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  1. Still happens in every game I play, solo or co-op. been about 15 games and its still happening. First time i noticed it happened was when another player dolphin dove on top of me.
  2. I was testing this out earlier, came to the conclusion it may have something to do with amount of kills with no reloads the whole duration of 2x points. Then the next 2x points i got I lost it no matter what.
  3. It's possible but not likely. The game it happened in the most we played without opening the candy shop but I might have grabbed it on my way out. havent play any matches today other than the Awaken the Gazebo achievement. I'll give it a go in a bit and post my results. Do you know if this is something that happens with the candy?
  4. Like the title says, yesterday when I was playing after inserting the final NavCard into Tranzit something weird happened. I went and picked up the Buried card again, then the Die Rise card. At that point I had 2 cards. Then I went and picked up the Tranzit card and that was switched out for the Die Rise card. I still had 2 cards, one Tranzit and one Buried. After that point, in public matches on Buried, when I went down and got revived again I still had all my perks besides one. I put this in the general thread as well but it's not getting much attention there. http://callo
  5. No, whichever egg you have done most recently on the map you are trying to do is the one "stored" in your profile.
  6. As far as I am understanding this the quotes from the characters are only coming from after you press the button on the box behind the judge's spot in the courthouse. Once a full team has all 3 lights light up the same color, and all 3 lightbulbs on top are light up, then the box is openable and a button is inside. See ROFLWaffles video of the Richtofen's side easter egg. much more complete though I suggest more time added to the end, it cuts right after one of Richtofen's words. Thing that is bothering me is that I haven't seen a full video of the Maxis side.
  7. Starting a thread based on the N4's bodies' location in buried for the Richtofen's side in the Buried easter egg. I personally only know of 3 locations which have bodies randomly spawn at. If you post in here I will add to the OP and give you credit at the end of each location. Pictures and Video's would definitely help out. All directions are based on coming from the guillotine. Locations - In the church right by the build table - Right after the barrier that can be broken by Huckleberry between the candy shop and the general store. - Outside the first entrance to the
  8. Yeah I'm with you though, I cannot find a video of the full Maxis speech. Please Someone find it! I have done the 2 previous Ritchtofen easter eggs so theres no way I'm getting to hear that side myself until after I finish the next maps Ritchtofen's side. Also can anyone post all locations of where your team found the bodies? I think im going to start a separate thread for this also.
  9. So if it's getting late and teammates are threatening with going to sleep, can this be used as a prolonged pause? I'm talking a couple hours? If no one knows, I', willing to try it out on a solo game tonight. or if anyone has a set time tonight they wont be using their xbox anymore we could try a public match or custom match.
  10. We'll ever since I put the Resolution 1295 (Buried) NavCard into the Green Run (Tranzit) NavCard table, I've been only losing one perk at a time when going down and getting revived. I have no idea why, if its a glitch or what. Some background info on my account. I have completed the Ritchofen easter egg on both Great Leap Forward (Die Rise) and Green Run (Tranzit). I have inserted all NavCards, one at a time, in their respective NavCard Tables. I say one at a time because my player now has 2 NavCards at any given point. No idea why but after i inserted the Die Rise NavCard into Bu
  11. I have yet to see the video of someone actually pressing in the big button for Maxis side easter egg. Has this been done yet?
  12. Coming here to confirm so far that They light up with no sound when easter egg is completed. Then once a NavCard is inserted, a sonar type sound and lightning bolts are added to this glow. Also confirming the 2 NavCard thing. I think its supposed to happen because i have traded my Great Leap Forward (Die Rise) for my Green Run (Tranzit) NavCard. No idea how to get rid of the Resolution 1245 (Buried) NavCard because I have already inserted it into the reader on Tranzit.
  13. Just kicked out a round 25. Used a strategy of posting up in the corner by juggarnaut and using trample steams, resonators, and head choppers to protect us. Woulda got further but we also got the easter egg to the point of the guillotine with the orb and Ritchtofen asking to flip a switch and give him the time bomb. Everyone was ready to quit but i pushed them to 25 then they left. I was still at 0 downs :roll: Best Proof I've got for the time being. http://i.imgur.com/NPU2065.jpg?1
  14. Just made 2 run through attempts of the easter egg. got the orb to make it to the guillotine both times. after that my friend who was playing as Stu said Rictofen said something about a lever and to give him the time bomb. The switch is in the house, immediately after turning right after the bookshelf passage on a couch. It has something like 9 lights on it. I assume these lights will turn on one by one or something. Maybe the bells? then to give him the time bomb I'm assuming you throw it in the fountain portal. Just played something like 10 hours striaght so I'm resting up
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