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  1. Let the Awakening begin!

  2. A horrible year for France.

  3. @Rissole25 I saw that video the other day and couldn't stop laughing at how cheeky the fat boy was. Offers to help them with their project. Doesn't, spends 3 hours on THEIR Xbox, swears and abuses them when they ask him to leave! How fucking cheeky. And hilarious.
  4. So people found zombie audio files on the PC beta..... :P


  5. Evidence for TranZit being in the 60's: * The TranZit bus being heard at Round 4 on Nuketown Zombies. * If Nuketown is linked, the map we play on is the destroyed version of Nuketown from Black Ops 1, which was set in the 1960's. Evidence for TranZit being in 2025: * The Driver is way to advanced for 1960's technology. * The weapons we use are from the "future" era of the Black Ops 2 campaign, in both Nuketown and TranZit.
  6. I thought you were getting the digital deluxe edition? Lol Was but changed my mind. I'm not forking out £80 right away. 4 small payments of £10 every 3 months is enough. :P
  7. I preordered BO3 hardened edition today. Cannot wait for The Giant!
  8. Pre-ordered BO3 hardened edition today.


    Cannot wait for The Giant!



  9. I was bored so I'm learning how to import custom objects to GTA V. So I did a "rushed" Speed Cola import. Yes, it's clipping. But I rushed it. Next up: Learn LUA coding to make them fully functional. After I find some "safe" places that stops clipping issues. If that makes sense. E: E2: Also working a fully functional Wunderwaffe with sounds. Model: Yes Weapon "strings": Kinda (Does the electric thingy but barely damages target) Audio: Kinda E3: Nearly done. Just gotta reposition the Wunderwaffe slightly.
  10. I'm probably going to get the digital deluxe editon. It seems like a really good deal for £80. The base pre-order editon for BO3 is £55 ALONE for Xbox One and the Digital Deluxe edition comes with the game (£55) season pass (£40) and The Giant (probably going to be £5) as well as the soundtrack and some MP camos. (????) At least that's what it said on the X1 description. I want The Giant and that's it.
  11. This might be a really long stretch but based on this tweet from CharlieIntel: And the fact there's a new character called "Shadow Man", makes me think that maybe "Shadow Man" was with us long ago.... Back in "Five" and Kino Der Toten this portrait was never revealed. Many theorised it to be Dr Maxis. Others theorised it to be Richtofen's Mexican subject. But what if this was a sign Shadow Man was watching "all along", like he may be the Grim Reaper. It would make sense, considering he may be a supernatural force as he knows the "BO3 4"'s secrets and past. What do you think? Possible or just a really blown out theory? e: Bonus theory: Apparently, during the early 1900s, some people believed the Devil roamed the Earth in the form of a human with a black mustache and top hat.... Could "Shadow Man" be the Devil?
  12. Waaaay to serious for my liking. Also https://i.imgur.com/CO17SRt.jpg
  13. @Lenne IV sucked. 1. V 2. SA 3. Bully 4. Red Dead --------------- Also I proudly present the saddest picture on the internet: I don't know if this is hilarious or incredibly sad.
  14. @Rissole25 Pissing me off. As someone on the CS:GO subreddit said "Why should this effect us? This is for CS:GO. Not Reddit's politics or whatever" 2 GTA V subs went private. /r/GTAOnline remains. I like that one best. It's the most calm (and my name is on the sidebar for a money making guide. :D) I just don't get WHY this involves all of Reddit. If someone gets fired, it's for a reason. If I was fired, I sure as hell wouldn't want "Hey did you hear TheNathanNS was fired for (insert something here)." it's kinda embarassing. As I said on various subs, it'll blow over in a few days and NOTHING will happen. Just like the FatPeopleHate "protests" of 2 weeks ago. As a huge R* and GTA fanboy, I'll pretend I didn't see this.
  15. Haha, get rekt mug!! The subs I usually visit are: /r/GTAV /r/GrandTheftAutoV /r/GTAOnline /r/TF2 /r/WorldNews /r/Fivenightsatfreddys /r/BritishProblems Speaking of mugs, in GTA yesterday there was a crew of 4 bellends all in tanks. I managed to take them all down by myself. So, so, so satisfying to deal with pricks who like to ruin everyone else's fun. Really gives a good feeling on the inside.
  16. That feeling when your mod is ranked "300" in popularity on ModDB out of 22,000 and you only started yesterday. ._.


    Wow. :D

  17. ​I ran into the same guy twice yesterday. One on TF2 video and a Steam video.
  18. Got my Xbox One!!!!


    So far I have GTA V (Duh), Destiny and Halo. Bring on November!!!! ;) Next gen zombies. :D Can't wait.

    1. Covert Gunman

      Covert Gunman

      We best get playing then! :P

  19. Wow CODZ looks amazing!


    Great work to whoever worked on it!

  20. #backinblack

    1. ZombieOfTheDead



      Just sayin

    2. TheNathanNS


      I know they do and it pissed me off more than it should've.

    3. RedDeadRiot
  21. Can't believe I'm late on the hype train. Uusally I'm one of the first on board. lol

    1. MysteryMachineX


      Don't worry. The train spins its wheels in circles without actually getting anywhere for the first few months. : P

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