbine and it stayed lit up after I grabbed my turbine. I tested it and let a zombie hit me 3 times and I didn't go down. I couldn't get any other perks to do this though. Haven't been able to do it again since.
  9. Is this where Tank earns his name? Looks like someone's behind that door at the very beginning.
  10. I'm with you, I thought the navcards would be way more important. There were some pretty good theories about them too. Oh well.
  11. Great thread as always. I can tell you did a lot of research, and it never ceases to amaze me all the info all you theorists get from a few files or pictures and then tie it all together. Bravo sir
  12. DeadMike

    Time Bomb tip

    I never realized you get another TB from max ammo, even when you already threw one. Thanks. I usually forget to use them on solo, but I guess you get to redo the previous round. Who gets unlimited points? The players who were resurrected or you? That's something I'll have to try. Thanks.
  13. DeadMike

    Time Bomb tip

    I knew about throwing it before they go down, but I can never tell when it's a good time to do it. I don't want to throw it too early and then no one goes down until 5 rounds later.
  14. DeadMike

    Time Bomb tip

    Sorry if this is common knowledge, but nothing came up in a search. Well I was playing with 2 people and I went down and died. The 2 guys were just about to be overrun when 1 of them threw his time bomb and immediately activated it, and I was brought back from the grave, minus my guns and perks. I played a game later on and I acquired the time bomb this time. When one of my teammates went down I immediately threw/activated the time bomb and he was revived. I'm not sure if he lost his guns though, he didn't bleed out completely like I did earlier. It seems they're kinda-sorta like monkey bombs.
  15. Great thread, I've wondered about some of these too. What is the significance of the base outside the map on Nuketown? It wasn't there in the MP map and we don't interact with it at all. Is this the FOB from the saber 10 transmissions?
  16. Yeah I read your analysis and I enjoy the different point of view. I think it may be about Stu, but you have good points, so I dunno. I do believe she and the paralyzer are similar somehow though. I shot her with it and it only slowed her a little. Plus they both have that purple mist to them.
  17. What is she doing when she comes up to you and hits you? It looks like she's inhaling your soul and her eyes roll back and she has this creepy hand gesture like she's savoring it. It's the same purplish mist as the Paralyzer.
  18. Ahhh, thanks for the reply. That loading screen always bugged me.
  19. Sweet! Thank you, I know what I'm going to do now.
  20. I noticed at the end of Treyarch's video that Marlton is on top of a table in the courtroom, completely surrounded by zombies. Can we get on top of there or was it just for the video? I like that scene, looks intense
  21. I wonder if this technology is related to the Nuketown loading screen machine. I still wonder what that thing is. Nice post,lots of info on the mechanics of it. Very interesting.
  22. If you already did maxis' side then you can't do it again until you do the richtofen EE. If you need someone for Richtofen, I'll help out. GT- thizzelle31
  23. I did the Richtofen EE on friday. I had previously done maxis EE, so I know you're not "locked in". We couldn't do the EMP part with 2 people, had to have all 4 players with EMP's. I hope you don't need 4 for MOTD, I enjoy doing that EE with 2 players.
  24. DeadMike

    8th Perk?

    I had all 7 perks and went through the mansion and got the perk but nothing happened(did this 3 times and no 8th perk). No persistent perk, and when I went down I lost everything.
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