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  1. Cheesegrater28

    Make Zombies great again.

    I was very happy with Der Eisendrache. Its the first map in a while that you can just play like the old WaW/BO1 maps. Save money, open doors, flip a switch, buys perks, and hit PaP. Simply doing that will let you play a good game to rounds 30-40, or beyond if you want. You don't need to do rituals or get the bows or build anything you don't want to. Its awesome those things are there since they add longevity and depth to the map, but what makes them even better is you can ignore them. My one tiny complaint would be that I wish there was a small but simple step you had to complete before the dragons activated. The fact they activate automatically makes them too obvious and in your face. Would be nice if you had to pick something up or shoot something before they came alive. That way they could be discovered or completely ignored. But I love that this map allowed for simple gameplay. I hope this trend continues. Maps like SoE get old real quick when you have to do a bunch of multi step rituals just to turn on PaP. Turning into ghosts or monsters is alright, but not when its a necessity for the basics of a map. Turning on perks and PaP shouldn't require those extra things. Those are the kinds of things that make maps annoying for hardcore players and keep casual gamers away. All my old friends who used to love playing splitscreen zombies with me refuse to play anymore since the maps seem like too much work rather than just killing zombies. So I hope these next few DLCs try to stick to the Der Eisendrache formula and let you play basic old school style if you want to. This makes finding the new hidden things all that much better rather than forcing them on us.
  2. Cheesegrater28

    I miss simplicity.

    Finally got around to playing a few games on Der Eisendrache with a friend and must say I'm very pleased with how they give you the option to keep it simple. Easy steps to set up PaP and just a switch to power everything up. And its really nice to have a bunch of EEs, and even more nice that they are completely optional to enjoying the map. No multi step processes or changing forms needed just to get set up. Maps like SOE and almost all BO2 maps made all my casual gamer friends lose interest in zombies. The long steps and EE stuff felt like a chore for them. I can see a few of them giving Der Eisendrache another shot. You can play the game just like the old ones if you want. Fight your way to the switch, build up your points and arsenal by just killing zombies, and try to survive. The wall weapons and perks alone are more than enough to hit round 30. Hope this trend continues with each DLC. The option to just play old school style zombies if you want, and a lot of features that let you explore and go deeper if you choose. The new things like Buildables, bows, and gobblegum are all really nice additions when they're not forced down you throat every game, like BO2 and SOE had a habit of doing.
  3. Cheesegrater28

    Maxis in SOE?

    The only thing I'm aware of is the hidden radio message where Maxis basically says the SoE 4 are doomed. And some of the hidden coded messages might be about him. But I don't think he's ever present on the map outside of that radio.
  4. Cheesegrater28

    Awaken Test Subjects/Character Development

    Could just be them trying to recycle old lines into the map so high round players don't get annoyed by the same quotes over and over. Using the old lines is easier then writing new ones as filler. But I'd say it is supposed to mean something. Especially if the repeated quotes are indeed re-recorded, which some have said is the case. Exactly what this means for the story, I'm not sure. This is because I'm not really sure of anything in the story anymore. We now know there is some kind of multiverse story arc going on but not sure exactly what kind of story. Is it an infinite universe story line or are there a certain number of versions? Have these different universes been a part of the story all along or did they spawn from an event in the past story? Like Maxis winning at Buried and trying to go back in time maybe caused all these paradoxes and different universes to spawn from that moment. Or maybe they spawned from a moment we haven't seen yet, like something happening before 1918 and the old WaW story is just a different universe from the new Origins characters and the two might meet up eventually. One example, this could all be a multiverse story much like the movie The One with Jet Li. In that type of story, there were 125 different versions of the same people in 125 different dimensions. One Jet Li was trying to kill the other 124 versions of himself. Each time Jet Li killed another Jet Li, he and all the other Jet Lis in different universes all got stronger since the power of the dead one was passed to each of the ones remaining. So perhaps in our zombie story, as the characters die or come to new dimensions, they might be gaining the energy and knowledge of different versions of themselves. Another possibility, if the story line is about different universes spawning from a single moment, then its possible that all other timelines but one will be destroyed to balance everything out. This could be kind of like Rick and Morty's Season 2 premier, A Rickle in Time. All the different versions eventually funnel into the same version where the individual characters have the memories of all other versions. We know from Richtofen's note that some Earths have already been destroyed so perhaps the change in quotes is a reflection of those versions being absorbed. This could be another interpretation of what might be happening. Its hard to say exactly what's going on, but I do think that these quotes are purposely hinting at something like these examples. So I do think they are important and not just filler.
  5. Cheesegrater28

    What do we think is going on with Maxis?

    I feel the same in that there are mainly two. Pre and Post Origins. But that Sam flytrap quote specifically, makes me think they're maybe the same. And just to confuse things even more, I'd say its possible that the Origins map Maxis might be different from the Origins cutscene Maxis. If the cutscene takes place right after the EE, then another Maxis aside from the drone has been with Sam before the drone one ever makes it. That brings the count up to maybe 5.
  6. I'm not really so much concerned about what we think his plans are, but rather where everyone thinks the different versions of Maxis are connected. Do we have multiple Maxises or is he perhaps the one constant between all the maps. I find myself unsure about the topic and am interested in hearing some theories. It now seems certain that Origins, SoE, and The Giant are all one timeline between different realms with the new DLC being a continuation of those maps since we are told its a 4th installment. But is the Maxis in this story the same Maxis from WaW-BO2 that destroyed the world and made it to Agartha? Thats a major question I have trouble trying to answer because evidence supports both arguments. For example, the American version of Sam in Origins tells us in her own words that Maxis tried but never reached Agartha. If Origins was after the events on Buried, wouldn't Maxis be in Agartha? And wouldn't his daughter be the German one we all know and love. There really isn't much, if anything, on the Origins map that suggests the map is after Buried. The cutscene on the other hand hints that it is, even though its hard to say exactly when that cutscene takes place. Again, it doesn't make sense to occur directly after Origins since Maxis is there sharing his plan with Sam who just told us in the map he never made it there. But the radios and quotes on The Giant seem to hint that its the same Maxis from Buried. The fly trap starts with Maxis quoting Sam from Der Riese and saying "those were her exact words". And he mentions how the scars of Samantha's past actions allow for communication across the rift. This could be referring to her causing the outbreaks in WaW-BO which destroyed the world, but it wasn't until Maxis blew the Earth up on Moon that the rift supposedly started to open. So do we think this is the same Maxis from Buried who made it to Agartha and now wants to set everything right, or do we think its a different Maxis and perhaps the Buried Maxis will show up to ruin the plans? I haven't seen too many theories on this and curious what everyone thinks.
  7. Merry Christmas Movie House! Merry Christmas Emporium! Merry Christmas you wonderful old Call of Duty Zombies Forum!

  8. Cheesegrater28

    "The GIANT is in AUSTRIA"

    Maybe. And perhaps there is a way to get attacked while on the lift which would make it interesting. It would just suck to start every game by having to take what looks like at least a 20 second ride. That would get old quick, much like the bus on Tranzit. I could see it being a part of the EE, but it doesn't look like something they'd want you to use frequently.
  9. Cheesegrater28

    "The GIANT is in AUSTRIA"

    That's what I figured too since Maxis says the beacon will allow him to find them, extract them, and destroy the site. I was thinking that maybe something goes wrong or this turns into a multiple beacon process on one Earth like BO2. The Richtofen note has the one big Earth which seems more important than the others, so perhaps this is that one. But its most likely not since each coordinate is next to a what looks like a different version of the universe. I still think the Giant on The Giant was meant to show its a different Earth from Der Riese and Origins. Like MrRoflWaffles says, it doesn't make sense for them to have robots in WW1 and then everything goes stagnant for 20+ years until WW2 where the Germans start reconstructing or fiixing the same robots. And we have different versions of Richtofen and Maxis in the beginning cut scene. They can't be from the Origins world since Maxis was a drone and Richtofen is now traveling around and killing himself. Origins seems like a world where giants were created by WW1, The Giant seems like a world where they are just being created in WW2, and Der Riese is a world where Maxis never got to the point of creating them yet.
  10. Cheesegrater28

    "The GIANT is in AUSTRIA"

    Nice find by him. Instead of teleporting here, perhaps the Origins crew fixed the Giant at Der Riese and used it to get to here. It seems unlikely we will use that gondala during the map since its a slow and long ride. Like others have said, it makes sense that the gondala is part of an opening scene that brings them to the castle and the Giant could have gotten them to the site.
  11. We think. Really we have no evidence of much. The Origins Maxis could be the Tranzit-Buried Maxis who's plan was to blow up the Earth. And I agree its probably not a kids game, but BO2 does throw that in our face. In a story that's all over the place and anything is possible, I just want some idea given to us as to whats going on. Some answers would be nice to get us back on track. Trying to theorize when everything is so vague kind of sucks since its so hard to say what fits where and what's connected. Truth is that any theory is right at the moment. That's the downside of multiverse story lines.
  12. Is there any chance we will get the answers being hinted at in the trailer? I wish but get the feeling we won't get much. In a story that has time traveling, alternate dimensions, paradoxes, multiverses, aliens, ancient gods, and the possibility its all a kids game, I'd love nothing more than a couple of answers to put us back on any kind of path.
  13. Good find. It's probably just a random house they could use that had the period look they needed. There wouldn't be any reason for Hall's memories of her research into the Battle of Bastogne to include a house Nikolai may have lived in for a short time during WW1. It could perhaps be his own memory of that house, which was most likely in France if its the time he mentions in the letter, somehow falling into her memory, much like the zombies do during the map. If every bottle of alcohol was vodka I'd think that would be a big sign its his house, but there was gin and other spirits.
  14. Cheesegrater28

    Is it Mr Rapt or Mr Rat?

    Its hard to say for sure since the two words sound so similar. I'd say Mr. Rapt just because it definitely sounds like a p in a few of the calls. In this video, the first one sounds like Rapt and the last one around 3:05 really sounds like a p before the t. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZWVqZRA-m8
  15. Cheesegrater28

    Thoughts on Microtransations

    I'm in agreement with MegaAfroMan. These kinds of microtransactions have no direct effect on me since they are for things I personally don't care about. I used to hate DLC when it came out because it was content I felt should come with the game. Why buy a game and have the developers hold back a part of it to sell for more money. WaW was the first game I ever spent extra money on and other than BC2's Vietnam DLC which was amazing, I've never spent a dime on DLC outside of CoD zombies. But I love that the DLC is there. I feel the same about micro transactions. I don't like the idea of developers purposely holding out or making things harder so they can make an extra buck, but there's nothing I see them offering that I really care about or will impact my play. I can recall spending around $50 on NES and Sega Gensis games, so I'm more than happy if the developers can come up with ways to make the extra buck and keep my price down. Especially since I feel like I'm not missing out on any of the extra stuff. This is also why I'm fine with there being so many people who are loud about their disapproval. For every person that spends the extra money, we need a person being outspoken about how these companies are greedy.This keeps the price down and keeps the micro transactions from having content I'd care about. A balance that works for me.

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