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  1. @Lenne You'll definitely get a pretty good value by buying the game as it is now. The vanilla game was fun, with great shooting mechanics, and great art and design, but largely devoid of story or content. It's similar to Borderlands in a lot of ways but with a more serious tone and it's obvious that's what they were going for. Unfortunately it doesn't have any of the things that make Borderlands good. The newest expansion is pretty impressive though, so as a new player you'll be getting more than double the content we had at launch. I think it would be an awesome time to start.
  2. I've got two elder ciphers going right now, and I can't decide what to get. I'm thinking shotgun and fusion rifle.
  3. I've definitely reached a point where the day(s) I look forward to most is Wednesday for the reveal and Thursday for the weekly update. I'm looking forward to Iron Banner this week too. I'll get the helmet because why not, and I'm really hoping Efrideet's Spear is for sale again. I'd love to get an arc damage version.
  4. The trailer sort of implies a more cerebral approach to future tech and bionic soldiers, and I really hope that's the case for the game itself. I'm still holding out hope it won't be all exo-suit-jumpy-flying-machine like Advanced Warfare.
  5. I got something different. Assuming we're using the same cipher that Buried used, I got NCEY and OURS for the bottom two. The top line has two possibilities since it seems to be cut off. If those boxes have a top line that's cut off, they are NNQJ. If they don't have a top line, it's EEHA. This comes out like this: *NNQJ* *EEHA* NCEY OURS Using a mixture of possibilities from the top line, you can come up with ENHANCE YOURS. That's the best I could come up with.
  6. Reef reveal teaser: Looks like the upgrade path for old stuff is only one node. They blocked out the tooltip in the video, but I really hope the yellow means it's an exotic shard. I've got 70 of 'em, and nothing to do with them. The way things have gone though, it will probably be a new currency. I wish the vault space was increased awhile ago so I could have held on to my Queen's armor. I've been rocking the shader and emblem lately though. Got rid of about half of my VoG gear too.
  7. I haven't been around too much so I don't have a whole lot to add, but I do find the new design sort of loud and distracting. I don't even know why exactly, because it's not all that different from the previous version. Might just take some getting used to, or could just be old age. All I know is suddenly my eyes hurt .
  8. House of Wolves is coming May 19th. More info: http://www.destinythegame.com/expansions/expansion-two No mention of a raid. Only an "all-new arena mode" called Prison of Elders.
  9. I haven't seen it touched on yet, so I wanted to add to the discussion about references to the Soviet-Afghan war. From the biography of Dr. Salim Ahmed Salim: The Sixth Emergency Special Session of the UN General Assembly was called to discuss "The situation in Afghanistan and its implications for international peace and security". The resolution they reached at this session (detailed here) was an immediate withdrawal of foreign intervention by member states, essentially to let Afghanistan fight their own battle. We all know how that worked out. The Seventh Emergency Special
  10. The shotgun buff really changed the game for the better. As a Titan, dropping a blinding bubble and blasting away is so much fun, especially against an Ultra like Phogoth.
  11. I caved and bought it for the One so I could actually have people to play with. These heists better be worth it. Looking forward to first person view too.
  12. Have you been able to do all of the heists? I managed to do the 2-player one after a few days of glitches, but It takes forever to get a match made game going for 4 players, and once I do I can't get everyone to stay in the game.
  13. He makes it look so easy, but this is so unbelievably hard. He gets caught on the stairs with 332 kills, and that could easily have been the end of the run. So much has to go right for this to happen, and my hat goes off to him. Really impressive.
  14. Nice. Thunderlord is great. I'm so happy with being able to move things from the vault through the app now. They basically gave us more vault space without actually having to make any major changes. I was able to delete at least 15 duplicate weapons that I didn't use very often and only kept around because I didn't want to take the time to move them between characters. Shotgun and pulse rifle buffs have been awesome too. I've been running strikes with a Universal Remote/Found Verdict combo, and it's so fun and different than how I normally play. And now Red Death absolutely wrecks in
  15. Man, I'm gonna have to dust off my 360. I haven't powered that thing up in a long time. Has there been any information about what heists might entail? How many will there be, will they have matchmaking, stuff like that?
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