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Everything posted by mmm chocolate

  1. point hoarding guide with no mention of lining up zombies and using bullets to get multiple hits? a.k.a. - you can get more than 10pts for each bullet. just sayin'
  2. seriously can't believe they released this. I kinda gave up on trying to follow the story, but this makes me want to read it all and play each map again.
  3. in solo you have to shoot six to get the audio cue (margwa roar) to signify its completion.
  4. cool thanks. i have to remember to search youtube instead of google, as it came up with nothing. cheers!
  5. I switch between Black Ops 2 and GTA V Usually start with a round or two of Origins, then put GTA V in and go online. Either start a quick race and hope its not one of the ones that gets chosen frequently, or pick a mission from my phone, or muck about in free roam. Tried the Race Creator the other day too. Its pretty good.
  6. No Zombie Shield? You are loco! And how is Double-Tap wayy down at #9 on your list of perks? It doubles your firepower!!
  7. Beat my previous solo record of 37. My highest round now is 43..but with 3 downs. Might have to better that. Ice staff upgraded, maxis drone for when i needed help, and the airstrike monkey bombs for when i get trapped running near generator 5. Did it all outside.
  8. Got to 27 solo just now with only one down. Ran out of ammo and was tired anyway so it all worked out. Now 3382 in the world. Woo! Pretty much figured out how to get to high rounds. Had everything built, got the achievement for doing all four challenges in one game, had magna collider and ice staff. Finally got double tap from the wunderfizz too.
  9. Round 15 just now. Solo, built Zombie Shield, and had three parts to the purple staff. Had papd mp40 and the new lmg, mg08? They both look amazing when Pack a Punched. New gun is killer. Died trying to stop templars from smashing #6
  10. Question for the ones who know the story best... If Maxis and Samantha were in the test chamber when Richtofen closes the door on them in Der Riese... "Goodbye Dr. Maxis" So Are all the other quotes from Maxis in radios after Der Riese or when Richtofen is talking about him from the past? Don't they both end up in the Aether or somewhere? And if so, why does Maxis have to look for Samantha? Weren't they together? Any help is much appreciated.
  11. Beat my record and got to 38 last night solo. I died 'cuz the game was taking FOREVER to spawn any zombies, so it tricked me into thinking the round was near over. As soon as I touched the Saloon floor, every possible zombie spawned and rushed me.
  12. 16 solo so far. Totally messing around still. Nothing serious yet.
  13. Solo round 43 with 3 downs. Sweeper and Vitriolic Withering combo. Trying to cut down on how much time it takes to get to high rounds, without using the traps. Less trips to the bridge and maybe dont even get the Golden Spork.
  14. Just beat my solo record. Now at 42 with 6 downs. Did everything possible too, Redeemer, Spork, Jump Scare, both songs, headphones, took wayy too long though. Minimal ammo drops in the later rounds.
  15. I had the VW and ran out of ammo, if you have a ton of points built up, hitting the box over and over will make Brutus spawn and give you the chance at a Max Ammo. And he spawns in multiple times in one round. http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=149&t=32120 well that's one way to look at it, however i think a less volatile strategy is to use those points for the acid trap to finish the round or use hell's retriever/redeemer and then hope for the max ammo the next round. as long as you are conservative with your trains and stay out of corners you should be able to survive long enough to get a max ammo. to each their own, but i think that this way is certainly safer Why would I end the round with the chance of running out of ammo completely? If I hit the box over and over, I only have to deal with one zombie and brutus. Makes wayyy more sense to me.
  16. I had the VW and ran out of ammo, if you have a ton of points built up, hitting the box over and over will make Brutus spawn and give you the chance at a Max Ammo. And he spawns in multiple times in one round. http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=149&t=32120
  17. Just got to 39 solo. With only 3 downs, kinda proud of that. My previous was round 37 and 14 downs. Went down cuz i was using the mystery box and brutus and the last zombie trapped me in a corner.
  18. Still stuck at 37 with 14 damn downs. I kinda wish my highest round didnt have so many downs attached to it. so my goal now is to beat 37 and only have one or two downs. If i look at the leaderboards, i'm for sure looking at how many downs people got. When you guys add your highest round to this thread, you should add downs accumulated too. Only had the Redeemer once, and i dont use the traps cuz i want the kills. Will probably try to figure out the Redeemer and cross my fingers for max ammos.
  19. Only 26 so far. Still finding my most comfortable spots to slay. Not opening the big gate to Juggernog and having your back to it is useful, and also the Showers just inside the gate a bit is a good spot too. Running trains on the Bridge without going towards the chairs is probably one of the best areas.
  20. He too has the skull with knife emblem. Do you mis-read everything? I ranked up without reviving anyone. Simple as that.
  21. I havent Revived anyone in a long long time. And i still got the knife emblem.
  22. Anyone else have their stats reset on them last night after downloading dlc? Starting to think its a bad idea to be first to download new maps with the season pass...might wait a day or two next time. Went from knife to one bone and zero stats for everything.
  23. You can't do the Easter Egg by yourself. You need at least 2 people. Where did i mention doing the easter egg? Nav card and nav card table are not connected to the ee.

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