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  1. Don't have them anymore, this topic was all the way back in 2013/2014. Sorry Actually, disregard, I do have them on my OneDrive. I'll edit this post with the new link in a bit. Edit 2: 1st post has been updated with working link. At least partially.
  2. TFW you're on Xbox and PC. :| Ah well, I'll have custom zombies to give me my "new" zombies.
  3. Let the Awakening begin!

  4. In my honest opinion, I've noticed the campaign team managed to set a great atmosphere and managed to give a decent backstory to the characters. In Mob of the Dead, we knew a lot more about the MOTD4 in one map than we ever did about the TranZit 4 in 3 maps. Their backstories were simple (criminals, all apart of the same mob, etc) unlike the TranZit 4 who were confusing as hell. Broken Arrow ring a bell anyone? Hell, even Brutus has more known about him than "The Giant" in Buried.
  5. A horrible year for France.

  6. Somewhat related to the same topic, but has anyone found a jumpscare in The Giant yet?
  7. Maybe a hint to what'll happen at the end of BO3 zombies maybe? Wouldn't be the first time a game I've played has shown the ending at the beginning.....
  8. That is honestly weak. :\ I wonder why they did a zombie Richtofen though? The other 2 jumpscares in CODZombies were seemingly random things.
  9. My predictions for the years: Beginning of 2016: "We are proud to announce Nuk3town is free for everybody!!!!" Summer 2018: "Nuk3t0wn 2918 available for everyone who pre-orders Black Ops 4!!!" Beginning of 2019: "Nuk3t0wn 2918 available for everyone!!!"
  10. So people found zombie audio files on the PC beta..... :P


  11. It has been 3 years and this issue STILL exists! Incase you didn't get the joke: Join a random match, you're shoved on the losing side with everyone who barely knows how to work a controller.
  12. I was browsing the COD Zombies subreddit when I saw someone post this image with the title "There is a slight resemblence, what do you think?" http://i.imgur.com/H3TfH21.jpg Many people generally accept the "guy" in the jumpscare image is Russman, or no one/nothing of significance. But after seeing this, I can see a resemblence... What do you think? Credit does to Reddit user TheResort.
  13. Pre-ordered BO3 hardened edition today.


    Cannot wait for The Giant!



  14. Haha, seriously though, that's a huge problem with every website. |:
  15. They will either be sold on Ebay or there will be remakes sold on Ebay .
  16. Well, remember in Buried's cutscene it did show the N4 going through what looked like Pakistan.
  17. I have not seen anyone point this out. Remember in Black Ops 1 & 2 where some of the loading screens had "previews" of the next map's loading screen? For example, Call of the Dead's loading screen had a small bit of Ascension's loading screen on the top left corner and a bit of Shangri La's on the right and another example being Die Rise and Buried (to an extent). Anyway back to my point, on the Buried loading screen, there appears to be blueprints on the top right corner and what map do we know that has blueprints for a loading screen? Der Riese. AKA The Giant. (As Der Riese is German for The Giant for those who didn't know) Origins' loading screen was not a "continuation" of the "comic book" screens we know. (From say Kino -> Buried) Which, if I'm guessing correctly, then it could mean The Giant has been planned since 2013. So this was something I realised. Apologies if someone has pointed it out before. So what do you think?
  18. I'm downloading that incase 3Arc remove it.
  19. Why does every "mysterious" game I like involve time travel? Anyway, I hope it'll be a "huge" Der Riese, not just a remake. If you know what I mean. If it is a remake, it's kind of a let down, as nearly every zombies fan knows Der Riese.
  20. Honestly, while I loved MOTD, the entire story is still a clusterfuck and we need info on the original storyline. If they abandon the original story for MOTD, I'll be slightly pissed as the original story is, well the original. Since 2008. I don't want everything we know to be swept under the rug for a completely different and unreleated storyline. Unless MOTD is linked more than we know..... Damnnit July's gonna be a hyped up month! EP4 of Life is Strange and Zombies!!
  21. I like this: "Next gen multiplayer beta is only for X1,PS4 and PC" No shit.
  22. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO This is only showing that Activision are really milking COD. Let old gen die and stop holding next gen/PC back.
  23. That feeling when your mod is ranked "300" in popularity on ModDB out of 22,000 and you only started yesterday. ._.


    Wow. :D

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