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  1. I guess my main question is, will they be releasing zombie maps on the expansions. If this is like the exo-zombies, then I won't be getting it either.. Now if I'm promised new maps every few months.. I'm IN
  2. The trailer is out for the new Infinity Ward zombies mode.. Thoughts?
  3. 21, three other random players, normal difficulty. Built 3 of the staffs. 2nd game played.
  4. 22 with two randoms and a member on here, a game error tossed us out..
  5. A little experimenting today.. Went to bridge after start of 14.. Stayed all of 14, using Retriever only.. Stay MOST of 15, Retriever only.. Went back to Alcatraz, pit wouldn't not keep my Ax.. Went back to bridge end of 16, stayed ALL of 17, left very beginning of 18, only used Ax.. Got back and got my Redeemer.. My theory, stay one COMPLETE round, using only the Retriever, and you can get the Redeemer.. And multiple players can do it at the same time it has been confirmed, but whether or not it takes a certain amount of kills, I am unsure.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mUNBQFZCCqY
  7. I think the claymore room is probably one of the better kiting spots, you can trip the acid trap to keep alot out every few rounds. I also agree holding down the gondola is a good spot too, I even like it top side, pretty good choke point. If you get in a bind, pay 750 and scram.
  8. Man, it just got me too.. I hate that glitch. They should fix it, stop worrying about putting invisible barriers and fix this crap.
  9. Well, it's part fire extinguisher... :)
  10. ^ He is correct.. Witnessed it today..Not fixed
  11. Speaking of patched glitches, the one on the roof top where you lay down is now patch also.
  12. Ourobos

    2 part pap?

    ^ I had this power room texture glitch also, before I turned the power on one game. It was cool, could see HIM just balled up down in the reactor. I was going to pull it up and upload it, but the stupid reel was corrupt.
  13. I tend to see most player grab a PDW or AN-94..
  14. I'll guarantee I can survive longer than any of these people who use that exploit / glitch in a 'normal' setting. Look me up if you think using that to get to 100+ makes you better. ourobos420
  15. I'd call it a glitch too, and wish they'd fix it.

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