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  1. You beast with all those haha. Good work Way. I remember ages ago you did 25 on FIVE running around the war room with both doors open. I so want to get 55 on FIVE. I've always wanted to get it but have never found the time or anybody willing to do it. Do you still play?
  2. I don't like to open both barriers. It feels "messier" or more "clustered". I like my strats neat and tidy with no variations. I call them STRETTegies they don't gravitate as much with no power because they can't through the centre teleporter so they have to take the long route. They actually cluster on the stairs. you don't get the pentagon thief on No Power. No Power changes everything haha I don't talk in the videos. There's just music. But sorry it doesn't work on your phone. Maybe check them out when you're on pc if you like
  3. Yes I love FR and No Powers. Far more fun than high rounds. I find No Powers addictive. I've sunk countless hours into FIVE and verruckt No Power Solo and coop learning and developing strats. I currently hold rank 2 verruckt no power coop with Heyimalex. We plan on attempting it again at some point when I have a bit of time.
  4. Well said chopper. You've changed my mind on this matter. I agree. I was such a huge fan of SuperHands, and despite his "apparent" modding, he was still incredibly skilled at this game-mode. Hell, so is Wings, but he has proven to be a bit of a scumbag, who is only venting his rage as he was a repeated offender and now cannot get his name on those leaderboards (despite multiple chances to redeem himself). Modding is like a drug... you do it once and it starts to become addictive. Sithbas' Shangri-La video looks very suspect indeed, and the fact he took 4 hits before lobbing a gren
  5. If we had an accurate (up to date and no cheaters) leaderboards for first rooms, no powers and maybe some challenges I would be very happy. Sent from my GT-I8190N using Tapatalk
  6. Don't feed the trolls. I haven't taken any notice of wings since his nml cheat. I only noticed this video after boysta had commented on it. Sent from my GT-I8190N using Tapatalk
  7. There's no need to resort to racism. If he said that then he's a complete doucebag. I don't like wings. And I'm disappointed in sithbas. I thought he'd be trustworthy. Sent from my GT-I8190N using Tapatalk
  8. I also hate wings. But he has brought to attention sithbas. I personally would only be interested in leaderboards that kept no power and first room records Sent from my GT-I8190N using Tapatalk
  9. So wingsofoblivion posted a video exposing Sithbas as a cheat. Sithbas is the founder of www.zombierecords.net. So are there any alternatives to zombierecords. Wings of oblivion is a cheat also and I wouldn't have seen this until I saw other people comment on his video.
  10. Does the mp5k and ballistic knife have the same movement speed?
  11. I understand where you're coming from. And you're right, mental health issues are widely misunderstood. Sometimes you may have the best of intentions but your actions could have a detrimental effect. Everyone is different. Whatever helped you in your past may not help others. And don't worry I understand you perfectly. I do not wish to cause any animosity if we disagree on some issues. I respect everything you say. I think I'll leave it at that for now. Strett.
  12. in black ops 1 i'm pretty sure it wasa entirely dependent on the round. it's a little more complicated in BO2 with the occurence of respawns if you run to far away from a zombie and what not. Needless to say there's no simple answer for that, but i would refer you to this for Black Ops 1 From Duckcall00's awesome thread - http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/index.php/topic/137395-zombie-charts/?hl=%2Bzombie+%2Bchart Wow that's a fantastic resource. Brilliant. thanks very much
  13. I'm sorry strett, but I have to agree with Jolteon here. It is selfish. That's not an attempt to make anyone struggling with suicidal thoughts feel bad, but it's a permanent solution to a temporary problem. There are so many people that are affected by the choice to commit suicide. When you commit suicide, you're only thinking about yourself and not about anyone else. The pain may end for that specific person, but it only begins for so many others. This isn't meant to be an attempt to make others feel guilty. This isn't meant to put a burden on anyone. But suicide hurts so many pe
  14. Jolteon. Although I respect what you have said and I am sorry for what you and your friends have been through but I just have to disagree with something you said. And that was that you said suicide was selfish. The reason why is because you shouldn't label those with depression as selfish because that makes depressed people feel guilty. And guilt can be a trigger. In actual fact people who take their life sometimes feel like a burden upon their family and friends so when they take their life they may be doing it because they know the hurt they cause to their love ones. And in taking
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