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  1. This works, much more useful because it is hard to change drops mid round. This way you can wait until the end of the round with a crawler.
  2. I'd buy that game... Very good work mate... fun to read!
  3. Well thank you for taking a break from your year hiatus to tell me how wrong I am. Less than 24 hours left to see if I was right or wrong... Didn't mean to be rude. It just bothers me that you said proof, when it's merely speculation. It was kind of misleading. On the contrary, it was a very good catch that most people, including myself, did not catch. Either it's the developers messing around, or there is a new way to revive yourself. Or possibly you can get 'downed' without needing to get revived. We'll see soon. Tonight, we dine in hell!
  4. There is a difference between proof and evidence, this is hardly either.
  5. actually since the moon doesn't have an atmosphere, the suns light would not be diffused on the moon. Therefore you would be able to see the stars, even when the sun is present.
  6. I agree, the trailer did look terrible, and I was quite disappointed after watching it. ...But then I saw the actual game play, after that, I had to change my pants . IT LOOKS AWESOME!!!
  7. I got to 39... with over 4200 kills, but the leaderboards didn't count my kills, just my rounds Oh well... if anyone wants to play I am down I would say 'Five' is most defiantly the hardest map in the game.
  8. When that happens I just back out to the main menu (the one where the screen asks you to press start) then go back to finding a match. It usually finds them pretty quickly after doing so...
  9. ...and how do you know this...? But I believe he isn't referring to steps, nodes rather.
  10. I was playing and I activated node 1 and my character, the white guy, said 'only 3 more to go' or something of that meaning. Why would the game say that if there were more than 4 steps? Didn't see this posted, sorry if it was, lol
  11. All other guns totally and uterly useless Sniper rifles, really!? Crossbow & Ballistic Knife really!? Spectre blows goats..AUG is ok until later rounds but blows chunks.. This is MY opinion No! Your opinion is wrong! Crossbow and ballistic are my favorite... Crossbow being the best gun in the game!
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