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  1. We were never really told. Maxis said Sam was in Agartha in Buried, and Sam is trapped in Agartha in Origins, but that's literally the only connection between the two maps as far as I know. We don't know which side is canon either. Maxis said he was going to destroy the Earth, I highly doubt that's going to end up happening.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Origins an alternate timeline caused by Sam escaping the events of Buried (Richtofen's version seems to be the canon one) by time traveling to 1918 or whenever Origins takes place?
  3. What's the best early, middle, and end strategy?
  4. It doesn't affect viewkick just centerspeed: http://denkirson.proboards.com/thread/5983/black-grip-stats-game-files
  5. Not sure if it's been said but the Bo2 grip is mostly placebo because it only raises centerspeed by 2% (way worse than Ghost's and previous CoDs) which is less than a 2% reduction in recoil because centerspeed is only one part of recoil.
  6. whats the best solo loadout and co-op loadout. Also what strategies should i use?
  7. If you're serious i'll gladly accept lol ;)
  8. I have both bo1 and bo2 with no dlc map packs and I can only get one and have no idea which to choose (I only care about the zombies maps not the multiplayer maps). I play solo 70% of the time and co-op 30%. I might get a 3rd controller but maybe not. Please give reasons why I should get whichever you recommend :D
  9. I clearly remember some people saying that the campaign team made some maps
  10. What team made which maps? BO1 was just the zombies team correct?
  11. Why not just make so that using the paralyzer to kill a zombie doesn't make the green gas?
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