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  1. Been enjoying the new map now that it has come to PC but I realize I am really behind on the story, anyone know some good threads to help me catch up?

  2. School hit back a lot harder than expected after Christmas so I wasn't able to spend any time here after I said I would.

    But with the first DLC looking as good as it does hopefully I can find some time to see what is going on with you guys

  3. As someone who spends most of tier time playing solo, I look forward to an update. ATM I'm just trying a Knifing strategy I saw somewhere that was meant to get the max. XP from the early rounds but I'm not sure how much that matters in the long run, It would be nice to have a more efficient idea of how to get setup
  4. They are simply trying to clarify the name and distinguishing between the "Meatballs" and the robots that appear in the campaign and MP. You comment implies that these enemies are robots but stevie was explaining that they don't seem to be any evidence of a robotic nature. I don't think it is unreasonable for them to contribute to a discussion about the name of the enemy as their comments were not enough to warrant a new thread and the topic had already been discussed here.
  5. Interesting, I have not got a chance to complete the EE yet so I was unaware of this. Well I wish you luck on your hunt for the upgrade, I hope you can make some progress on it one way or another
  6. Unfortunately I am not too familiar with the search for the WW Upgrade that seems to have been going on, as I have just got back into zombies, so I can't offer a great amount of feedback on this, however one thing did jump out at me. You mention how there are three cocoon spawn and this matched the 3 districts that we summon the Keepers, but are there not 4 keeper spawns? "Nero's Landing" also contains a sacrifice altar with a keeper that you must bring a flag too and also gives a Arch-Ovum, so the numbers don't seems to quite match up.
  7. Hey Guys, some of you may know me from the past, I’ve kind of been in and out of here over the years but now I’m back for BO3 \o/. I don’t think I ever did a proper introduction but I felt after such a long break it may be appropriate, so Hey. I’ve spent a lot of time here and in zombies so I am happy to be back to it, although I’m on PC this time so I will be late to the DLCs (But mod tools will make up for that in the end :P). I’m also little late to the party for BO3 but I picked it up in the Christmas sale and am ready to jump into zombies again after nearly 2 years. As usual I have spent a lot of time reading stuff on the forum and not posting anything, It's great to see people I can recognise and I am looking forward to meeting all the new people who have joined us too. I am planning to get some stuff up within a few days (If I'm not too busy starting back to school) looking mainly at SOE as I don’t have access to The Giant yet and hopefully I can be active in the conversation about what looks to be a very interesting story that is beginning to unfold.
  8. It's pretty amazing to find something that's been there for so long. And that they had a general idea of how Richtofen's arc would progress, foreshadowing a game ahead
  9. DUUUUUUDEEEE it's good to see you back!

    1. nayrcraig


      Yea, I've been lurking about the forums for a while.

      Got the game a little late and have been playing through the campaign and trying to work that stuff out before I really get into Zombies. Nice too see you still around too

    2. Tac


      Well whenever you want back in that Skype chat, just lemme know :P

  10. The body falling into the pit can be seen at 0:55
  11. I would agree with the idea that there was no "Best player" in regrades to skill, you played as a team and everyone fulfilled their roles. The guy with the most kills would have got them because his role required it, Who's to say you would have done better or worse in his situation. The same applies to the role of leader, only one person had the chance to be leader so I couldn't say if he was the best at it. But within in the team it sounds like D would be the best player in my eyes, if he was willing to give up his own points/downs ect. to help keep the team going he played a very important role that some find hard to accept. He may not be the best in term of skill but if he was able to remain happy with a few early downs and a selfless role he would be the best team player.
  12. unfortunately the search for the EE in kino was exhausted and no results were found, it has been concluded that there is no EE. The increase in drops you are experiencing is almost guaranteed to be due to luck or you observing what you wish to be true, from my knowledge there is no action that can be preformed to increase drops in a round (Or weapons from a box for that matter )
  13. I have not tried this myself but I would imagine it is due to the black mark the grenade leaves on the ground and walls when it explodes, It is simply applying this to the chandelier texture and it looks like a flag Edit: You can see this pretty clearly about 30 secs into this video (Just a random video I found on youtube)
  14. The space is there because of the information on the left, It's not to do with your sig. I'm not sure if there is anyway to shorten it though
  15. Another great challenge, a bit like the spawn room challenge but a bit more creative. The choice of wall weapon and buildable sound interesting, but how many buildables work without the turbine? I'll try it out as it should give me something to do rather than just playing origins all the time
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