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"Wait an appropriate amount of time"

To me, this says DLC. There is simply 0 evidence to support any continuation to the side quest at this current time.

Definitely Strwrsbob, hit the nail on the head. Also since there is still huge speculation as to what NAV card actually means (Net Asset Value, or Navigation), this may be hinting towards Net Asset Value card reader.

"It may be points, or whatever you call them," suggests that we may need to have MAX "money" in the bank, then utilize the NAV card reader once DLC drops, possibly taking us to another portion of Die Rise. Who knows?

As a side note to this, just analyze this Reader Table for a moment; it has a "radio," for confirming balance; it has a pin-pad, for putting in a pin (Maybe the number sets under The Bank??); a card swipe, for actually reading the card; and lastly, the meteorite, or fragment of Element 115, whichever you prefer, to "power," the device.

I work on COM/NAV equipment for the U.S. Gov't, and I have NO idea how these three things, leaving the E115 out, would relate to anything navigational wise..

Just thoughts to throw out there, let's hear some more speculation!

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If you're going to made a thread about twitter, at least be kind enough to re-post the twittered message and whatnot. Not everyone uses it... or wants to... like ever...


@ZielinskiJimmy hey jimmy can you please give us a riddle to solve for the rest of the tranzit easter egg..i bet i can solve any riddle ;)

jimmy zielinski

@PR0G4M3R5HUB it may be points, or what ever you call them. Wait appropriate amount of time, then continue to work.

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I really wanted an alternate ending, I love playing TranZit but the games are getting repetitive and boring.

What really pisses me of is that when the DLC is released on PS3 most people will have completed and created guides for the new map. As much as I'm curious I promised myself that I'll stay way from everything related to the DLC (YouTube, forums, reddit) until its released to all platforms.

Wasn't the exclusivity contract between Treyach-Microsoft expiring ?

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