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  1. I sent messages to them both. So we will see
  2. So confused, so are we beatting down team prius today? Lol
  3. Depending on the time, I should be down. I work for acouple more hours and on dad duties solo tonight. But should be free around 8pm est. Just let me know if we get a more precise time. Also what challenge we attempting here?
  4. I liked exo zombies. It was their first attempt at zombies and I aways felt it was very under rated. IMO only one bad map as I didnt like carrier. Only thing I didnt like was the emp zombies as they just become a pain in high rounds. Extintion on the other hand I just didnt get and never got into.
  5. Yeah hopefully we can hold on. Was a good game tonight with 935. Cant wait to see the next teams run
  6. Hello all. Been around for while but been lurking in the shadows since I couldnt login for awhile(my own fault) Ive been playing zombies since waw. And been hooked since. Use to be into high rounding but my son sort of put a stop to that. I even played exo zombies and maybe like one of 3 people to enjoy tranzit. Will be around more since I have the power of auto save password. Muhahah Im also on twitter if anyone ever wants to reach me there. My handle is @k3ys3r__s0z3
  7. Yeah I lve been lurking for awhile. I had the login issues but forgot you guys helped me out with that. lol
  8. This shit used to happen to me and my friends all the time in the waw days. You could hear it scream but no where to be found. Always happened on good games too.
  9. Why the fuck would you glitch for a long game is beyond me. It takes about the same amount of time. You say 91, I see 0. Sorry should have just lied like everyone else.
  10. I hadnt played this map in months and just popped out a 43. Was actually going for a suicide round in the maze since for some reason I dont have the mazed and confused achievement. I was setting everything up had the resonator, turbine, trample steam and head chopper. I figued camp with all this set up with my back to the door and maybe I get it. Had one zombie was was jumping the door to get ready and hit my head chopper and hit the ground and died. lol
  11. I got like a 100 and got jug and thought that was awesome. Just recently learn of this challenge and others. I will have to attempt it soon.
  12. Ive been playing this game since Saturday and cant even begin to explain how good this good this game is. Games now days are like disposable hero, everyone loves them til the next new game comes, and then they are forgotten. This will not be the case with this game. Ive been playing GTA since the 1st one. This is everything I have ever wanted in a GTA game. I haven't even scratched the surface yet.Cant wait to get my official copy and to play online
  13. You can only get one per round and it has to be snowing.
  14. I got to 24 with 4 but almost quit this map completely after playing with a$$holes all day. The game I was in the guy raged about everything we did but if he did it to us no mention. Told us he could build the staffs in 20 minutes but funny thing was we got most of the parts and he didnt even know where the tunnels were to get the crystals.
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