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  1. I love the FG-42 in [email protected]! That thing was a tank, though the recoil is tough to manage at times. I also like the chicom / mp5 / ballistic knife, as they all have a 110% mobility in BO2, which is beautiful when stamin up is not an option. On BO, I thoroughly enjoy the Shrink Ray from Shang, and the scavenger on CotD. The VR-11 is really fun in co-op. As my list comes to a close, my favorite weapons for killing in BO2 are the Mustang and Sally, the Sliquifier, and the AN-94.
  2. Its really sad how both Zombies apps for iPhone have turned out. Black Ops Z's is literally unplayable, as it is not compatible with the current iOS. Its extremely irritating at how Activision maintains the state of its games as a whole, in my opinion.

  3. Porter's Blueprints would be a really awesome sidequest to pursue, I like that a lot more than just being able to have akimbo rayguns from spending some points. However, I think it should be a lot pricier than pack a punch, even for weapons that aren't pap'd. 10k seems reasonable imo if you're doubling the total ammo capacity in a weapon, as well as giving it extra stopping power and two separate reloads. 6k seems way too cheap. I think if this idea were to be implemented, 3arc would also try to make a wonderweapon for the map with the DYW that would only reach its full potential through the machine's use (similar to the acid gat kit / blundergat on Mob of the Dead). But, I really think the Porter's Blueprints is a fantastic idea, they've never featured him in any decent-sized easter egg yet, and that would be really interesting to learn something new about him. Question: would it be better to build the DYW or have it hidden through a quest like PaP on Mob?
  4. Good stuff Mods / Admin. This site will be attracting all sorts of new folk once 3arc's next zombie installment starts being teased, and this overhaul will look amazing for everyone who sees.
  5. Hi CoDz! So, I've been thinking a lot about the things I've enjoyed thus far in zombies and other game modes, as well as things I do not enjoy. I've came up with a bunch of ideas that would either expand on the enjoyment myself and other zombie enthusiasts have experienced, or mitigate the bad situations with a simpler alternative. My best idea in my own opinion has got to be the Duplication Device (or any better name you guys can come up with, haha) : Around the forum lately, I see a lot of people begging for a new weapon upgrade service that would be a counterpart to the fan favorite Pack-a-Punch. One of my favorite things about Blacks Ops 1 zombies (which sadly isn't much compared to what I loved about BO2) was the akimbo weapons. Typhoid and Mary, Tokyo and Rose, Calamity and Jane, Mustang and Sally (introduced in Bo1, thankfully returned in BO2), and the amazing Zap Guns. What akimbo weapons did bo2 introduce? Only the Ultra and Violet (amazing name, lackluster fun factor and performance overall). I'm sure you've figured out what I am suggesting by now: a contraption that would make an exact copy of your weapon for a massive price. I think anything in the 10k to 25k point range would be acceptable. The only exclusion to the weapons the device would accept would be map-exclusive wonder weapons, unless one would greatly benefit from this; and weapons that are already akimbo (mustang and sally can't be duplicated, and weapons already duplicated cannot be reused). Any weapon duplicated would have its exact ammunition count doubled, so if it were empty, you'd get both weapons back, but they'd both be empty trololo Ammo capacity would also double, of course. Pack-a-punched weapons can be duplicated, however, duplicated weapons cannot be pack-a-punched. I've always dreamed of dual-wield rayguns. With this idea, Treyarch would make it plausible. My next idea, Tactical Weaponry and Weapon Variants: Give that second pack-a-punch a purpose, Treyarch. Monkey Bombs, Ballistic Knife and Crossbow were only the beginning of the tactical weaponry we've seen. This time around, I want things like that brought back. The crossbow, a terrible weapon until pack-a-punch made it 13 separate monkey bombs (and who knew the bolts lasted longer before exploding when you have quick revive in your perk setup?). The Vitriolic Whithering was the closest thing we've seen since then. Now there is so much potential for more. What about a gun that manipulated gravity on its target? Do you shoot that one zombie blocking your path and send him sky high, or shoot it at your own feet and giving yourself a new view of the world around you? Why not pack a punch your bolt action sniper again, not just for iron sights, but increased mobility as a whole? Or, pack-a-punch it until you get that suppressor that makes you undetectable to a new boss zombie while you hold it? With another go on the pack-a-punch machine, you can change any formerly regular gun to fulfill a new need entirely. Thirdly, I'd like to see a Chaos mode of sorts implemented into zombies: From the start of the game, a horde of 40 zombies will be chasing you, while a timer counts down and your score rises. You start with your choice between the winter's fury, any ray gun variant or pap'd starter pistol variant that has been available in the game thus far. Any time a zombie is spawning after you kill one, it has a chance to be a hellhound, napalm zombie, shrieker zombie, Avogadro, Brutus, minion or the Panzer Soldat. The ground / floor is littered with wonderweaponry of all sorts: the Wunderwaffe Dg-2, Shang's shrink ray, the thundergun (1 shot only), the Hyena Infra-Dead, zap guns / wave gun, sliquifier, 3 gersh devices, 4 QEDs, a Sweeper and a zombie shield a la Mob, along with whatever they give us in the new maps. You can choose the amount of time you play with before you start, ranging from 10 minutes to unlimited. This enables us who are burned out on zombies after long sessions to play a quickie rather than go through the hassle of a massive setup, while also allowing for high scoring games to make it competitive. Who loves easter eggs with hidden rewards? The entire zombies community of course. More specifically, who loves smaller easter eggs like the golden spork side mission? That would be me. The Insta-kill Bullet would be a side quest that when finished, granted the player a single shot for whatever weapon he is holding to kill on any round at all. The player can hold any weapon of their choice, including rpgs and wonderweapons (A one-shot shot for a weapon that already kills in one shot, lulz). The insta kill bullet will be the very last bullet in the very last clip, and is only refilled when the player repeats the quest over again (the quest should be difficult if the bullet were to be replenished each time). This would be best included on a survival map or a map similar to Call of the Dead where there is no high round mass removal weapon, similar to how George grants the player a wunderwaffe DG 2 when he is slain. I think this would be absolutely epic and player can use this for a variety of reasons. Ranking is so boring in Black Ops 2. I'd like some rewards in the upcoming installment for my continual slaying of the undead. With a leveling system that so many long for, this could be feasible. The player levels up with every round they undergo, and after reaching a certain rank, they unlock a new Pack-a-Punch Camo. Level 5 would be granted after a total playing of 200 rounds, for example, and you would unlock the Mob of the Dead Pack-a-Punch Camo for your pap'd weapons if you so choose. So on, so forth, you can unlock a golden camo, Origins blue camo, the afterlife camo, and weaponized 115 camo, among some others if desired. However, I think there should be a camo granted to players who reach a round X, and a special identifier on their rank to signify they are not a completely terrible player (similar to the prestige shotgun rank in bo2 held). This would help players recognize the skills of others in the lobby before the game starts, and hopefully grant people a chance to not be so unlucky when dealing with players they do not want to be in the lobby with. Finally, I have exhausted all of my ideas thus far. What do you all think? Comment below, as some feedback would be greatly appreciated :3 With Regards, BrayJay
  6. Well, I just lost a comment that I spent an hour writing for this post. Carry on. *Tears stream down face*
  7. Hit 100 on [email protected] Der Riese on iOS. Rounds are extremely shorter, but there are definitely more than 24 zombies per round. I'm not trying to brag, but iOS is so much harder to play than console bc your thumbs take up half the screen and the controls are absolutely ridiculous. The spawn logic is nonexistent. While I feel proud to finally have a 100 under my belt, I wish it was on console. I haven't been able to use console in a while and that's why I was on iOS. Happy zombie killing, CoDz!

    1. Electric Jesus
    2. BrayJayTheZombSlaya


      I meant harder to play than console, not harder to high round. High rounds on console are much more impressive for multiple reasons. Bouncing betties make crawlers on any round as far as I know, and at round 99 I was still killing crawlers with 2 clips from the FG-42. Killing zombies with regular guns is a different story, but still easier. I wish the spawn system was sorted out in this game, but I'm not that irritated about it.

  8. Our very own @Dahniska is in a world record game of Mob of the Dead currently! Round 219! Come check out the stream- http://www.twitch.tv/dahniska

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    2. way2g00d


      Wow!! Congrats Dahnishka!

    3. GRILL


      that's awesome man. congrats :D

    4. Slade


      Watched you play during round 210-211. Insane, congrats man!

  9. Just finished a Round 59 game on Die Rise. Who's Who is cursed unfortunately

  10. When you pack-a-punch the weapons from the box that come with attachment, they lose their attachment. Its really annoying actually if you enjoy hitting the box on Origins.
  11. Honestly, I don't think those who use the bank should be punished as much as those who don't should be rewarded. For example, a player goes to the bank on round 1, withdraws 20k, buys everything they need all game and camp till they get their money back, just a person who enjoys repetition I guess. However, another player plays the same map and doesn't touch the bank at all, not even to deposit. The next game that player plays, the points he went down with are deposited into his bank. Here's how it works: If you withdraw in a game, no money goes in the bank. On the flip side, if the game actually prompts you to withdraw in a game, and you do not (to prevent people storing money without knowledge of a bank on the map), all of the points the player holds at the end of the game are deposited (max 1 million). Things I want to see implemented- 1. A custom box loadout for custom games: give us the option to choose between [email protected], bo1, and bo2 generation weapons, and also- specific loadouts, maybe you can choose one gun to be in the box, but that exchanges another weapon in the box with an smr or spectre or something terrible. 2. Massive stat tracking: I want to see the ratio of time I spend in game in certain areas of maps, percentage of time moving or standing still, and I want to be able to see other players. Couple these stats with a team that actually checks the cheating reports, wall glitches will disappear in a very timely manner. I think it'd also be cool to see favorite wall weapon, box weapon, overall weapon, even for each map (next gen consoles- its possible ). 3. New game modes: Grief mode was fun, bring that back! But, please think of some new things to add (I would love to see a chaos-ish zombies mode similar to extinction's, with huge hordes of zombies (50? ) and returning boss zombies, like Napalm zombies from Shang sprinting at Verruckt speeds... 4. Side missions that require thought and not hours of time: Buried's side missions were barely time consuming, until the last step. Please stray away from those type of steps in the next installment. 5. Just all in all, make the next gen consoles use their full potential, or a lot of it. I want this game to be legendary, a refined yet classic experience. Things I want to return- 1. Mob of the Dead style building system 2. Bank on limited maps, optional, not a necessity (reward those who don't use it) 3. Weapon locker: let us put that mark II in there. Please 3arc 4. New versions of classic weapons: Can we get a mark III and IV raygun? How about a mark V? 5. Wonder weapons from previous maps that we can put in the box for custom games. 6. Weapons / Items that are more helpful than they appear- just the idea in general: the crossbow, ballistic knife, emp grenades, etc. are all amazing when we figured out how to use them. That's all that come to mind right now. Great thread @Stop mocking me0
  12. I think the wonderfizz should return, and I like the challenge box as well as the soul chests. I also like the difficult boss at an early-ish round- added challenge is always fun. Buildable wonder weapons can come back, but I don't like them origins style or like the jet gun- die rise's sliquifier was perfect since all the parts were in the general area. I disliked how once the ammo in the staves ran out, you had to find a new way to get ammo, but that made things interesting honestly and different strategies were developed. I don't think zombies needs multiple wonder weapons per map. Lastly, I know this isn't exclusive to origins, but it'd be really cool to have new pack a punch camos every map, or, God forbid, players can choose their own camos on a packed weapon.
  13. This week I hit round 50 on Origins, paused it, went to stand up and take a break, and as I stand up xbox live kicks me offline. Needless to say, I was less than thrilled.

    1. DeathBringerZen


      It happened to me two games in a row in the late 90's on Origins. I don't play that map anymore.

  14. Paused on some round on MotD with the full setup. Zero downs, ready for something high. When I get back to my xbox, odds are my first down will come quickly bc acid gat is the furthest thing from reliable.

    1. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      That's why I don't even bother getting the acid gat piece on the the blundergat until after it's upgraded. The vultronic withering IS reliable.

    2. BrayJayTheZombSlaya


      Imo the acid gat and vitriolic withering are both terrible. Anyways, about the game, I accidentally opened my disc tray while I was going flawless at round 30. How disheartening D:

  15. How about an upgraded stun grenade? The player would receive these from the mystery box. While their uses are limited in comparison to monkey bombs or the equivalent, these "quake grenades" activate much faster, almost instantly. When they hit the ground, a seismic burst will bring all zombies to their knees for approximately 3-4 seconds. The player gets 4 of these every max ammo. This can be fully utilized for quick ammo runs, implemented into an easter egg, and would be even more helpful for a solo player than monkeys (save the player during redscreens). Another tactical idea I'd have would be the standard combat knife- when the player receives this weapon from the box, he/she will be in dismay when they realize they have gotten rid of a weapon and replaced it with a simple blade. However, there are two different paths to upgrading this- after one has been completed, the player can pack-a-punch the knife and receive the knife with a chain wrapped around their arm- named the Scorpion's Tail if the player melees, it will do the same damage as the combat knife on round one, however, if you use the shoot button, the knife will launch in a straight line through the zombies' eye sockets, chaining up to 12 at a time. Once it has chained the max number of zombies or reached a set length (ran out of chain), the blade at the end will expand into a set pattern and return, decapitating all linked zombies in the process at any round. There is a cool down for this weapon of course, however, ammo is not an issue. If upgraded without doing the challenge, the player receives Masaki's Katana- a one hit melee till round 30ish that can hit multiple zombies in one swing, with the downfall being- you have to melee.
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