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  1. I love the FG-42 in [email protected]! That thing was a tank, though the recoil is tough to manage at times. I also like the chicom / mp5 / ballistic knife, as they all have a 110% mobility in BO2, which is beautiful when stamin up is not an option. On BO, I thoroughly enjoy the Shrink Ray from Shang, and the scavenger on CotD. The VR-11 is really fun in co-op. As my list comes to a close, my favorite weapons for killing in BO2 are the Mustang and Sally, the Sliquifier, and the AN-94.
  2. Its really sad how both Zombies apps for iPhone have turned out. Black Ops Z's is literally unplayable, as it is not compatible with the current iOS. Its extremely irritating at how Activision maintains the state of its games as a whole, in my opinion.

  3. Good stuff Mods / Admin. This site will be attracting all sorts of new folk once 3arc's next zombie installment starts being teased, and this overhaul will look amazing for everyone who sees.
  4. Well, I just lost a comment that I spent an hour writing for this post. Carry on. *Tears stream down face*
  5. Hit 100 on [email protected] Der Riese on iOS. Rounds are extremely shorter, but there are definitely more than 24 zombies per round. I'm not trying to brag, but iOS is so much harder to play than console bc your thumbs take up half the screen and the controls are absolutely ridiculous. The spawn logic is nonexistent. While I feel proud to finally have a 100 under my belt, I wish it was on console. I haven't been able to use console in a while and that's why I was on iOS. Happy zombie killing, CoDz!

    1. Electric Jesus
    2. BrayJayTheZombSlaya


      I meant harder to play than console, not harder to high round. High rounds on console are much more impressive for multiple reasons. Bouncing betties make crawlers on any round as far as I know, and at round 99 I was still killing crawlers with 2 clips from the FG-42. Killing zombies with regular guns is a different story, but still easier. I wish the spawn system was sorted out in this game, but I'm not that irritated about it.

  6. Our very own @Dahniska is in a world record game of Mob of the Dead currently! Round 219! Come check out the stream- http://www.twitch.tv/dahniska

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    2. way2g00d


      Wow!! Congrats Dahnishka!

    3. GRILL


      that's awesome man. congrats :D

    4. Slade


      Watched you play during round 210-211. Insane, congrats man!

  7. Just finished a Round 59 game on Die Rise. Who's Who is cursed unfortunately

  8. When you pack-a-punch the weapons from the box that come with attachment, they lose their attachment. Its really annoying actually if you enjoy hitting the box on Origins.
  9. I think the wonderfizz should return, and I like the challenge box as well as the soul chests. I also like the difficult boss at an early-ish round- added challenge is always fun. Buildable wonder weapons can come back, but I don't like them origins style or like the jet gun- die rise's sliquifier was perfect since all the parts were in the general area. I disliked how once the ammo in the staves ran out, you had to find a new way to get ammo, but that made things interesting honestly and different strategies were developed. I don't think zombies needs multiple wonder weapons per map. Lastly, I know this isn't exclusive to origins, but it'd be really cool to have new pack a punch camos every map, or, God forbid, players can choose their own camos on a packed weapon.
  10. This week I hit round 50 on Origins, paused it, went to stand up and take a break, and as I stand up xbox live kicks me offline. Needless to say, I was less than thrilled.

    1. DeathBringerZen


      It happened to me two games in a row in the late 90's on Origins. I don't play that map anymore.

  11. Paused on some round on MotD with the full setup. Zero downs, ready for something high. When I get back to my xbox, odds are my first down will come quickly bc acid gat is the furthest thing from reliable.

    1. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      That's why I don't even bother getting the acid gat piece on the the blundergat until after it's upgraded. The vultronic withering IS reliable.

    2. BrayJayTheZombSlaya


      Imo the acid gat and vitriolic withering are both terrible. Anyways, about the game, I accidentally opened my disc tray while I was going flawless at round 30. How disheartening D:

  12. How about an upgraded stun grenade? The player would receive these from the mystery box. While their uses are limited in comparison to monkey bombs or the equivalent, these "quake grenades" activate much faster, almost instantly. When they hit the ground, a seismic burst will bring all zombies to their knees for approximately 3-4 seconds. The player gets 4 of these every max ammo. This can be fully utilized for quick ammo runs, implemented into an easter egg, and would be even more helpful for a solo player than monkeys (save the player during redscreens). Another tactical idea I'd have would be the standard combat knife- when the player receives this weapon from the box, he/she will be in dismay when they realize they have gotten rid of a weapon and replaced it with a simple blade. However, there are two different paths to upgrading this- after one has been completed, the player can pack-a-punch the knife and receive the knife with a chain wrapped around their arm- named the Scorpion's Tail if the player melees, it will do the same damage as the combat knife on round one, however, if you use the shoot button, the knife will launch in a straight line through the zombies' eye sockets, chaining up to 12 at a time. Once it has chained the max number of zombies or reached a set length (ran out of chain), the blade at the end will expand into a set pattern and return, decapitating all linked zombies in the process at any round. There is a cool down for this weapon of course, however, ammo is not an issue. If upgraded without doing the challenge, the player receives Masaki's Katana- a one hit melee till round 30ish that can hit multiple zombies in one swing, with the downfall being- you have to melee.
  13. Its impossible to use the templar zombies to take out generators when there are only two powered, as the templar zombies only spawn when there are 3 or more gens powered.
  14. Sorry for the lousy session @Dahniska :c definitely wasn't up to par with my own standards tonight.

    1. Dahniska


      You're fine bro thanks for playing. ;)

  15. GET... OUT... ME... SWAMP... (zombie howl, round starting tune) Edit: does this mean zombie Shrek confirmed at round 4000 on World at War Shi no Numa?
  16. I like your idea on the weapon mods, but Treyarch has already touched on that (HAMR and AN-94 shoot the first 7 bullets and the first 2 bullets of a burst at a higher rate of fire, respectively). I think wonder-attachments would be a bit overpowered, but I like the idea of a cycling for the underbarrel attachments. A flamethrower attachment has so much potential. Ammo variation would be so nice. It'd be amazing if I could get explosive or incendiary ammo from Extinction mode in zombies- explosive doing damage to the player up close, incendiary causing zombie hits to make the screen all fiery. Having different variations of weapons is good indeed. I would like to see pistols or smgs we can pack a punch that become dual wield- realistic, no, but they did it with the pm63 in BO1, and that dropped the ball, so we need some improvement. Dual wield skorpion EVO? Yes please. Incendiary ammo on the AN-94 with a flamethrower? Completely necessary. DSR with reduced / increased mobility depending on playstyle? What a revolutionary idea. I want to see some Ghosts and probably will want to see some AW weaponry featured in zombies as well- tearing through zombies with the upgraded Lynx Sniper Rifle has always been a dream of mine after using it in infected. 3arch has so much potential here, lets hope they give us something awesome next year.
  17. Looking for 3 players on xbox for Shangri La easter egg. Message GT: Ya Boy BrayJay for invite.

  18. Trolling glitchers on any map sends them into fits of rage, lol. Too many encounters to remember.
  19. Things are getting real in @Dahniska 's stream. 145+ on Mob of the Dead @ http://www.twitch.tv/dahniska

    1. Dahniska


      Thanks bro! We are going in again tonight!

  20. Its gotten to the point in the lifecycle that I have started to deem myself the one who deserves the wonder weapon on most maps, especially with randoms. For example: I am one of four people with a mic in Die Rise. The guy who is one-barring and constantly goes down and the kid who's game sound is echoing through his kinect mic that is simultaneously inside of his mouth both say they want the sliquifier. The other guy either falls off the tower or hops in a glitch -__- I've found out by now that I am usually the only person competent enough to wield the goo-slinging gun in the lobby, and proceed to put two parts on, grab a final part, and wait for the other guys to look for the last one after they put their part on. Once they go up to power, I finish the gun and hop on an elevator before they notice. This has helped them much more in the long run, as they are the ones getting revived while I am kept safe by the pink sludge. In Origins, all people ever ask for is the fire or ice staff, but when I am the only one buying doors as they hit the box, I think its fair for me to have first pick on what I want, especially considering I've normally got 7+ revives before the team gets to No Man's Land. Buried disgusts me and I don't foresee myself ever playing with randoms on that map. On black ops 1, I wait for the people to go down with the baby gun, thunder gun, whatever as their mule kick weapon and spam box: at that point in the game, the only thing I can say is "It's for the greater good." Randoms are quite the challenge to deal with, so you have to become the freeloader you hate sometimes.
  21. Anyone want to organize a Shang Easter Egg / high round run? Haven't attempted one yet. Message me on Xbox if interested.

  22. I suffer from zombie nightmares in which, upon falling asleep after hours of zombies, my subconscious creates a map while I dream and I then realize I am the last person left to fend against the undead army while hearing the actual sound effects from the game. Gets me at least once a month.
  23. Okay sorry Jay, I completely misread that, my bad hahaha.
  24. I was going to make a Die Rise strategy thread for forum newcomers, but then I realized that you have to be good at zombies to make something like that. >:(

    1. Dahniska


      No reason to be negative towards yourself pal. You should start playing a bit and figure out some strats that seem good enough to share!

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