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  1. Lol. They were running out of ideas since black ops 2 tranzit. Its got to be done, the last part with the dad has a plan thing has to just imply its before the zombies creation. At any point they are kids, so most of the storyline was not made by them, and just the box, jugs, heros, and the weapon outlines, which kids can create, not complex equations like solving the ultimate fire staff. The map's name is origins as well, which implies that this was way before Cod: WaW. As I said before, a lot of people are having trouble figuring out how this was all a game, and IMO, it wasn't. This was just two kids playing, and as time went on in the real world, it really happened. This was at their child like mental state however, as Samatha gained control, she was older, however he appearance never differed, but older. In this process she could have thought up many complicated things like everything that occurs in the zombies maps.
  2. I was kinda pissed off that now it seems like it was all a bullshit lie. I used to be in love with the storyline, however all the DLC's in black ops 2 have been pretty disapointing to me as a whole. I liked black ops 1, and all of the zombie maps / easter eggs. The one thing that gets me is the "My dad has a plan" I am not sure if this implies that in the future at this point (1918), maxis will indeed create the zombies, however I doubt it would be similar to whatever they had in mind. Pretty stupid ending to one of the last things I enjoyed for 2 games straight, zombies. Fuck
  3. I signed in today after the update, and it took like 25 minutes for it to load up. I get into the public match menu and I get a message box that said "Downloadable Content Damaged", I look into the store and I see that I have no maps downloaded, however can still play them on the playlist, I also see that my Buried DLC is gone from the planet selection, along with my season pass in the store. I am extremely worried, anyone got any ideas??
  4. They are in southern africa (from the pyramids, but the map description said wild west?)
  5. Asernx

    Errr What?

    Yeah I can gladly say I have only seen the thumbnail on youtube of the cutsceen, trying to keep everything a secret so I can find out on my own.
  6. Asernx

    Errr What?

    Im pissed because I watched a video for like 30 seconds and figured out some stuff, I want it to all be a mystery, thats why I love when new maps come out, the first week is always the best, So I am not going on COD Zombies till 3 am my time
  7. Asernx

    Errr What?

    Why are all the topics and shit out for the burried map, like the perks and the wonder weapon, how do people have the map?
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