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  1. 7 years later and they still can't pronounce Der Riese. GG@Lenne
  2. I agree it doesn't look that bad but my point is that even with the tabs, this info is going to be everywhere very quickly and people will hear about it either way. Users will mention it in other threads or in chat inadvertently. Some things are just hard to shy away from unless you choose to go off the grid, which most won't. In an ideal world it would be good to avoid spoilers but it's near impossible these days. It will be even more disappointing if it turns out DOA2 is an unlockable mode as all surprise will be lost. We can at least make an effort to be spoiler free, can't we? I didn't read anything spoiler-ish apart from this thread (Which like I already said is my own fault for having too much faith) and Mockings thread. I doubt that it is hard to keep the discussion about these things that can be spoiler related in one thread. And even on Youtube: Liam and Waffles never put any of the trophies in the title of their videos, you know? It is hard to be spoiler free obviously, but not impossible. And for the record: I don't want any of you to be censored or anything. But putting things in a spoiler tab is very far away from censoring something, in my opinion. I don't think your making that much sense, the glaringly obvious thing here is why are you on this post if you don't want spoilers? Like here we should be allowed to discuss freely but any other post spoiler tabs should be used and if they aren't the message should be deleted. Because someone may want to check out / talk about the achievements without getting spoiled? Since the actual site hides the hidden achievement, it only makes sense that you would subsequently use a spoiler tab when discussing said achievement.
  3. Can't we just get rid of Labs altogether? These concepts threads have all turned out to be just an excuse to post pump the living shit out of your total and get to the top tier zombification in like a day.
  4. The lid is just a physics object. There are no tentacles poking out of it, it's a piece of cloth that's still there when the dude transforms.
  5. Can't help but think of Emperor Nero. Fiddling while Rome burns. He's most likely the main character of the group, together with the Shadow Man.
  6. Games containing nazi imagery are banned throughout Germany, so that's why they removed any such references.
  7. The blueprints behind Buried say 1915 Maxis. The Mauser's blueprints say 1915, Maxis. Even though visually yeah they're not the same image they're referencing to the same thing, the Mauser pistol design made by Maxis. This has been known since Treyarch posted the Mauser's design on their FB account.
  8. The blueprints were for the Mauser pistol, hinting to Origins.
  9. Tu veux te battre? Allez, vas-y viens ! >;P
  10. Thanks a ton @PINNAZ ! Great stuff ;3
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