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  1. This Camouflage Ex Machina only works with blood and guts from a person who has been long dead. The rotten guts will make the Walkers think you're one of them. Having fresh blood and guts all over you should do the complete opposite, i.e make the walkers become even more aware of you than they already are. Hell, remember when Shane cut his hand on that bus door and the Walkers went all crazy after his blood, allowing Shane to easily kill them? And the reason they didn't go for the staircase was that Nicholas went straight for the fence instead, thinking there wouldn't be any walkers behind it.
  3. @DeathBringerZen The 'since 1996' poster is actually a subtle reference to Treyarch Studios. They were founded in 1996. [proof needed]
  4. The Rockets' purpose wasn't to unearth 115, 935 made specific drills for that seen in Nuketown and Origins. Maxis sent the rockets to earth to create the Rift, from where he could use the Aether's energy to reach Agartha and be reunited with his daughter. And the Flesh wasn't created until after the rockets hit and they were forced to eat the undead to stay alive.
  5. Bien, so even if you don't consider it a leak, which is funny considering even Charlieintel didn't post the video, at least put a spoiler warning up for the people who want to wait until Treyarch & Activision officially release the Giant cutscene instead of putting TWO RICHTOFENS!? in the title of your thread as if it's a clickbait Kotaku article. I remember when the leaks policy was brought up when the poster was leaked and you guys specifically said: no leaks containing story spoilers allowed on CoDz. So much for that. At this point you might as well allow all leaks to be discussed, since let's face it. It boils down to: if the leak looks believable, then it's okay.
  6. @Lenne Banned because I like banning you. Also banned for not playing ME 3's multiplayer with me. And banned for not playing Phoenix Wright. Aaaaand banned for having blueray player 4 instead of xbone water cooler.
  7. Rest in Peace @Boom Never again seen after announcing his concept map Fifty Shades of @InfestLithium. Presumed kidnapped by one of the following: @InfestLithium @Nightmare Voyager @Stop mocking me0 @The Meh Or maybe it was all of them.
  8. Ha-ha, Lenne said period !

  9. @Lenne It's now almost as glorious as a pair of fancy gloooves.
  10. Zombies on Motorcycles !!

  11. Banned for using suggestive smileys.
  12. Banned for having the same avatar for way too long. @Tattoo247 You need to get out and taste more cherry pies.
  13. Banned because I've slayed another dragon today. And I'm about to do the same with you !
  14. Banned for editing your ban. No second thoughts, mister !
  15. @The Meh Let's not discuss productivity when you yourself make such wonderful, productive posts like this one on the same page. way, update the board, s'il vous plaît. :3
  16. @Stop mocking me0 Retcon (plural retcons) A situation, in a soap opera or similar serial fiction, in which a new storyline explains or changes a previous event or attaches a new significance to it.  
  17. Still waiting on the map concept '50 Shades of Grey' by our very own @Boom. Quit slacking and post it already !

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      The Meh

      How about no to that pun

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      Everytime I post it gets auto-flagged for content. Must be the **** please report this topic, post **** table portion of the map.

    4. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      Ahhhh...... That... Sucks... ;)

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