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  1. T H R E E Y E A R D E V E L O P M E N T C Y C L E
  2. 7 years later and they still can't pronounce Der Riese. [email protected]
  4. I agree it doesn't look that bad but my point is that even with the tabs, this info is going to be everywhere very quickly and people will hear about it either way. Users will mention it in other threads or in chat inadvertently. Some things are just hard to shy away from unless you choose to go off the grid, which most won't. In an ideal world it would be good to avoid spoilers but it's near impossible these days. It will be even more disappointing if it turns out DOA2 is an unlockable mode as all surprise will be lost. We can at least make an effort to be spoiler free, can't we? I did
  5. Can't we just get rid of Labs altogether? These concepts threads have all turned out to be just an excuse to post pump the living shit out of your total and get to the top tier zombification in like a day.
  6. Yes @Lenne trade in your PS4 and 420 blaze it in Amsterdam. It's not like it has any games anyway : )
  7. The lid is just a physics object. There are no tentacles poking out of it, it's a piece of cloth that's still there when the dude transforms.
  8. @ETEl2NAL407 Because the PC port is an unoptimized piece of shit made by like 12 people in a few weeks, as evident by the performance problems almost everyone is having and the glaring lack of video options (textures only going up to normal, turning off certain features causes the game to crash, constant random hardcrashes etc.). If by play fine you mean at a steady 30fps or with most if not all graphics settings turned down then I might as well just play the console version instead. I'm running gtx 980 myself and the game not being able to maintain a steady 60fps is a joke. It's also not like
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