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Best Bo2 Zombies Map and Why

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Mob of the Dead for me. It has the best atmosphere, a great layout and some very nice features included. The lack of Stamina Up on the map and the very odd choice of perks included did kill it somewhat though. Origins would have definitely have been my first choice if the map was not so damn broken.

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I'm terrible bad at favorites, so I'll do some pros/cons.


Pros: simple, just play without much thought, hardest map to get far solo.

Cons: mostly pointless buildables, crap wonder weapon. Mild denizen/running through fog annoyance.

Die Rise:

Pros: Interesting and powerful wonder weapon. Cool map layout, but could have been better designed.

Cons: Elevators; Worst element of boredom and frustration in bo2 zombies.


Pros: great overall design. Great wonder weapon, best kniving experience.

Cons: jail cell atmosphere, cramped chokepoints. I can't put my finger on it, but i rarely want to play this map. A bit too linear in how it should play out i think.


Pros: powerful ww, great buildables, great atmosphere.

Cons: Easy to the point of boredom, with or without ww.


Pros: great atmosphere, 4 ww, new bomb.

Cons: So glitchy, easy too much busy work that needs to be done. Take staves for example: go to mound, build, go to cp, start upgrade with puzzle, go to nml, more busy work, go to mound to turn busy work dials, shoot ball, go to cp again, go back and get another staff, go to cp, upgrade first staff (that's if you're not doing several, for 4x the mindless tedium). Fun the first week to figure out, mindless tedium forever after.

So, for me, Tranzit, Die Rise, Buried can be great for 'play for simple zombie fun', while Mob of the Dead, Origins are more like 'play for the linear/chores'.

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Die Rise. I have put so much time into that map. I dont know exactly why the map is my go-to map when I want to play but it just is. I cam easily get into the 40s without even trying and its fun to do it. Even though the bank and weapon storage was added, I don't use it since on local the game doesn't carry over to the next games. So the map is great to me and the problems everyone had with it never seemed to bother or affect me

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I'll say that in my opinion Origins is the best.

The only thing that hurts Origins is the tedium of getting set up. That and the glitches here and there. Otherwise a pretty fun map with a lot of everything; weapons, locations, strategies and more.

One of the best things about Origins that makes it special among BO2 maps is the weapon selection. Not only does it have the 4 staffs, but a lot of other special weapons you can't get anywhere else in Zombies including the SCAR-H, the Skorpion Evo, the Balllista and the MGO8 LMG.

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die rise is the best designed map other than elevators and I like the fact that double tap and pap are easy to obtain, only one buildable is necessary (trample steam) and I think the SVU is the best gun ever introduced to zombies.

otherwise I'll go with origins or mob just because of the way it looks and feels, every map is boring after a while though and none of these are different...

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confused by everyone saying origins is so broken?!?!  I've played a ton of origins since it was released and have really never had any issues?  maybe i just don't use the features that don't work right.



That said Origins is my favorite, although it is about the most annoying one to play with randoms because of the staff distribution arguments...  Its just beautiful, and it is really difficult too



Mob would be next for me barely beating out die rise


Then Nuketown then Buried (only because buried is just way too easy and bores me)


then somewhere down around broccoli and hip hop music on the things i hate list is Tranzit

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