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  1. Wolf one is def the most powerful by far
  2. 100% agree on this except for the dragon part, I think that the dragon will just be a gimick to getting the bow like the dogs in MOTD for the retriever.
  3. definitely did not know about the 500 point laundry thing good find!
  4. Same here! Its way too frustrating to start a match then have someone who will probably go down at some point have the power to end the game... like serious wtf lol
  5. I had a host end a game of shadows of evil last night on round 14 when he got downed. Why is this even a thing? A few matches later someone was afk and the game randomly ended the game on round 1.
  6. I am 100% behind you on this one W33DMAN there just has to be more!
  7. I think the evil laugh comes anytime you throw a monkey out of the map
  8. 16 =/ and here I thought I was a beast lol... very challenging map, I love it!
  9. Yea the SMR could be pointed at a spot from five feet away and hit to the left or right of it. Terrible accuracy, and I dont see why they would do that. Made the gun useless, atleast the FAL you could be accurate and it would offset the slow fire rate, SMR was just garbage
  10. I would jizz my pants if they make a ww1/2 game
  11. I dont have a ps4 yet, but I hope its next gen only! Like the above post said there should be no compromises and this game should only be next gen.
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