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  1. This map is a complete broken mess. I honestly have no clue why anyone can find this map fun. I played it for the first time in over a year the other day. Guess what, glitched out and wasted a 2 hours of my life. Sorry for the rant, and sorry your game was bad
  2. Yeah still my favorite map "Too separated to get downed players that are too far away. Even with staminup and quick revive, it can be a super hassle just to get a player at the bus depot from town or dinner, this prompts players to stay together." Yeah I just accept the fact if I go down no one is getting me. Plus is fun to mad scramble to set yourself back up after a round 32 down. "Teleporters don't even make sense, why does a fancy lamp and a denizen depict if one can teleport to another lamp? Makes no sense!" Come on, lets be honest how does any teleporter make sense. lol
  3. No mic for me has always meant no game. Sorry but if you want me to invest 3-6 hours of my time I need to know your there, listening, and lets be honest it makes it way easier talking to someone while playing. "I feel that I can be just as reliable without Mic" I hate when people say things like this. Guess how many random lobbies Ive been in where the other people were like "Im just ok at this game, I will go down from time to time, and really dont 100% get this game" Yeah none, but sadly thats how it seems most of the time. Not knocking ya, just honest feedback.
  4. I still play often, but sadly since my waw/Bo1 days my game time has been cut down.(damn you kid!!!!) BO2 pretty much almost lost me completely. I like tranzit but thats about it really. Sadly I find solo way too easy and boring but I have found random lobbys can be fun. It test my skills since lets be honest everyone in a random lobby is awesome, or so they say. And of course a game with friends is always fun.
  5. My favorite map of all time for one simple reason. I never had a boring game on this map. This is where it started with me. Honestly I when I first played zombies I didn't get what the uproar was about and didn't give it a chance. When this map came out my friend came over and told me all the changes and told me to give the mode a second chance. I played der reise and really only it til BO1 came out. No map has had my excitement like this one did. Zombies now is a chore. You have to do this, that, this, that. Etc. Its not about just killing zombies now. Example origins a map I have no clue why people love. The best way to play it requires over an hour of set up. Der reise was just kill zombies, link teleports, pap, and the fun endless debate catwalk vs alley. Honestly as a fan the game has about lost me. If BO3 doesnt go back to simple form of the game, sadly it will be the last for me. Kudos for thinking outside the box because I get it, Der reise is everyone fav.
  6. I blame obama. But seriously its annoying. Worse part is no one in a pre game lobby EVER quits. But until recently I finally been getting good games. My advice friend the people that stay and stay away from randoms. This site has a teammate finder if that helps too. Best of luck man
  7. Yeah Im glad it worked out. We were concerned at first this might end up bad for him. He was a shotgun rank so first concern was lets not let him take stupid amounts of downs. We then realized how the game was set up he would be floating in lobbys after the game ended since his xbox would be on. Im just glad it worked out for everyone and gave me a nice story to telll. We made it to 48 and could have been higher but with only 3 playing it took a drain on all resourses so had to spin for a max ammo after every round. We killed ourselves, thank god bc my wife almost killed me. It was suspose to be a 4 hr game. Lol
  8. A long game of buried is not abnormal but this game has a pretty good twist. Recently Ive been playing with a guy that streams on twitch. Getting the game started was annoying at first bc mostly kids wanted to play and we all have had too many bad games ruined bc of kids younger than 18.(no disrespect to actual cool kids, sorry theres alot of bad apples) This didnt make them happy but whatever. Got a good mic random and we were off. Random stated in 4 hrs he had to get off to go to work. We got to round 34 and he had to leave, but was cool and put his guy in the corner where we were camping, and left his xbox on so the game counted. Well on round 43 a voice comes back on. The guy got off work early, came home, ate and went to check what round we ended up getting too. To his surpise we were still playing, and he hadnt gotten downed once. Game from start to finish was about 9 hours. Ended up ranked 1700 for 4 player in the leaderboards. Sorry had to share one of my fav online zombie moments
  9. This shit used to happen to me and my friends all the time in the waw days. You could hear it scream but no where to be found. Always happened on good games too.
  10. Great topic First of course ego is a big one. Theres always that "I got this" and then you make a dumb move and go down. I have map specific spots for me on my most played maps. Der reise-Always the stupid teleporters or running up the stairs by jug. Epic games for me always ended like that. Kino- Stupid couches, chairs, etc sticking out. Pretty sure theres more than one. Run by, around over and over but randomly hit them at a moment and game over. Call of the dead- I hate to admit it but by the lighthouse the path that runs to the back of quick revive. I always would get caught in the momnet and run back there. DOH Tranzit- Power station for me has numerous spots that kill me. First doesnt happen much but the pit. Second is when the bus is there and I try to run left. Always seem to find them running right at me in the lava. And last when leaving running right towards town. No clue why but sometimes I will vere left and run into the lovely corner. Town-slow walkers..almost everytime buried- I start thinking Im god with the paralyzer. Origins- mud......and it hard
  11. I just dont get the logic of bashing people that complain about ranking up. First off, play a random lobby and talk to people. High precentage of the people never see a 30, so why is a high round score so important to rank up.Most people Im playing with were going down like crazy, but rank wise since they either use a buried or origins strat to get to high rounds, or they glitched are shotguns. All the current ranking system has did is encourage people to cheat, which is a major problem in random lobbies with someone always setting in a glitch. My major complant on ranking is simple. I had a game of 38 with 3000k kills and over 2000 k headshot and one down on tranzit. Did I rank up, nope. After 2 long games of buried did I, yeah but its not like I high fived anyone after it. It felt cheap and like I was working a job, not playing a game. Just sayin I never want to see people complaining about their rank again. If you are stupid it is your own fault. Ever since Buried was released there has been no excuse other than personal choice for not ranking up. And Im the one thats called out? Sorry saying something that blunt deserves whatever comes their way. Im sure his feeling wont be hurt nor were they.
  12. Its a quote from Billy Madison. Was a sarcarstic joke really.
  13. I dont get you angle here. Seems like your either trolling or you the one person that thinks the rank system is logical. So this is what I have to say. Mr. Madison, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.
  14. Honestly I was one of these people. It only took 3 games to take it up a rank. So yeah I wasted like 12 hours time to rank up, and really had to do it a cheap way. My complaint about rank has been this. Everytime Im in a lobby with a shotgun rank I have to listen to them explain to another person how they got it. Its always pretty much it was awarded to them because they are good. I then press select and see I have more headshot than they have kills and they have went down 5 times to my none and its round 20. Plus if your saying its dumb to complain about rank when all you have to do is play a very boring and very long strat achieve a rank up, thats more dumb than complaining about the rank system iMO.
  15. It finally went up last night to skull and knife. Just to think it only took 3 games of a 43, a 38 and finally 61 on buried. And my goal is 75 today but god the 61 took forever.
  16. You can get to 100 on Buried in roughly 5-6 hours doing the 'Resonator & Turbine' strategy at Jugg. Maybe longer, but not by much. It only took me 3+ hours to get to 74 doing it. I am excluding setup from that time though... just from when I start it at Jugg after getting my perks, box smashing and PaPing. Was more talking about a WR run. That video about the guys said his 162 took 40 hours playing time. Yeah I got to 43 in 2 hours and 38 in a hour and a half. Again thats not counting set up but I have set up down to like 10-15 mins and both games got lucky and got the guns I needed in less that 10 pulls.
  17. Yeah I got bored and was checking to see if I had any missed achievements. Saw that and figured I would make a suicide round. I wanted to quit so figured what the heck. Then die before I even started. Lol I got it the next day on my next practice run.
  18. Headchopper: on the bannister just past the wall buy gun spot, so you can walk past unhurt. Dying to your own hc is embarrassing. Edit: i actually fight 10 feet in front of the steps, as soon as you get on the steps, zombs start to come across the upstairs area, otherwise they almost always drop down by the buildable, only crossing the top when they get crowded like 50+. That's when you'll occasionally hear some chop-chop coming from above. Yeah thats what happened in my 43 game. For what ever reason I never got the mazed and confused achievement. My friends told me they camped with their backs to a door with the trample, and resnator and paralizer and it was easy. Stupid me sets it all up and was flying over the door to start the round and hit the chopper and hit the ground and died. Lol
  19. Yeah thats a way better thought out verison if what I did. Genius to use the head chopper to avoid cut offs. I cant wait to atempt my not very meaningful atempt at high rounds on this map. My controller must have a death wish because Im going to tackle mastering origins and doing the solo EE next. There will be broken plastic
  20. What was your strat? Yea Im in the same boat as you. I wish the score I needed to beat is 50, but its 73. I have no reason to try for that record. lol I'd be on like 100 and my kid wouold shut my shit off to watch cartoons. If I wasted 20+ hours playing a game only to have it shut off, I might beat someone, or kick the dog. lol
  21. Honestly best team strat Ive ever used is camp by double tap and never open the door by it. Ak74u is right there for ammo and no nova gas zombies. Ive gotten to 35 on this with only a ok team(me and one good guy, other 2 were ok).
  22. Ive been doing the camp on the bank strat. So far thats worked easy bc my test runs were 43 (could have went further, dont want to talk about it) and a 38 last night just messing around. The 38 took me 2 hours and the 43 was about 3. Now the 43 I actuallly started in the jug alley with a resonator but for some reason it didn't work for me like the vids showed. Now before I do a high round I need to know. Would camping the bank roof be considered a glitch? I dont think it is since its not really a barrier, just a good spot. Thanks for your guys help. I will update this if I make my goal.
  23. Ok so my goal on wednesday is to beat the guy on top of my leaderboard for solo. His is 73, honestly Im aiming for 75. Now I know theres no way in hell this is going to be a 30 min game, but any advice to make it quicker?
  24. Im confused now. What you put goes against what everyone else is saying or Im just dumb and cant read.
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