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  1. point hoarding guide with no mention of lining up zombies and using bullets to get multiple hits? a.k.a. - you can get more than 10pts for each bullet. just sayin'
  2. seriously can't believe they released this. I kinda gave up on trying to follow the story, but this makes me want to read it all and play each map again.
  3. Shield by round 3 Juggernog by the end of round 3 if I can get 2x points and no nuke Doubletap by round 5 Packed weapon by round 8 Speed Cola around 9th Stamin-Up next first 2 Ragnarok parts obtained before round 12 SOLO
  4. did they patch duplicating zombies with beast mode by zapping them? i cant ever get them to spawn more since the newest update.
  5. kudos to anyone who reads all of that.
  6. i want to know why sometimes there isn't a quote when you pick it up for the first time. that might explain something.
  7. ok thanks, I haven't read much about them yet, does anyone know when they appear in the game first? 2nd question: do you guys just start a game and do everything possible, and then look for EE steps or cocoons, etc?...i always exhaust every thing else before looking, usually around round 25. that way, if there is a step that needs to be done first, it will most likely be done at that point., everything but killing the shadow man (solo), still haven't done that every game. do you guys kill him each time before looking more?
  8. cool thank you. i will use this next time i have a look.
  9. in solo you have to shoot six to get the audio cue (margwa roar) to signify its completion.
  10. is there a thread containing the cocoon locations? i feel like this should be talked about more. i was just in my best game ever and I looked for the one from the pic under the ruby rabbit sign, but it wasn't there. had a look for more but no luck.
  11. cool thanks. i have to remember to search youtube instead of google, as it came up with nothing. cheers!
  12. going to try the duplicating zombies with beast mode, thanks for that, will help with all the point farming I do. here's my tips 1. try to get bowie knife early. 2. use bug and meatball rounds (save one bug) to use a beast mode and get stuff done. easier than one fast zombie following you, or two slow ones. 3. after opening Pack a Punch and killing the Margwa that spawns, get the 3 train symbols, and go back to subway during the same round, use beast mode to: smash statue box, zap three symbols for egg/sword, zap widows wine, mule kick, the door above and stamina-up all in one. EDIT: using beast mode to zap zombies after hording them up is brilliant. thanks to whoever figured that one out. I had everything but the ww by round 12 by duplicating zombies from round one to round three, only using one beast mode per round though. it makes the first few rounds a little more challenging (having to zap zombies and get things done in beast mode at the same time) but totally worth it. I also tried keeping the gatekeepers alive from when you pick up the items, and leading them to the ritual site to die there, spawning in two more zombies, that works good too.
  13. 19 solo. no revives. Dingo kicks ass.

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