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  1. And that's the problem with the current voting method. Say there are 20 people, 8 think the Ray Gun mkII is the best and 12 think it is the worst. So 8 people vote for it and the other 12 people vote for the Sliquifier, An-94, and Paralyzer in equal parts. They have for votes a piece, despite the fact that more people dislike it. I didn't think we needed to account for how many people disliked the gun even though it got the most votes. :oops:
  2. Well it looks like we have a tie for a couple of guns! We'll give it till 12 pm CST today, because not many people have voted yet. I may just move the deadlines to when there is a certain amount of votes in each poll. Like 20-30 or so. Keep on voting guys! 8-)
  3. Idunno a lot of people favor the RGM2 and the Paralyzer over everything nowadays. It happened when MOTD came out with the Blundergat, and the as for mentioned Sliquifier. It just keeps getting better and better. :)
  4. You're probably right. I mean the paralyzer is rechargeable and you can fly. But I think the fact that you can get the AN off the wall and it's just fucking powerful right off the bat, it's got to be up there.
  5. CoDz Community! I Present you with......... That's right.. First to Worst! I came up with this idea for you guys, the CODZ community, to rank according to you, the Best Weapon to the Worst Weapon in Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Zombies! How This Will Work We will list out all 54 Weapons that you can obtain in all the Black Ops 2 Zombies Maps thus far, but only 20 in each poll. This included Tranzit, Nuke Town, Die Rise, Mob Of The Dead, and Buried. The Community will vote 1 Weapon each day for the Top 10 Weapons, from then on it will be 2 weapons per
  6. And the number 1 ranked weapon according to you is................................... The Ray Gun Mark II!!!!!! Thanks for voting CODZ! The number 2 Ranked weapon according to you, the CODZ community, voting will end July, 23rd, 2013 at 12:00 am CST. Start Votin'! :D
  7. I still wanna continue to do this thing! I'll give the number 1 ranked weapon till July 22nd 12 am Central Time. Keep them votes coming! And Welcome back CODZ!
  8. We could do a Black Ops 1 and World at War ranking if this one does good. I just thought cause everyone is playing basicly BO2 Zombies atm. That's probably a good idea, and then do a ultimate ranking of the best weapons in Zombies history to see what the greatest weapon in Zombies history is? Ya I like that. Maybe we can take the top 5 from each game then have a vote for the greatest weapon in Zombies history.
  9. We could do a Black Ops 1 and World at War ranking if this one does good. I just thought cause everyone is playing basicly BO2 Zombies atm.
  10. Holy crapola that's amazing!! :shock: I'm gonna do this the millisecond I get the TB!
  11. Haha that sounds fun, ecspecially for a Zombies forum. I'm gonna see how this goes for a couple days, and maybe we could implement it if people lose interest. On another note, thanks for voting guys! Keep em coming!! The more the merrier. So far the Sliquifier is winning with a whopping 6 votes! WOOOO :lol:
  12. I once tricked someone to thinking on Die Rise, when they sing "we all fall down", you have to jump off the map, and you'll get revived with all 6 perks. They did it a couple times even after the song, because I said they didn't do it right. Funniest thing ever.
  13. Persistent Jugg is the only thing making it easier. I'm fine with the rest. Imo I think Jugg is too easy to get, and it's an advantage over other players. Honestly if they would just add some icons to show you have them, and not carry over from previous games, I think they wouldn't get as much criticism. I mean having the bank and the fridge/weapon locker is enough for a carry over, but starting out with Jugg on round one without earning it is just ridiculous. :?
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