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  1. This is mad. Was expecting round 30+ for most people. Chuffed mine is only 19 too.
  2. Nope burning him doesn't work at all. You had to take down the servitor, do as much dps as you could for 20s, then take down ads while running in a circle. After the enemies are dead, kill another servitor and do as much dps as you can again. Run in a circle while fighting more ads. Rinse and repeat till you break the servitor bonds. Then it gets fun. You basically keep running in circles shooting skolas when you can, while juggling the acid thing that kills you after 30s. Then at the last quarter of his health there's a few rounds of mines thrown in for good measure. Add some sugar and spice
  3. Anyone else pissed with the skolas update? I understand things feeling a bit cheap with three gjallahorns, but holy hell they've ruined skolas for our team. Its like an hour of gameplay just to get to him, and now it's close to and hour just to kill him. Screw that man.
  4. I'm with Matuzz on this one. I love the O4. We all do. But it's the future. I want to see a new story, and I feel that's what we're gonna get. I reckon we'll get references to the old story, but I think this one's gonna be completely different.
  5. Didn't murdermachinex come back a few weeks ago? Changed his name to something slightly different like madmachinex or something like that?
  6. I've had the week of all weeks with Destiny. Was desperately trying to get the 4th horseman for weeks. Gave up on it. First game of crota and I got it. But it gets better. For weeks I've tried to finish hard mode crota, and several times my group has nearly finished him. Every single attempt that failed was due to lag- a sword would disappear, crota would be down on our screen but not the swordbearer's. That kind of thing. We made this guy leader who we play with all the time, but we've never made him host. His Internet was on steroids or something, because we had lag free games for the r
  7. You need to bloody suck llleg3ll's dick for that performance right there. Hey hey hey! Lol, I couldn't believe it. He sent me the first message saying you're lucky as hell, you got the helmet you wanted. Then a few hours later he sends me another message saying I got the gjallahorn. Aaaallllrrrrriiiiigggghhhhht. You fancy doing the nightfall quickly? I know it's mega late there.:-P
  8. Well, I had the mother of all weekends on Destiny, without actually playing the game. I really wanted the helmet of Saint Something or another (for the titan), got it from an engram, needed the universal remote (which I got from xur) and needed the gjallahorn (which I got from the gorgons chest). Now all I need is the neocrochasm and the 4th horseman. Then I'll be gravy. Sent from my D2303 using Tapatalk
  9. Pretty much the same as you dear sir. Although I'm a bit more easy going with kissing, assuming it isn't like you said, eating someone's face off. Not cool. So basically, what's ok in my eyes: Holding hands, hugging, peck on lips or quick snog, and that's about it. (when I say quick snog, only in a specific context, such as the couple have just picked one another off from the train, or are saying goodbye.) What really gets on my goat is couples that just stand in the middle of a high street eating each other. Geeze. Get a room. Sent from my D2303 using Tapatalk
  10. It's definitely getting boring. I've been off for the full weekend, and previously I would have spent most of both days playing it. I spent about 5 hours on it yesterday and now I'm Destinyed out. For me, some new bounties would change it up a bit. I'd love to see the Queen's Wrath return too , but really what's the point in doing the missions, most of us have three characters on level at least level 31, so her equipment is going to be useless (apart from weapons). I now need the Universal remote, gjallahorn and the 4th horseman, then I have every exotic. After that, why play the ga
  11. No problem, I remember you. You used to go by your steam name over at activision didn't you? thecalmquail? I was obsessed with working out the wind puzzle as everybody knew how to line up the ceiling tiles correctly, but no one could explain how to solve the puzzle. Yep, that's me. ;-) it was mental, so many people tried to help, but I really wanted a formula, which you gave me!
  12. Good to have you here Dave. You helped me ages ago back on the Activision forums. I remember when Origins came out you were the only person to explain exactly what I had to do to get the ultimate wind staff. Thanks again for that. ;-) Sent from my D2303 using Tapatalk
  13. I hit wall with it last week, only played for one night. Best thing you can do it take a few days off and hope the will to play returns. :-)
  14. I remember it well. God I love Treyarch. Look at the hype already. Nothing confirmed in any way, just a quick picture. Already were looking at it as bait. Black sun, FN 2000, MPD. You guys all make me so happy!
  15. What? XD I am pretty sure you probably knew that. Most people I talk to a lot here do too! Does it not say it on my profile? Also I think it will be in past broadcasts on the channel so it will be available to rewatch, but im not sure. I actually had the same response! Weird!
  16. Yeah it's exclusive. It's good, but I sometimes find it gets left behind on some of the long range maps, I'll sooner bring out the icebreaker and use that than waste my exotic slot on a hand cannon. I'm not convinced on the luck in the chamber either, I find generally speaking it will only increase the amount of damage by about 300.
  17. Haha! We have a joke with one of the girls I work with about rainbow. No matter who it is, she always says "Hello" like she's just come off the show, it's so bad. As for me, Rosie and Jim. Aquila. Pokemon. Invader Zim. The list goes on and on and on!
  18. I really like that Boom. Love the idea of Zombie Labs, and also the rearrange of some of the less viewed topics. Sent from my D2303 using Tapatalk
  19. Whatever console you are on, I'd put it into a DMZ. once you've worked out how to do it (I just watched a few youtube videos), it's really easy to do. Generally speaking it'll make your Nat type open all of the time, and seems to resolve the disconnecting issue. I was disconnecting a lot. I'd be lucky to make it to round 30 without getting a disconnect. After putting my PS3 into a DMZ, I haven't had a single disconnect on Call of Duty. The other thing you could try is port forwarding, it's safer than using a DMZ, but personally I found it a lot more complicated to follow/work out how t
  20. I guarantee upon trailer release, the site will explode with posts, users and the like. 100% right mate, I just popped onto CODZ to see what people were saying about the trailer. I wasn't expecting to see several pages on topics that were only posted last night. It's great to see.
  21. It's funny, for me Origins was the greatest disappointment of all time. I'll start from the beginning. My first experience of zombies was WaW Nacht, I'd finished the campaign and was like what the hell is this!!? I fell in love with it, but I didn't have broadband at the time, so DLC wasn't an option, and there was only so much I could play on the same map on my own. Skip to Black Ops, and it was the same story, I had Kino and Five, but no DLC or broadband, so again played the hell out of the maps, but slowly got tired of playing the same maps on my own. When MW3 came out, br
  22. This thread is awesome! It's so interesting to see all of your stories, and most of you I wouldn't have ever guessed at what you work at! I work in a Pharmacy, I'm not a Pharmacist, I work on the front counter, so it'd be me that sells you all of your decongestants, paracetamol, ibuprofen etc... But we also sell a lot of healthfoods/vitamins so I'd have a background in that too. I'm also not studying anything at the moment, but later in the year I hope to start third level education. If I knew what my dream job was, I'd be doing it. For years I've put my own life on hold for some
  23. Yeah, seriously man, thanks for that. I always wondered what shape the room is actually in, as I'm always trying to kill things! Don't get the time to pay attention!
  24. Happy New Year everyone! I hope all of you have an awesome year. Sent from my D2303 using Tapatalk
  25. It's insane, I seem to be the only person that hasn't been affected by the attack, anytime I go to log in I've managed to do it. Though I am getting kicked too much to actually play. I bought the primary sniper, haven't used it yet, but I like the look of it.
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