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Highest Round on Buried!

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So what's your highest round on Buried?

Top 3 will be updated in Original Post. :)

Posting Proof is encouraged. Must for Top 3 entrees.

Name Round Console

Name Round Console # of Players

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Was going strong on 18 until I used the Paralizer on the ghost lady and she spawned infinite times crashing my xbox.

So pissed, uploading video now.

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Made it to 34 on solo. The Paralyzer is crazy overpowered IMO. The fact that if you're stuck you can just fly straight over the zombies helped me out so many times. Got bored in the end though and died from a stupid death.

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37 3p then anime error....everyone seems to be getting it.

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37 3p then anime error....everyone seems to be getting it.

Yup, go to the last minute of my video here:


The ghost lady spawned infinite times and crashed the game.

There was just a hotfix that went out kicked me offline, maybe they fixed it, not sure how though. The amount of zombies, and stuff they've got going on is pushing the xbox to the limit.

And it's great that 3arch makes the game harder, but how about a search option for people with MICS ONLY or EASTER EGG because it's impossible to try to do this shit with randoms, and the ones who do have mics are IDIOTS

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Way, Undead xP, and I hit 23 after a Mule Kick fail. All that time trying to chase after some orbs and we kept having to go through the rounds... :P

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Just kicked out a round 25.

Used a strategy of posting up in the corner by juggarnaut and using trample steams, resonators, and head choppers to protect us. Woulda got further but we also got the easter egg to the point of the guillotine with the orb and Ritchtofen asking to flip a switch and give him the time bomb. Everyone was ready to quit but i pushed them to 25 then they left. I was still at 0 downs :roll:

Best Proof I've got for the time being.


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Buried is my kind of a map. Spacious enough to run trains when shit goes south and you respawn with pistol trying to do the damn EE. That said in yet to try for high rounds. This map is actually fun. Good Job from trey arch for actually storing all critical buildable parts in one central location that is general store. But I was unhappy with wonder weapon even though its bit op I was hoping it is something new. No more of that jet gun sh*t.

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So yeah mines a bit of a fail. Was working to get achievements and had 2 left. I tried the maze one didnt work and did 20 thur 25 there. Then I went down and decide to do the Revisionist Historian history one, yeah forgot I laid that down round 8. So in my mind 25, leader board 8.

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I've only had 2 games of buried so far, both Solo.

First game activated the secret song & Pack-a-Punched which I was pretty stoked to do first game. Threw a monkey whilst PAPing and it went down the hole, got the Richtofen laugh & got trapped. That was round 12.

Second game I sat in Leroys Cell for a while with the sound resonator & the chainsaw thing. The resonator is such a beast. You want that thing for fast, high rounds. I tried to get the round 20 maze achievement but died on round 18 cause I was greedy & tried to grab a max ammo.

I was watching a stream & a guy was on round 75 solo on the 2nd day. I also watched 5and5 use the sound resonator to take out whole hoardes using an awesome looping strategy. I haven't checked the leaderboards but I'm sure people have cracked 100 with the resonator strategy.

Feed Leeroy candy next to perk machines then buy the perk for free. So many cool things in this map.

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