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  1. mmm chocolate

    Point Hoarding Guide

    point hoarding guide with no mention of lining up zombies and using bullets to get multiple hits? a.k.a. - you can get more than 10pts for each bullet. just sayin'
  2. mmm chocolate

    The Timeline of Zombies

    seriously can't believe they released this. I kinda gave up on trying to follow the story, but this makes me want to read it all and play each map again.
  3. mmm chocolate

    Anyone else... Not impressed?

    i was referring to when you're trapped in and have to kill a bunch to get the power on, without having juggernog. but whatever, i agree the shield is a must, its more a balance of not going too high in rounds before going for the power swim.
  4. mmm chocolate

    Anyone else... Not impressed?

    when you put a full bucket into the power spot in either A or B facilities, the power is on for that side of the map. there's two perk machines that you can access when half power is on, the one to the left of the blue 115 pool, (A) and the one on the wall and up some stairs, behind facility B. (near the green 115 pool) slice the webs and turn on the power for that side of the map to be able to use those two machines. (they alternate between stamin-up, speed cola, and doubletap)
  5. mmm chocolate

    Anyone else... Not impressed?

    its just kinda unforgiving on solo. I've only played it 15 times maybe and here's what I noticed: opening the bunker and facing a thrasher with no juggernog is tough sometimes, and having to swim and hold your breath while dodging a few zombies is also hard without juggernog yet. the only thing that they helped out with is giving you a chance to get doubletap before all this. I just need more practice.
  6. mmm chocolate

    ranking up Bowie Knife help

  7. mmm chocolate

    ranking up Bowie Knife help

    so this weekend is double weapon xp, but all I have left is the Bowie Knife. even with double xp, it still doesn't seem to rank up, has anyone found a way to rank it up? if so, whats its highest rank? (yes I have searched for this before a few times, does using blast furnace still work?) I tried the blast furnace method before but it didn't seem to do anything. any help is much appreciated.
  8. mmm chocolate

    The things you need...

    Shield by round 3 Juggernog by the end of round 3 if I can get 2x points and no nuke Doubletap by round 5 Packed weapon by round 8 Speed Cola around 9th Stamin-Up next first 2 Ragnarok parts obtained before round 12 SOLO
  9. mmm chocolate

    Maximising Points Solo Strategy

    not sure, never bothered with the legs cuz theres a bigger chance you could miss a shot, wasting bullets.
  10. mmm chocolate

    Maximising Points Solo Strategy

    try ducking and shooting them in the waist/stomach.
  11. mmm chocolate

    Maximising Points Solo Strategy

    since we're talking about maximizing points, e.g: if you line up two zombies, and shoot one bullet, you will get 10 points per zombie, when the bullet hits the second zombie, its only half as powerful as it was when it went through the first zombie. (meaning you can hit the second zombie with some more bullets) just a quick tip.
  12. mmm chocolate

    Shadows of Evil: Tips, tricks and Points of Interest

    did they patch duplicating zombies with beast mode by zapping them? i cant ever get them to spawn more since the newest update.
  13. mmm chocolate

    Moar of Shadows of Evil.

    kudos to anyone who reads all of that.
  14. i'll check it out more closely next time i play, but i figured it was just an upgrade to the fire since we just created the pap.
  15. i play solo and was always annoyed when the character made the same quote twice when placing the worms down, so I figured out if you do it counter clockwise from the right side of the room (place the right one first, wall run, place the next one closest to you, then the other one on the bridge, and the last one) the quotes will always come out different. the yellow symbols on the wall that disappears I believe have an order, thats what lead me to trying the gate worms that way. i do it every game now because it seems odd they would duplicate quotes, if not to tell you that something is out of whack.

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