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Countdown until Firebase Z launch!

Treyarch release the much anticipated DLC 1 - Firebase Z on 4th February 2021.

Come and join the discussion of this new map in the dedicated Firebase Z forum.

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  1. Don't matter if it was related or not, it was an epic find
  2. Just wanted to add. There is a PDW in the Box, as well as a B33R Extended Clip & MP40 Adjustable Stock. I know many people already know about the second two guns, but here's the new part. Not many people know that if you have those guns, you can go to the B33R and the MP40 on the wall, and regardless if the calk is already filled, or it's blank, just go up to it, and for the price of ammo, you'll refill your gun. It will NOT switch a MP40 Adjustable Stock to MP40 or B33R Extended Clip to a B33R. The point is that you can get those guns out of the box, and think aww
  3. I find it interesting that when in the Wardens office there are exactly two bodies hanging in the room. It represents "As Above, So Below" As Above - So Below is often associated with Baphomet, or the Goat of Mendes - which would fit in with the occult writing, and the whole ritual scene. However, the entire map may actually be based upon an "As Above So Below" ritual being carried out in reference to Hermes Trice Megethus "O son, how many bodies have we to pass through, how many bands of demons, through how many series of repetitions and cycles of the stars, before we ha
  4. It was Maxis's intention to destroy the Earth from Moon. If he succeeded we wouldn't even be playing right now. Plus his revenge is far more "evil" than Richtofens psychopathic behaviors. He was willing to destroy the entire Earth, killing everyone just so Richtofen would be stuck in the MTD with nothing to do but talk to himself, for the rest of eternity. He attempts to do to Richtofen what happens to the cast of MOTD only it's just a map with only Richtofen....by himself....forever. Even when they were both Nazi's it was clear that Richtofen wanted to just play around with his
  5. Xieon

    Living Stone Mine

    The town itself is more Victorian than American wild west So, a sign in game doesn't tell us where we are at? Everything in the map points to this town and mining facility originating from Australia. There isn't any mine called "Living Stone" in America by the way. The only thing in the map that is remotely Victorian I would say is the Mansion, and they had that type of architecture in America too. but everything in the map minus the Mansion Screams American to me, So what if there is no Living Stone in America? there is no Station on the Moon that was built by the Nazi's an
  6. During the final talks between Maxis and Richtofen, Maxis says he's going to open the gateway to Argartha to get his daughter, but Richtofen says "even if your wretched daughter is there, are you forgetting she has my body". How is this even possible? Richtofen's soul went into Samantha thus into the Aether. Sams soul went into his, and was on moon with the O4 characters. How could his body with her soul possibly end up back INSIDE the Earth?
  7. There is no good or evil, there just is. If I say that Maxis saving his daughter is good, but you say saving everyone else is good, who is right? Neither. It's perception.
  8. Can someone please explain WTF makes the lantern come out? Built the noose and guillotine, powered up the orbs, then blew them up, now? It won't spawn...
  9. Ok we build guillotine blow up orbs, but no lantern?
  10. Yup, go to the last minute of my video here: gf1JqDoV6n8 The ghost lady spawned infinite times and crashed the game. There was just a hotfix that went out kicked me offline, maybe they fixed it, not sure how though. The amount of zombies, and stuff they've got going on is pushing the xbox to the limit. And it's great that 3arch makes the game harder, but how about a search option for people with MICS ONLY or EASTER EGG because it's impossible to try to do this shit with randoms, and the ones who do have mics are IDIOTS
  11. Sorry I couldn't edit out the part so I had to upload the entire thing. Watch from about the last minute on, and you'll see how to fly with the paralyzer & how if used on the ghost infinite ones spawn and paralyze your xbox. Sorry forgot the video lolgf1JqDoV6n8 Seriously game breaking - so annoying. That was a flawless gameplay too, my only down.
  12. Was going strong on 18 until I used the Paralizer on the ghost lady and she spawned infinite times crashing my xbox. So pissed, uploading video now.
  13. What a great Easter Egg Treyarch! WOW. It's round 20, I have a raygun, paralaysizer, me and this other kid are doing awesome. He dies, I use paralyier to hope over barrier to get into house, and infinite of those ladies spawn, and my game freezes up. I'll post the clip in a minute, seriously WTF
  14. Thank you. So far I have found the hidden buildable table for Maxis, and 1 part of it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQdlF6BVrOc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbQ7e3JSnZ0
  15. O man, all the maps are linked, and I haven't ever finished the Die Rise or Transit EE Ugh
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