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  1. I've heard Richtofen makes the shield LIGHTER.. You can run further long with it. Have yet to test it. I do find it odd that you hear Richtofen talking about the shield quite a bit more than the other characters.
  2. Saw this a few weeks ago, haven't seen it posted. Wondering if others have seen it, or know if it's legit or a glitch. Once you get the Elemental Fists, go up inside any of the three large robots. Cook a grenade and down yourself. When you respawn the next round, you will have an elemental knife. You swings as fast as a melee knife, much faster than the fists. It's RUMORED to last well up past round 100. The one time I did it, I did it with the fire punch, and mine became a two hit kill at the same time as the standard elemental punch. I've heard from reputable players that it does go much higher as a single hit kill. Has anyone else seen it or can you verify? If nothing else, the speed of the swing makes it worth getting.
  3. I think alot of the zombie mistique was from not knowing about a zombie mode at first.. Remember playing WaW.. Finishing the solo campaign.. then Boom, here you are in an abandoned building on an air field with these crazy looking zombie creatures breaking in to get you?? Holy crap.. Nice surprise.. Extinction doesn't sound like much of a surprise to me.
  4. Hmm.. Hard to think that is all coincidence..
  5. It's similar to the Acid Gat / Sweeper / Vitriolic in MotD.. I had the Vitriolic.. Got the free blundergat.. Put the acid on it.. Had acid gat and Vitriolic.. Upgraded the standard acid gat, when I picked up it, it just refilled the ammo in the Vitriolic I had.. And now I only had one gun.. Same here..
  6. Whew.. That'll wear the jumpy thumb slick out.
  7. ^ This.. You must be on the metal platform 6 times total.. Even recapturing one can count.
  8. Ourobos


    I've seen alot of unlit giant robot feet lately.. As in NONE lit.
  9. Which is pretty much necessary to get the Master Wizard achievement..
  10. I have had this theory since the first map on BO2.. But mine was PhD Flopper..
  11. Don't step off the pad too quick, it will end and you've wasted 200 points. Give it a bit.
  12. I'm under the impression you can only have one or the other, on any map.
  13. I have problem with the game and connection.. That being said, it took me 26 hours to download it..
  14. Back on Ascension, I would stack claymore by the MP5, over near the barrels / window. Once I had M&S and went to grab a claymore.. BOOM MP5.. Argh
  15. Ourobos


    No way to know unless you turn them all on (to open the lower level), then let them be taken. Good question.
  16. Glitches.. No telling how many games in the past week, I've looked at a Giants feet to see it isn't lit up, and quickly run to the other side, just to get smashed because it wasn't lit EITHER.. WTF Treyarch
  17. Tablets are there in the Tank station from the get go for sure. As for the rest, I don't know, they do get upgraded once you complete the cleansing / killing by them, and worth getting too.
  18. Well I should have overachiever then. Thanks for the info on the revives, I'll get on that next.
  19. I've gotten all the Achievements but these (and Lost Little Girl, which I almost had).. What is Overachiever - what are the four challenges? Four ways to revive, I can think of the standard way, standard way in Zombie Blood mode, and with the Ultimate Staves.. Only other I can think of is Krauss Refibulator, but have not seen it in this game.. What am I missing?
  20. I think it's crucial for anything above 20 or so.. Seems to work fine for me.
  21. Samantha isn't announcing BEFORE the easter egg.. She's just talking to you like Maxis did in the N4 maps... There is an unknown announcer from the get go.
  22. I haven't done it yet, so answer this.. Does Samantha keep talking to you AFTER getting the achievement, if you do NOT release the drone? IF so then that's possible IMHO.
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