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  1. It's that time again!! If you're like me then you play zombies for the high rounds. I wasn't really impressed with ZNS but that's no matter, because now it seems we have been given another "old school-esque" map, and there is plenty of potential for high round strategies. For anyone who hasn't seen the other threads I've done, this is where you come after you've already made it past the shield, the specialist weapon, that new dragon call thing, the PaP, the melee weapons, etc. This thread is made to try and help anyone get to higher rounds. Camping Strats: This map seems to lend itself to camping so far (though its only been a day, so that probably has something to do with it) so I'll address those first. Here you go: Now some training strats: That's all I've got, if you guys find anything new leave it in the comments and I'll add it!
  2. Hello everyone, shirtlesservice here with another compilation of all of the high round strategies of a BOIII map. For the Awakening map pack this is Der Eisendrache, so lets get to it.The way I see it there are two types of strategies on this map: Camping and Training. The Camping ones seem to be pretty effective, so we'll start with those:First check out this fairly comprehensive video from BOYSTAA for most of the effective strategies we have so far in terms of camping, though below i list a few that are not featured in this video, so be sure to check those out too: Also, see his video on how to manage ammo and ammo upgrade types in the higher rounds, while camping: Now to other strategies I've seen/found/have been brought to my attention: I also believe that the end of the mule kick hallway would be a decent camping spot as well (if you keep the door from quick revive closed) but I haven't tried it yet and I can't find any videos of it, so I haven't posted on it, but be sure to try it and let me know how it works out :D I have to point out that one could camp at the rocket pad, but at this time staying there during a launch causes a TON of zombies (in the realm of a few hundred) to spawn in, so it is very very slow, and not nearly as effective as the other strategies listed here. EDIT: The spot was patched, but I'm not sure if the spawns are fixed or not. EDIT: It seems like the pros are claiming this to be the best spot. Go figure Those are all the camping strategies I've seen so far, now for the training spots: From @Rissole25: "... Rocket Launch area seem like the [places to train] but you also have smaller areas like the Main Lab, Smaller Courtyard with bridge, By Double Tap 2, and by Mule Kick that you can train as well" I don't actually know if these work as I haven't been able to find any good videos that cover these spots, but be sure to try them out and see how it goes. Personally, I think that camping is the most effective way to fly through the rounds on this map, but training is always a good time. That's all I've got so far guys, feel free to add strategies in the comments and I'll add them to the main post so everyone gets to see them :D Carry on zombieslayers
  3. For all of you who are still doing this challenge (anyone who still frequents this, good for you) here you go - MatoMaster21's guide to getting 400 kills in NML:
  4. shirtlesservice

    IW Zombies Mega Thread

    I'm so hype. This looks like it can actually be very good. I'm glad IW seems to have really put their own spin on it :D Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  5. shirtlesservice

    Hells Retriever?

    That makes sense from the way it's spun around actually, it's similar to how the redeemer is when it's picked up. Sent from my iPhone using Call of Duty Zombies mobile app
  6. shirtlesservice

    Am I the only one?

    I exclusively play solo. I can't deal with randoms lol but I do see some of your points, its certainly not Ascension
  7. shirtlesservice

    Am I the only one?

    I really dont think so... You can have enough to open up to power and get the bowie on round 4 pretty consistently... Once you play through the map and learn the geography and how to navigate it, finding the pods more quickly becomes easier, and there are actually atleast 4 or 5 open areas that can be used to train, as well as several camping areas if you're into that instead. But I am a bit biased. I got to round 69 on day three, and the map doesn't seem all that difficult to me. Also, the lack of a buildable wonderweapon, or really any buildables besides the shield, is a plus for me. There's not anything ridiculously complicated or annoying on this map either like there is on ZNS. Plus, all the challenges you can do to get rewards are very user friendly. You can actually go and check the rewards board to see if you've completed each individual task you need to to complete the special weapon steps. To me the map is pretty good so far, and I actually like replaying it like I did with Der Eisendrache. But I would be interested in hearing your counter arguments.
  8. shirtlesservice

    Hells Retriever?

    I think they're talking about SoE... No there hasn't been anything about the hells retriever or redeemer. I don't really know where you would get the idea that it was meant to be on the map...
  9. shirtlesservice

    CoDz Forum Mobile App

    AND BOOM downloaded. This is awesome
  10. shirtlesservice

    Gorod Krovi all high round strategies! Updated 7/19/16

    @STASIBOMB I added it to that particular window below the video I already had linked, so people can check it out. Cheers!
  11. So today I find myself on round 26, not having downed yet, just trying to make it through the rounds so that I can get the last wonder weapon piece, the one that drops from the flies or the balls. Does anyone else have to wait this long or have this problem? It tends to happen like way more often than just coincidence, to me anyway. Almost every game it takes forever to get all the pieces, atleast 20 rounds of not more. So is there anyway to counteract this, and get the pieces to drop earlier? That game ended that round because I was getting frustrated and made a dumb error, so I just quit and called it a day. Its just frustrating having to play like 40 minutes after I already have the rest of my set up (lil arnies, PaP'ed wall gun with turned, shield, perks, civil protector, Bowie, etc) and not get the drops I need to get to the next step.
  12. shirtlesservice

    Gorod Krovi Highest Round.

    Round 69 today. Done for a bit
  13. shirtlesservice

    The Best Strategy For R50+ . Gorod Krovi

    Check out my pinned high round strategy thread!
  14. shirtlesservice

    Can we wear multiple masks at once?

    I can't find information on this anywhere. Does anyone know if we can wear multiple of the masks (flyer and Russian mangler) at once? Or is it like a slot system?
  15. shirtlesservice

    Unpopular Opinions Thread

    TAKE IT BACK! TACK IT BACK YOU PHILISTINE! Just kidding. I haven't even played the game. My unpopular opinion about it is I don't like games done in this style.
  16. shirtlesservice

    Gorod Krovi Highest Round.

    Good luck, there are plenty of good camping spots in the map... I find training much more difficult. We need a good instant kill weapon like the thundergun again
  17. Look this up on YouTube. I'm pretty sure you need atleast 3 if not all 4 to do the final step quickly enough. I don't think 2 is enough. If you can't find a video of it, it probably hasn't happened
  18. shirtlesservice

    Gorod Krovi Highest Round.

    I'm at 43. Made a dumb mistake and died on a flyer round, I didn't know about the helmets. Better luck next time
  19. If a staff guy could pin my high round strat thread for gorod krovi I would appreciate it :D Or if it's no good then don't bother

  20. shirtlesservice

    DLC 3 Trailer Drop Thread

    THE PPSH OH MY GOD FINALLY. And also everything else. I'm so hype. It looks great in the trailer, now we wait
  21. shirtlesservice

    DLC 3 Trailer Drop Thread

    Check it out: Woot Woot Dynamic theme for PS4 just got dropped. Its cominggggggggg
  22. shirtlesservice

    So overall, did you like Zetsubou No Shima?

    I don't know how I really felt about this map. It didn't feel particularly good or bad or special to me in general. I recognize all the effort and thought that went into it, I just wasn't its biggest fan. I didn't really like the ww, and I'm not a fan of the thrasher either, but it was still a decent map over all. My third favorite on BO3 so far, better than SoE, but not as good as the giant or Der Eisendrache. I think with them packing SO MUCH into it, it made it hard to really get into a game, with so much set up, similarly to SoE. 6-7/10, decent. Looking forward to DLC 3.
  23. shirtlesservice

    Can't train in The Giant

    This. This right here. It is WAY easier to run the giant, and all other maps for that matter, than it was when the game first came out
  24. shirtlesservice

    Zetsubou No Shima all high round strategies! Updated 5/17/16

    Guys I'm sorry I've been swamped, but I promise I'll get everything updated, thank you for all the ideas!
  25. Hi Guys! Another DLC, another map, another thread on the high round strategies. I'll be cataloging all of the strategies that I can find (or you guys bring to me) that are viable for the higher rounds, starting about 40+ or so. As before, I'll split the strategies into camping and training. So the camping ones first, here is one found by our very own @Doctor Richtofen: Decent for the lower rounds, not sure how it would be for anything higher yet, but good to know if you just want to farm headshots. Here is another I was able to find: As for training spots, this is what I've got so far: That's what I've got so far guys, if you have anything you want to add let me know! Also, I recommend IISteveII, ScottieI3, and TheRelaxingEnd for high round strats. If you guys haven't seen their channels be sure to go have a look. Another good content creator is S1ipperyJim, his high round guide to the map starts here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYWPGLpctp0 See ya

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