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  1. 20. Trying to do the 20 in the maze achievement and failed. :)
  2. I love the acid trap and Sniper tower. Saved me so many times in this map. Could we do without them? Yes we can, and several maps we've lived without them. But I don't mind them. If they get even more creative, by all means keep adding them.
  3. So stronger? Longer range? Is it different at all?
  4. DING DING DING WE HAVE A WINEERRR! That's what people usually say when they get whos who for their first free perk on die rise... haha
  5. I'd rather kill myself than have this right now...
  6. Anyone else read it as "which monster do you want to be" at first? Hmmm... I'd be.. the WEEZEL!
  7. I don't know what to make of this. I usually look for words, but the only word I see reading both straight and sideways is "FAG" strangely enough. But, @jerzy777 maybe after you build the plane you have to enter 4,27,16,7, in a key pad or something to activate it. And it flys you away from the island, only to go as far as the Golden Gate Bridge.
  8. What if the PaP respawned to different areas after so many uses, like the box? I liked the idea of the PaP being built in Tranzit. Maybe they'll go back to that with this being a huge map.
  9. 100% Agree. It get's my hopes up so much when I see a thread about a possible leakage. But then I get in there and I go meh. Yesterday a guy posted that believable COD Elite thing, and I fell for it! April Fools I liked that, but anything else I'm thinking to myself; I think these guys just want attention. I don't really mind it to be honest but I know now that it could be just another hoopla that's fake.
  10. Ya this is an annoying glitch.. You feel all hunky doory at the end of a round getting AN-94 ammo for your Pap'ed AN then BOOM. Taken away! Your lucky if your teammates even help you..
  11. Me and my friends stayed up all night trying to beat that damn WAW game. We finally did. But were disappointed because you could only do a 2 player splitscreen on zombies. All in all I heard about it since the start when you had to earn it!
  12. From far away it does look like something else. :o
  13. Knifing only or Pistols only is always fun Did you get all the achievements yet? Zombies of course.

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