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  1. Activision made it so that you if want a better chance to get it, you can buy "COD points". I didn't buy them and I've gotten like 12 Perkaholics since the game came out. You can also "Close Application" before your game ends if you used a gumball and don't want to lose it, but you lose all XP and progress made in the game by doing that. Good luck getting more Perkaholics!
  2. Doesn't sound like you know this, so I'll tell you. Perkaholic supplies Revive even when the machine is gone. I think that On The House can also do this though I didn't test it yet. If you got Perkaholic, there's your extra QR.
  3. 111... 3 downs from connection interrupted right after the margwa spawned in. I cry. This map is actually quite straightforward once setup, feels overall much like Origins with some slight Mob influence. Very fun.
  4. I know I am biased but I felt that Mob may have been the best map ever made yet. Origins would be up there with it though. If this is going to be like those maps, directed as well by Jason, I am very certain I will love to play it. It looks a bit different but as long as I can enjoy it and it holds to the basics of what made me love BO2 Zombies, then I can't ask for more. Funny how the maps remind me of Mob, Buried and Origins all at the same time. Well done 3arc. Also wanted to point out that while the map screams "Mob" very loud, it's interesting to see yellow eyed zombies again.
  5. I'm a bit disappointed that without giving the players much warning, Activision decided to give PS4 first DLC... oh well. It wouldn't be so bad if so many people hadn't bought XB1 in anticipation of this game - after all, we have been conditioned to seeing content first for Xbox. But it cannot be helped. Instead of complainining I will just try to get a PS4, though who knows? We may end up going back to mostly using Xbox anyway, as it might still be the better version of the game. Disappointed with Activision's choice, but at least we didn't find out about this on release day, you know?
  6. Hey guys! I know this game has been out for a long time, so there is nothing new here really, but since people on twitch have been asking me to make a video guide to show setting up Mob of the Dead, I recently made one and uploaded it to Youtube. Figured I'd post it here too to help any beginners who want to learn how to start up a game on this map. Hope you all enjoy it! Cheers!
  7. Congrats guys. I've seen each of you post a lot. You deserve it.
  8. I'm pretty available for playing coop Zombies with friends. If I'm not in a focused high round solo game or unavailable entirely (as will be the case until the end of this year) I am usually up for it, you just have to hit me up and let me know your interest and availability. We can go from there. Next year when I get home I will most likely be playing Buried Solo a LOT but that doesn't put coop out of the options, so hit me up.
  9. I shall be watching from the shadows. A bit sad that the twitch community was against this (a lot of them) but it is what it is and I'm still sticking around here, lurking. Have fun people. And you will see me here.
  10. It seems nerfed because it's really not useful. Mustang and Sally being gone takes away the best use for Flopper. The perk itself is mostly the same but considering the rareness of having to take fall damage or explosive damage on the map, it's not a very useful perk like it was in previous maps. Most players don't consider it a priority perk and go for most of the other perks before Flopper. The main reason to want it is for grenade or War Machine use on insta-kill.
  11. Thanks Chopper =) I put this here to show that it's do-able to get all that stuff done early. Just takes a lot of practice. But hey, if you want to achieve a goal, practice, practice, practice, eh? I wish everyone who tries to do this good luck - it can be done. Just practice and keep trying until you do it.
  12. With practice it's not that hard. What's harder was figuring out how to do it. http://www.twitch.tv/dahniska/b/567016730 Fast forward to about 7:30 and you can watch it done. I think I had the full easter egg done by 18 or 19 that game.
  13. HIghly recommend it, second only to Origins on BO2 Zombies.
  14. Dahniska


    What Boom said is basically the general consensus among the serious Zombies community. A lot of players don't even bother to build the Fire and Lightning staffs when going for rounds (assuming you're going with 2 or 1 player games).
  15. Often. I'm trying to break my old records and hit some high rounds on more maps and maybe take a world record or two. I don't know when I will get bored of doing this over and over but hey, still in the game for now.
  16. I wish I could say that I had a WR but I don't. =/ Was on 140 Buried earlier and died to a slow walker. Like others I still have things to learn lol. Anyway I'll just copy Lawton's and fill in my own stuff with maybe an addition or two. Favorite map: Origins Favorite weapon: Ice Staff (does tomahawk count? =P) Highest Solo: 200 Mob of the Dead Highest Co-Op: 50 Die Rise (Was over a year ago) Highest Kills: 125,000 Mob of the Dead Rounds that are/should be/should have been on ZR leaderboards: 117 Origins, 200 Mob, 140 Buried. Highest Flawless round: 95 Origins. Still gotta get a flawless 100 >.>
  17. Another 2-3 maps to finish up the N4 story and explain a few things, leave some stuff for us to forever wonder. Then Mob-style maps. Hey, they could even try going way back in time or into the distant future to give Zombies a whole new feel. I wouldn't mind.
  18. This was linked in my big Origins guide and is the oldest video I've seen that pretty much explains everything you wrote. A great resource.
  19. I can guarantee from my many 140+ games on Mob and my many 80+ games on Origins that you do not want fire sales for Solo in Origins (or Mob for that matter). Basically how drops seem to work in Black Ops 2 is that you are guaranteed 4 a round (starts somewhere in the 40-50 range and continues all the rest of the game, same concept on 190+ as 50+). The rule is that you will never get more than 2 of a particular drop each round (from the ones dropped by regular zombies) and that if you do not get a drop on one round, you are guaranteed that drop as one of the four the next round (only drops you will see are the ones that are available at the time for that map). For example, you get 2 nukes on round 60. Then a double points and an Insta-kill (Mob of the Dead btw). That means next round you will for sure get a Max Ammo. I've seen rounds where you get double of two drops, for example 2 nukes and 2 double points. The next round you are guaranteed at least 1 Max Ammo and 1 Insta-kill. In Origins you throw Zombie Blood into the mix. Because of this you have a lower chance of getting a Max Ammo since the game has more drops to randomly choose from. You do NOT want Fire Sales ever in Mob or Origins, Solo or not. Brutus' drop in Mob is counted as one of your guaranteed 4, for whatever reason. The zombies will only drop 3 more any time Brutus shows up. The Panzer's drop is considered separate. Trust me I've played this game so much and seen this so much. This is invariably how it works. You do not want Fire Sales. Anyone who tells you that what I've said here is inaccurate does not know what they are talking about.
  20. The camping spot you showed me might be tricky, but the actual training part is beyond easy. You literally just start on the hill, move along the wall and all the zombies are behind you instantly. It is the easiest training spot I know of on ANY map. Panzers are also very easy to deal with, as you well know. I showed it to a kid who is garbage at zombies and he got to 88 flawless! Yeah, you should try dealing with Monkeys on round 50+ and tell me it is still "practically just breathers". Ascension may be an easy map if you spawn abuse but the zombies are much more agressive on BO1 and the side stepping zombies are a nuisence at times. Also, recycling the Thundergun mid-round on that map is no easy feat on solo. The staff(s) on Origins can see you go to the mid to late 80's before giving any kind of trouble, and even then there is a few max ammo's you can rely on (like the box ammo or the ammo from the panzers after raining fire that you can save till later on). It is down to personal opinion, and having got to 100 on Origins and 106 on Ascension, I would say that Origins was MUCH easier for me. Origins was probably easier cause you got better since Ascension lol. The training spot behind the tank station isn't the easiest training spot, just probably feels like it to you since it was the one you played lately. TranZit's spot in front of the farm is easier. Flopper lander on Ascension is easier. MotD's bridge is easier. Training by generator 4 on Origins itself is easier. Training inside the Biodome on Moon is so simple and easy it gets boring fast. I could keep going but I'll stop there and say that I consider each of the spots mentioned to be easier training spots (that actually work for really high rounds) than Origins' behind the tank station.
  21. I have not played BO1 MP extensively so I can't tell you if it's better or worse than its successor's, but I will put out my opinion on BO2 MP. It's amazing. Pick 10 is really good. There is a really good variety of weapons, perks and equipment and the vast majority of them are viable weapons. There are a few that stand out as kind of overpowered (M8A1, AN-94, MSMC, etc) and a few that are sub-par (Executioner) but overall, most weapons will serve you well and there is a situation or map that you can put almost any weapon to good use in. I will say that you pretty much have to have Flak Jacket thanks to C4 spammage and that Toughness is vital to almost all classes that aren't focused on shotguns but there is a nice variety of perks available. Also, the sniping is way overpowered and very annoying in casual games but if you're a serious player you'll soon realize that snipers are like flies or bees - they're really annoying but nothing that regular guns can't take out. What I love about the game is that you can use almost any weapon you like and have a chance of winning. You don't have to pick from 5 weapons - you can use a shotty, a sniper, a pistol, an AR, whatever you want and if you play well, you can win. I love that. I have friends who played older CoD titles who whine that there are weapons that are viable that aren't Assault Rifles - too bad. It's bad game design in the first place to have all weapon types but one or two suck. If you can't move on from that and appreciate the effort taken to make Black Ops 2 MP fun for players of all playstyles, you're delusional and blind. Can I also say that I love the League Play feature? And that I love getting my Lodestar, among other fun and awesome Scorestreaks? Black Ops 2 MP was amazing. If you can't move on from whatever shooter game you first played where only a handful of weapons were remotely usable, the loss is yours! On to Zombies now. Black Ops 1 has the edge in the number of maps for sure. They are mostly pretty similar and share a nice simplicity. The story in them is kind of interesting, but at this point in time, I think the main reason to play one game or another is, simply put, to play it. You can read up on everything from the story in the game here on CoDZ. That said, few people seem to play Black Ops Zombies in public matches online so if you want people to play with, you may need to find some friends. Black Ops 2 Zombies is still pretty active online so that's one advantage it has right now. The maps are more complex and diverse in setting and gameplay in Black Ops 2, though there are fewer of them. The main thing this comes down to I think is whatever game you played more of initially when you started to play Zombies a lot. Whichever game won you over to the Zombies fanbase is going to be your go-to game. If you're starting out I suggest Black Ops 2 right now cause it's easier to find matches with people online on it.
  22. Not really bro. Origins is still hard once setup and both training and camping behind the tank station are not easy. You cannot autopilot that spot no matter what, unlike a lot of strategies in Zombies. Origins is a hard map. It gets easier once you get going but it is not Ascension easy.
  23. Good read, and nice thinking about the poisoning. Hadn't considered that. Though, we don't know if 115 would poison someone... though hey, for all we know it could be the case. Brains given.
  24. Great points and a great read! I do think these descriptions tie in really well with Origins. Well done, Nightmare Voyager, great catch here! Mocking, please stop trying to argue every time someone talks about Origins. You have no solid proof for your theory about "Origins is another reality" while the opposing side is simply taking things given to us by the developers at face value. You are welcome to keep your opinions but I see no reason why there must be a massive debate every time someone wants to talk about Origins - we've already been over this more than enough. Please, and thank you.
  25. I agree with you, not just for the reasons above, but because the map is also designed so that sitting in a corner is the way to go. There is no challenge to setting up and little challenge for mid and high rounds (though it gets a little bit harder 70+). Easiest map ever? Yes.
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