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  1. I'm with Matuzz on this one. I love the O4. We all do. But it's the future. I want to see a new story, and I feel that's what we're gonna get. I reckon we'll get references to the old story, but I think this one's gonna be completely different.
  2. No problem, I remember you. You used to go by your steam name over at activision didn't you? thecalmquail? I was obsessed with working out the wind puzzle as everybody knew how to line up the ceiling tiles correctly, but no one could explain how to solve the puzzle. Yep, that's me. ;-) it was mental, so many people tried to help, but I really wanted a formula, which you gave me!
  3. Good to have you here Dave. You helped me ages ago back on the Activision forums. I remember when Origins came out you were the only person to explain exactly what I had to do to get the ultimate wind staff. Thanks again for that. ;-) Sent from my D2303 using Tapatalk
  4. I remember it well. God I love Treyarch. Look at the hype already. Nothing confirmed in any way, just a quick picture. Already were looking at it as bait. Black sun, FN 2000, MPD. You guys all make me so happy!
  5. What? XD I am pretty sure you probably knew that. Most people I talk to a lot here do too! Does it not say it on my profile? Also I think it will be in past broadcasts on the channel so it will be available to rewatch, but im not sure. I actually had the same response! Weird!
  6. I really like that Boom. Love the idea of Zombie Labs, and also the rearrange of some of the less viewed topics. Sent from my D2303 using Tapatalk
  7. Whatever console you are on, I'd put it into a DMZ. once you've worked out how to do it (I just watched a few youtube videos), it's really easy to do. Generally speaking it'll make your Nat type open all of the time, and seems to resolve the disconnecting issue. I was disconnecting a lot. I'd be lucky to make it to round 30 without getting a disconnect. After putting my PS3 into a DMZ, I haven't had a single disconnect on Call of Duty. The other thing you could try is port forwarding, it's safer than using a DMZ, but personally I found it a lot more complicated to follow/work out how to do. Hope you get past the disconnects. :-) Sent from my D2303 using Tapatalk
  8. I guarantee upon trailer release, the site will explode with posts, users and the like. 100% right mate, I just popped onto CODZ to see what people were saying about the trailer. I wasn't expecting to see several pages on topics that were only posted last night. It's great to see.
  9. It's funny, for me Origins was the greatest disappointment of all time. I'll start from the beginning. My first experience of zombies was WaW Nacht, I'd finished the campaign and was like what the hell is this!!? I fell in love with it, but I didn't have broadband at the time, so DLC wasn't an option, and there was only so much I could play on the same map on my own. Skip to Black Ops, and it was the same story, I had Kino and Five, but no DLC or broadband, so again played the hell out of the maps, but slowly got tired of playing the same maps on my own. When MW3 came out, broadband finally came to my area. I got hooked on multiplayer, so the hype of BO2 for me was unreal. I waited at gamestop from about 10pm till 2am when I finally got served, and rushed home to play the hell out of it. I really wanted to try the new zombies experience too, so whacked Tranzit on. The best description of Tranzit came to me in a random lobby of free for all, of these two guys chatting. "dude, did you play zombies yet?" "yeah man, what the hell did they do to it? zombies sucks now! " But I did enjoy Town and Farm, they reminded me of Kino, Nacht and Five. But I grew tired of them quickly, and went back to multiplayer. Skip forwards to December, and I heard that Nuketown would be available for free with the Season Pass. I was so happy, I'd watched loads of videos on it and really wanted to play it. January finally came, and I played like crazy. I'd finally been taken over by the zombies spell. Multiplayer never had the same captivation, and I grew totally obsessed with zombies. I went back to Black Ops and bought all of the DLC. Back to Origins, when the first teaser came out (the one showing all of the zombies maps in order), I was spell bound, was I really going to be able to play all of the WaW and BO1 maps with futuristic weapons?! Alas no, when they revealed the Apocalypse dlc to be one zombies map and four multiplayer maps I'd never been so disappointed in my life. How was one map going to keep me playing for the next year?! I love the hype, and I love the community getting together and finding bits and pieces from the trailers that don't seem to be apparent at all! But sometimes, I had equal times disappointment. The paralyzer in Buried for one. What happened to the new awesome wonder weapon ideas? Instead we had Jetgun Mk 2. I've waffled on a fair bit, but that just my 2c on the hype and anticipation. Sent from my D2303 using Tapatalk
  10. Happy New Year everyone! I hope all of you have an awesome year. Sent from my D2303 using Tapatalk
  11. Since Destiny, I keep looking at my PS3. It's not connected up, and I just can't be bothered to set it up. That video is zombies for me. Adaptation. Learning to survive, no matter what. When I get home, I'm loading up Nuketown, and I'm going to beat my record. Thanks Chopper, for all of the inspiration!
  12. All honesty, I bet you 70% do not know about the magical number of -24-. I thought it was a "everybody knows this" but most either don't know, do not believe it, or think it's a lie! But that's some of the best advise you can ever get, thumbs up! There will never be more then 24 zombies on a map at once. Unless there's more than one player, in which case it does go up. @OP. Choppers advice is really sound, but you might need to go back to basics altogether if you're struggling with round 5-7. I learnt zombies on Nuketown and Town. I got good from resilience. My advice: load up a game of Town. How far do you get without Jug. Now how far do you get with Jug? Learn where the zombies spawn from. Don't get caught up with the whole idea of camping everywhere. Learn to move around without panicking if there's two zombies infront of you. Once you can last past round 5-7 on Town, you'll hack Nuketown a bit easier. Two of the best pieces of advice regarding zombies I've ever received: 1) if there's two zombies blocking your path, always run at one zombie if you don't have jug. You can take two hits. If you run through the middle of the two zombies, you'll probably get hit by both of them, you're now down. If you pick to hit into one, often you'll only get once, and pass the zombie. Also, learn to jump in the situation too. Often you jump out of reach. 2) one random guy I was in a lobby once was going ham (or so I thought back in the day) it was round 20, and he hasn't got a down. I'd gone down several times. I said to him "how the hell are you doing that man?!" to which he responded "bro, when you realise how close you can get to them, it becomes a lot easier". That ones more confusing, but as you learn to escape and survive you'll understand it. My last set of advice is watch lots of people, particularly on YouTube. I really rate Ali-a. (gonna get hate for that) He's not a particularly good zombies player, but he's brilliant at explaining stuff, particularly if you're at a beginners level. Even if you know someone who's a really good zombies player, ask if you can watch them. Go down at the beginning of a round, and see what they do.
  13. I'm not sour about many things, but XBONE getting Sunset Overdrive, that hacked me right off. I love Insomniac Games. Everything about them is awesome. *slams door and cries himself to sleep*
  14. @ thanks for them bwains,GIRLL. Elaborate? why yes, yes I can. [cracks knuckles] Please pardon the rambling, but it's quite hard to respond to such a question without doing so. Oh also, don't be surprised if this happens to you : "It doesn't make much sense to me" <----- this is a perfect place to start. The whole reason I made this thread is because the Nuketown Zombies loading screen made no sense to me. The only true link between any past story elements is the 115 Extraction Drill, which apparently was technology accessible enough to be made in the early 1900's (however we really don't know what the hell ORIGINS is - and we don't know if ORIGINS occurs in the same timeline/dimension as Nuketown Zombies). Here are the factors that drove me to believe that the loading screen occurs in the future (also I'm using future loosely, all I'm really getting at is that I think it happens after the events of Nuketown Zombies): (please click here for a zoomable larger version of the loading screen if you want a closer look at what I'm talking about) 1. - Okay so here we have a 115 Drilling Device drilling a crater. Presumably, this is the crater from the 115 rocket that happens after Nuketown Zombies (because why would a 115 Drilling Device be needed for a nuclear crater?). The act of drilling the 115 crater can only occur once the 115 rocket collides with the earth, hence what's going on in the loading screen is in the near or distant future following the events of Nuketown Zombies. + The sky is blue, in Nuketown Zombies the sky is incredibly dark - and would only be made darker by the 115 rocket that comes at the end and seemingly blows it all to kingdom come. This means that whatever we are seeing in the loading screen must be happening well after the smoke and dust dissipated. + There is something MASSIVE attached to the 115 Drilling Device. A large space ship would be my first thought, considering it looks like it's just floating in mid air - but we've also had encounters with "larger then life" machines (such as the bucketwheel excavators from Moon) so it's hard to say for sure what is holding the 115 Extraction Drill in place: 2. - This being is wearing technology of a like we've never seen before. There are multiple breathing tubes coming from the helmet, it's certainly not the typical Government CDC suit - this is something different, futuristic, and possibly alien (in my opinion). This guy in the yellow jumpsuit is here for a purpose, he knows exactly where to go - what to do - how to work the extraction drill. This is an individual who perhaps is a time traveler, but whatever they are - they are well aware of what happened in Nuketown, and came prepared to get what they need. + Also, just realizing this now but there is without a doubt something (of possible importance) being reflected in yellow dude's helmet. Why do I see a Shangri-La temple? Perhaps I'm just seeing what I want to see, or what I think I might want to see... (this doesn't have anything to do with future stuff) + Also also, bubbles - anyone? Why bubbles? Seriously, the f***? (nothing to do with the future, either - sorry haha) 3. - Panel 3 is a mystery honestly. It looks as if the wing of a plane/spaceship, or perhaps the side of the giant structure holding up the 115 extraction device. When enlarged, you can clearly see a little squiggly square face on the ship - which means nothing, but is funny regardless. + In my humble opinion, Panel 3 is illustrating the spaceship peacing out after it's extracted all the 115 it needs. If you look at the negative space in the top left, it's dark blue - very "outer space". tl;dr = There is a crater, so we know this is post Nuketown. There is a 115 extraction device, so we know the crater has 115 and probably was made by one of the 3 115 rocket's. The 115 rockets hit Nuketown Zombies after you die in gameplay, HENCE - the loading screen depicts events that happen after Nuketown Zombies (i.e. in "the future" to when you are actually playing on the map in-game). ~~~ Having broken this down for you (the best I can), I've come across a couple questions of my own for you all: - why does this being need to be on the ground for the 115 extraction process? Why can't he just chill in his ship, and let the drill do it's thing? - is this being absorbing the 115 himself, as well as the device? (bottom left of large left panel). this could be the reason why yellow dude is on the ground while the 115 is being extracted. - is there more than one yellow-suit guy? It almost looks like 2 figures (below/slightly to the right of the red 1 in panel 1). I'd wager a spaceship/large machine large enough to have a 115 extraction device would require more than one operator. - the gum packet, which has already been brilliantly explained by @MixMasterNut , seems to indicate that there is time travel involved. We have a very 1950's bazooka joe-esque gum pack, which is named after the Aztec mythological God of the Dead, slapped over a comic book showing some futuristic crazy spaceship mineral extraction. Is this simply breaking the 4th wall, or does it mean something larger? Does it literally reference cross-timelines with altered histories? Were said "histories" altered by time travelers interfering with fixed points in time? How does the Aztec God of the Dead wind up on a pack of gum, unless history "as we know it" gets severely f***ed? This... is why it's hard to theorize about what "future" this loading screen exists in. With 115 being able to temporally displace anything in time, anything is possible. I could go in circles for hours - but at this point there is really is no way to explain the majority of elements that make up the zombies storyline. Anyway - thanks again for causing me to dig deeper. It's always exciting to consider new aspects. Christ, that gif is exactly what I'm like after reading that post. The bubbles have me intrigued though. 1) on the drill picture, it also has them, they look like matter being chucked out from the drill though. Could the bubbles be just rocks/ random objects being thrown out from the drill digging? 2) the guy in the suit. Hmmm. What if it's a suit to protect against the effects of 115? The screen isn't set in the future at all, but it's an agency that has worked on something to protect against 115 toxicity? Or the complete opposite, it's set so far into the future everything has stabilised, governments are back and they're trying to work out what the hell went on with 3) what if the skeleton guy is infact just a zombie, showing that nuketowns already been taken. 4) Seeing as BO2 rather enjoyed messing around with alternate timelines/ parallel stories, what if NTZ has nothing to do with the O4's story, and in it's own time. Explain the Tranzit references? Same with Weasel on MOTD.
  15. Mate, I'd help you, but I'm on ps3. It's really really easy though. Load up buried and get the timebomb. Go to the bank. Take out all of your money from the bank, throw down time bomb. punch the thing that creates the money drop till you have no money left. Use timebomb. Grab the money drop. You now what whatever you had before, plus everything you put in the drop. Simples.
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