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  1. I started at a bus station, every bastard left me there. Well I thought why not run after the bus into the fog, after all what could go wrong. shortly after I purchased the old maps and in the desire to get better I played lots of No mans Land.. Now I can do switch backs, screen shakes and thingymebobs . I gave up on EE after buried, that truely pissed me off. I only do EE or part thereof if I need something. Eg golden spork.
  2. Cracked a rib last week. The timings perfect. I can stay home from work and play zombies. Gotta look at the positives 

    1. InfestLithium


      Sorry to hear, but at least one good thing came out of it!

    2. NaBrZHunter


      That's rough, man. But hey, you're right. Works out well. lol

  3. Sorry, can the mods edit my post. When I said left on loading screen I actually meant right. I can't edit long posts on my iPad. Sorry people's for any confusion.
  4. I've had a beer induced epiphany. Generally they don't turn out to well but here goes. Let's look first at the left side of the loading screen. Notice the two people are of different size. This is really apparent taking into account the size of the crater and the centre of screen. They both have their own path and too far from each other to be together. The lines under them suggest their paths, both do join at a point from different directions. I believe this to symbolise Richtofen and Samantha after the same goal and also notice the smaller person is closer to the point the paths join. Notice there are no wires attached to the extraction drill. This image is pretense I believe. http://i1283.photobucket.com/albums/a555/PINNAZ/Nuketown/loadscreen_zm_nuketown_zps8f640415.png Now let's look at this next image http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t92/mixmasternut/Nuketownlittleguy.jpg Have a look at the wires attached to the Mictlantecuhtli. This looks like an electrical circuit. Notice the wires wrapped around his leg. I see this as a coil to absorb energy. Back to the loading screen he is highlighted symbolising energy that being absorbed. The two wires on the left may very well be an earth. On the right hand side there are Two wires also but no indication of who it's attached to via loading screen images. My opinion is that the Mictlantecuhtli wants another source to complete the circuit. Go back to the pretense picture left of the loading screen this source to complete the circuit would be either Samantha or Richtofen to complete the end circuit. Samantha is closer. This could very well be on the moon or a projection from the MPD and a fight from both Richtofen and Samantha to control the Agartha. But who's The fighter pilot trying to stop this major event. Be gentle on me, it's my first day. Lol
  5. A Soul Generator WW. Your ammo is dependant on filling your WW with souls. You will fill the chamber to be able to use it. It is an infinite 1 hit kill providing you keep it full of souls. The amount of souls will determine the amount of shots. Traps will fill your soul chamber also.
  6. Whacked a brown snake at work today. I actually feel really bad about it

    1. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      Well.. Depending on where you live and the type of brown snake, it may have been ok.

    2. superstudmuffin


      Australia, eastern brown.

    3. InfestLithium


      You killed my pet yo :'(

  7. I actually love not knowing, makes waiting for the next map even more exciting.
  8. Well, just read this thread and must say I'm disappointed at the negativity and disrespectful posts by some members. Some that are current users. Tac put a lot of work into this and deserves recognition and or acceptance of his efforts whether it be right or wrong. Well done Tac. Now I honestly have no idea but appreciate the thought and appreciate the effort gone into this. At the end of the day I have no bloody idea, it got me thinking of the rift. Is it possible we are not travelling at all? Characters are their own being, they never move anywhere. They are suspended in one place and the vril brings space and time to them in an instant. They don't teleport at all. Eg, Richtofen's first experience with teleportation. He's still in the exact same spot, the moon MPD than Shangri la where bought to him engulfing his reality and his reallity alone, hence other people don't experience it.
  9. i'm done with the game, too tedious after 20. I've done everything i can think of to no avail only to be screwd over by the cryptarch. Makes me want to punch him the nose. I've been stuck on 20 for 3 days and cant get light armour if my life depended on it. Back to zombies, bungie can shove destiny.
  10. Got this today. Firstly i'm not much of a gamer other than playing some zombies but must say the games pretty impressive. Since buying the PS4 it's done nothing but collect dust until now. Cant wait to play it again tobehonest, to me thats a big thing as most games purchased get a solid 10 minutes playtime before going back onto the shelf never to be played again. Finally a game for the PS4 worth playing Quick question, is it possible to increase my look sensitivity? Could'nt find an option for it.
  11. Would you like to see my wonder weapon ?
  12. 192 with speed cola, 6 minutes 20 seconds. Dammit, i had ammo left. Argghh!!!
  13. Been playing some more on the weekend. My main aim at the moment is a consistant PAP, sadly this is just falling shy at the moment. Probably averaging 35 kills regardless of start. Finding after using my ammo i'm trying for 3 to 4 kills on crawlers to achieve a consistant PAP. It's not as simple as it sounds. My knife lunge tends to screw me over here with dogs on my tail. What i've been trying is knife to first siren, try for a few knives post siren, make my way to the pipe and cut back to side drop. My first nade is front of the cage into the little nook that makes the nade bounce back prior to or just after second siren. Sometimes i finish with a few stabs for the zombies still alive. I loop back around and do the same by the third siren with my second nade, usually the dogs are on my tail by this stage and limits my chance to knife. I then loop using my pistols gaining points, if i'm short i then run in and out of the cage to keep the crawlers out of the front pool. Sometimes it works, sometimes it ends badly depending on dogs and terrible knife lunges. I just cant quite finish those last couple off consistantly. Regardless to say, although i now want to kick my neighbours dog in the arse i'm not too frustrated yet as i'm learning invaluable zombies kills and a desire to get better. Tipical NML, my best games and spawns have been when speed cola dropped. Just need to be able to prioratise points better or finish those last couple of crawlers.
  14. If a syncronised swimmer drowns does that mean the others should aswell?
  15. Wow, i played NML all day yesterday wondering what was going on, could not get a crawler if my life depended on it. Must say it was doing my head in. Thankyou. God love the search function. Sorry for digging up an old thread. Cheers Craig

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