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    Highest Round on Buried!

    Just kicked out a round 25. Used a strategy of posting up in the corner by juggarnaut and using trample steams, resonators, and head choppers to protect us. Woulda got further but we also got the easter egg to the point of the guillotine with the orb and Ritchtofen asking to flip a switch and give him the time bomb. Everyone was ready to quit but i pushed them to 25 then they left. I was still at 0 downs :roll: Best Proof I've got for the time being. http://i.imgur.com/NPU2065.jpg?1
  2. TexAvery08

    Best place to hold out? Worst place to get caught?

    Best hold up spot by FAR is to leave the gate next to Jugg closed and post up your team on the opposite side to the perk machine. If you get over run, have claymores set up and a sheild before the gate. Have people with shields protect someone to buy the door and run to the gondola. take that up and start some running some circles. I find the best for a 4 person set up is to be a person in the Cafeteria with the upgraded Acid Gat, one running a weird circle outside of the cafe, one running circles in the laundry room, and one doing large circles around the cell blocks. Hope this helps! Happy zombie slaying!
  3. TexAvery08

    Die Rise Easter Egg - Progress Thread (Unsolved)

    Obiviously you're hinting at the Buddah statue in the upside down half of the tower. As to where the go who knows, maybe you have to power them up such as we did with the tower in Tranzit.
  4. TexAvery08

    Permanent Earnable Perks Proof and how to unlock them

    All this has got me thinking- "It has become apparent to me that not all humans are created equal when it comes to surviving the current state of this world."- Maxis Diary Entry #8918 Is it possible that certain characters on Trait have different special abilities? I remember hearing Marlton always spouting off about how his inventions are better than everyone else's and Russman always claiming he was the best at something as well.
  5. TexAvery08

    The Face Behind The Avatar

    Me and my puppy, couple months ago, most recent sober picture I have, I hate pictures. Also heres me wakeboarding before I broke my back
  6. TexAvery08

    The Four Guardians ***GROUP REQUEST THREAD***

    Highest recorded is 34, made it up to 40's split screen but no proof Nikolai please
  7. TexAvery08

    Letting go.

    If the dont include them then i say let bygones be bygones. 10 maps is lot, I'd like to see the team working on other things. New maps, more guns, better or more perks, a better hit detection system. I personally am 21, been playing since I beat the campaign on WaW and downloaded veruckt and every other DLC even though I dont play multiplayer. I like how the old maps in the Black Ops edition but it wasnt something that I thought was necessary. Simple as changing a disc. I think, if they do include old maps, add them later in a DLC or give them free to those who already have them. No thought on Elite since i refuse to learn anything about it until its confirmed zombies will be effected by not having it.
  8. TexAvery08

    zombie campaign

    Not so sure about a zombie campaign, maybe a game mode were you get to play each map after, say, 10 levels. bring your points and guns to the next level. Going back to the beginning experiments would be pretty sweet though, i like that idea. maybe expand your idea into a map layout, new characters or possibly the old characters.

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