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  1. I think I'm going to wait to see how the map looks, more exciting that way :D
  2. It's pretty easy to get the other player to understand your "body language" with your player. I did the MOTD EE with a randomer and we both had no mics (I have one now...). Did it flawlessly without mic communication :lol:
  3. They already fixed the spelling error when they reuploaded it for the second time to YouTube - with the creepy voice effect.
  4. Hmm, I don't believe it's a placeholder. You do not just suddenly want to change a voiceover that they would have planned months beforehand to pick the perfect person, voice and voice effect in this case. As someone else said in this thread, it shouldn't be overlooked until the map is out.
  5. Sounds about right in my opinion. I don't see how "her" voice could be so creepy and be explained in a way that makes sense?
  6. I am so excited for the forth DLC!
  7. Omg, that is epic. Such a great idea!!
  8. I came across some Spanish guy which to me looks like a few leads he has, take a look yourself: Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dSRYeRe-Pc Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caThv2c9AnQ Only downside is that he's speaking Spanish so if anyone can translate that would be useful. :| One thing he keeps pointing out is his shoe: Something I noticed, some similarity?: This might be the wrong place to put this thread, if it is move it. I felt it does relate to Buried though.
  9. In my opinion it was MOTD if you get well into the storyline of the map and characters it makes it much more creepy.
  10. It's not worth it just to hear a speech from Maxis or Ric. I'm waiting for the last map and seeing if I need all of the 3 EEs complete, if not I'll probably use it.
  11. This is one achievement I dread doing because of the time required to get the points then you can just lose them if the witch hits you even once. :evil: I'll try this guide out thanks :)
  12. I can't help but still root for Maxis even after what has been revealed. For some reason, I have a bad feeling about Richtofen in the back of my mind.
  13. Letting zombies hit you shortens your afterlife. I thought everyone knew this..
  14. Nice work! It all links together so well..
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