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  1. I love the FG-42 in [email protected]! That thing was a tank, though the recoil is tough to manage at times. I also like the chicom / mp5 / ballistic knife, as they all have a 110% mobility in BO2, which is beautiful when stamin up is not an option. On BO, I thoroughly enjoy the Shrink Ray from Shang, and the scavenger on CotD. The VR-11 is really fun in co-op. As my list comes to a close, my favorite weapons for killing in BO2 are the Mustang and Sally, the Sliquifier, and the AN-94.
  2. Its really sad how both Zombies apps for iPhone have turned out. Black Ops Z's is literally unplayable, as it is not compatible with the current iOS. Its extremely irritating at how Activision maintains the state of its games as a whole, in my opinion.

  3. Porter's Blueprints would be a really awesome sidequest to pursue, I like that a lot more than just being able to have akimbo rayguns from spending some points. However, I think it should be a lot pricier than pack a punch, even for weapons that aren't pap'd. 10k seems reasonable imo if you're doubling the total ammo capacity in a weapon, as well as giving it extra stopping power and two separate reloads. 6k seems way too cheap. I think if this idea were to be implemented, 3arc would also try to make a wonderweapon for the map with the DYW that would only reach its full potential through the m
  4. Good stuff Mods / Admin. This site will be attracting all sorts of new folk once 3arc's next zombie installment starts being teased, and this overhaul will look amazing for everyone who sees.
  5. Hi CoDz! So, I've been thinking a lot about the things I've enjoyed thus far in zombies and other game modes, as well as things I do not enjoy. I've came up with a bunch of ideas that would either expand on the enjoyment myself and other zombie enthusiasts have experienced, or mitigate the bad situations with a simpler alternative. My best idea in my own opinion has got to be the Duplication Device (or any better name you guys can come up with, haha) : Around the forum lately, I see a lot of people begging for a new weapon upgrade service that would be a counterpart to the fan
  6. Well, I just lost a comment that I spent an hour writing for this post. Carry on. *Tears stream down face*
  7. Hit 100 on [email protected] Der Riese on iOS. Rounds are extremely shorter, but there are definitely more than 24 zombies per round. I'm not trying to brag, but iOS is so much harder to play than console bc your thumbs take up half the screen and the controls are absolutely ridiculous. The spawn logic is nonexistent. While I feel proud to finally have a 100 under my belt, I wish it was on console. I haven't been able to use console in a while and that's why I was on iOS. Happy zombie killing, CoDz!

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    2. BrayJayTheZombSlaya


      I meant harder to play than console, not harder to high round. High rounds on console are much more impressive for multiple reasons. Bouncing betties make crawlers on any round as far as I know, and at round 99 I was still killing crawlers with 2 clips from the FG-42. Killing zombies with regular guns is a different story, but still easier. I wish the spawn system was sorted out in this game, but I'm not that irritated about it.

  8. Hi CoDz, So, my story requires a little setting up beforehand, so here goes. I go to a university in Virginia in the United States currently, and about three weeks ago, we had our Thanksgiving break. During this break, I contacted a bunch of my university friends and asked them if any of them had Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards back home. I collected them when I was younger and came back across them when I went home for the break. Come next week, I had a group of about 10 friends bring hundreds of cards to play with. I was really impressed. I also had this female friend who didn't play, but wan
  9. Hey man, I know how rough it is to deal with anxiety problems. At the beginning of this semester (my first semester at college) I was really nervous because I had no idea who most of the people around me were (I knew a few guys from my high school, but that was it). It took me a while to find my niche while the whole time I was also dealing with higher level classes, trying to excel in zombies, and also dealing with a ton of family problems. I know how bad it is to let your stress build, thats probably why we as gamers play video games so much, to relieve the stress caused by everyday life
  10. Our very own @Dahniska is in a world record game of Mob of the Dead currently! Round 219! Come check out the stream- http://www.twitch.tv/dahniska

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    2. way2g00d


      Wow!! Congrats Dahnishka!

    3. GRILL


      that's awesome man. congrats :D

    4. Slade


      Watched you play during round 210-211. Insane, congrats man!

  11. Just finished a Round 59 game on Die Rise. Who's Who is cursed unfortunately

  12. Hershel was bit and survived until he was taken hostage by the governor. He was bit on his calf and they performed an amputation. On another note, last night's episode completely threw a curveball at me, as I have no clue when Rick's team will meet back up with Abraham's crew (if they meet up). I am a reader of the comics, but the second half of last night's episode focused on characters that don't exist in the comics, as the next few will, I'm sure (Beth, Daryl, non-suicidal Carol, living Tyrese, etc.) My prediction for this season is that tyrese will die in the midseason finale, and
  13. When you pack-a-punch the weapons from the box that come with attachment, they lose their attachment. Its really annoying actually if you enjoy hitting the box on Origins.
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