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    Tranzit could refer to old Sci-Fi novel

    I agree with this theory. I do think it is the Avogadro contacting us (could be wrong). But the fact that he dosen't change form unless you step away from him is very interesting. Maybe we need to galvaknuckle the money loan in bank, and when the power up pops up that transfers 900 points get him to go over it?
  2. optimus555

    Green run is traversing different levels of space and time

    your theory is wrong but you may be on to something with the theory of time displacement. let me blow a huge hole in your theory - the zombies do in fact run between areas in the fog. next time ur on the bus look out the back window lol. anyway, clocks in bus station show different times so there may be time displacement on the map...
  3. optimus555

    What we can Learn from Moon, Hacker on Tranzit

    Lets just hope we get a hint on Christmas lol.....MAYBE....somebody should go to the Activision forums and start a Petition for a Christmas Hint. I'm blocked from posting there due to raging on tards so... not it :P
  4. optimus555

    What we can Learn from Moon, Hacker on Tranzit

    Good theory. Some how you may be able to activate the mystery box in a way that gets your the hacker. And people whether you admit it or not you still believe in more to the Easter Egg. Thats the reason you visit these forums even if you write "no more until dlc" that dosen't change the fact.
  5. optimus555

    What we can Learn from Moon, Hacker on Tranzit

    It's just easier to give up. But finding things on the map like the church sign, with the "COS" device on it. EMP stickers on the generators. Still don't even know what that word in Arabic means on the lamppost in bus station. What about the beams from laundromat door? The computers in the power station? The red valves connected to the Avagadro prison (miniature nuclear reactor) Those two towers outside the map everyone refers to as "spaceship" or water towers are actually used for Uranium processing...the list goes on The answer is there is more, but the next step is not logical. It's going to be hinted or discovered by accident if nobody keeps trying
  6. optimus555

    What we can Learn from Moon, Hacker on Tranzit

    A loading screen ? You dont say? Haha, there happens to be a Moon loading screen in the black ops 2 files
  7. optimus555

    What we can Learn from Moon, Hacker on Tranzit

    Yeah lately ive been looking on the rooftops of all the buildings, and off the map for things to nade. The generators on diner have a sticker with a "no emp" symbol so maybe we have to emp all the generators at same time...i dont know. But there is more to tranzit... those who gave up find it easier just to "wait until dlc" (cognitive dissonance)
  8. optimus555

    What we can Learn from Moon, Hacker on Tranzit

    Well im not ruling out a hacking device on tranzit. I have a feeling there's a way to get one. But, another possibility would be to teleport from Tranzit to Moon and bring items back from Moon... There is a "moon" sign after all... And in theater mode when I use the free roam cam in town and go up high along the fence at Bowling ally, there are small patches of light coming from underneath the road (beyond the fence down the street that you can't go down) that suggest there may be a bunker underneath there...possibly a teleporter?
  9. optimus555

    What we can Learn from Moon, Hacker on Tranzit

    I dont believe so. The reason being, look at the way you had to nade those two plates on moon and then use QED on them just to spawn the Golden Rod. It could be a similar process perhaps
  10. I'm referring to a certain few lines in the Black ops 2 code: Zero Point Wind Turbine Hold ^3[{+activate}]^7 to take Turbine Hold ^3[{+activate}]^7 to pick up Turbine Press ^3[{+actionslot 1}]^7 to use Turbine Hacker Hold ^3[{+activate}]^7 to trade equipment for Hacker Press ^3[{+actionslot 1}]^7 to use Hacker Hold ^3[{+activate}]^7 to Hack Hold ^3[{+activate}]^7 to Hack [Cost] Hacking Now, If we learned anything from moon it's that we have to hack those small computer terminals with the lit up buttons on them. Here's a video with the Unit shown @ 1:14 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NywzmQWhp5M Hmmm those look a little similar to the Tranzit keypads down in the pack a punch room next to the windows, don't they? I mean HOW obvious do they need to make it Lol. I'll bet you need a person with the Hacker down in Pap Room, and 3 others in the Power Plant at the computer terminals to work together in same way to activate these keypads.. Which brings me to my next point... I think there is a Hacker hidden somewhere in the Tranzit map. You can either galvaknuckle a safety deposit box or after certain process you have access to it, but take a look at the Code! It's in the code so it's out there somewhere. Just a little note as well - You know how the mores code talks about staying close to the light, and how once you complete the EE you get those drops from the tower? I think you may have to stay underneath the tower after you do the EE. Why else would those drops come down in the field of all places? Maybe you have to make it a certain number of rounds or kill a certain number of zombies. Anyway, hacker on tranzit. Used in same way as hacker on moon. The Computer keypads look almost identical. Obvious give away
  11. optimus555

    Steady Aim Upgrade

    wrong. crosshairs get smaller when you get double headshot.
  12. optimus555

    Next Step Has Most Likely Been Found!!!!!! Update

    Guys, i think we got it all wrong I do. this whole clock thing, just is not feasible. The only way you can make beams shoot from the streetlights with a turbine is during the Step 3 of maxis easter egg. After wards you cant. In games after that even when tower is lit up, turbines do not produce beams. I tested this on both sides of the easter egg today. I think we should leave this tranzit is a clock theory behind and focus on the clocks. Things we gotta do to the clocks like all players semtexing a seperate clock, or all 4 staring at a clock or clocks.
  13. optimus555

    Next Step Has Most Likely Been Found!!!!!! Update

    It might be easier if we reach out to the community on this one, and assign certain teams a bunch of these permutations to try...just a thought Ill edit in a map with the streetlights labelled
  14. optimus555

    Next Step Has Most Likely Been Found!!!!!! Update

    Well I'm a math nerd so here goes: 8 streetlights, 2 turbines: 8 choose 2 = 28 possibilities. If you label the streetlights a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h You get the list of ordered pairs: {a,b} {a,c} {a,d} {a,e} {a,f} {a,g} {a,h} {b,c} {b,d} {b,e} {b,f} {b,g} {b,h} {c,d} {c,e} {c,f} {c,g} {c,h} {d,e} {d,f} {d,g} {d,h} {e,f} {e,g} {e,h} {f,g} {f,h} {g,h} 8 streetlights, 3 turbines: 8 choose 3 = 56 possibilities Ordered triples: {a,b,c} {a,b,d} {a,b,e} {a,b,f} {a,b,g} {a,b,h} {a,c,d} {a,c,e} {a,c,f} {a,c,g} {a,c,h} {a,d,e} {a,d,f} {a,d,g} {a,d,h} {a,e,f} {a,e,g} {a,e,h} {a,f,g} {a,f,h} {a,g,h} {b,c,d} {b,c,e} {b,c,f} {b,c,g} {b,c,h} {b,d,e} {b,d,f} {b,d,g} {b,d,h} {b,e,f} {b,e,g} {b,e,h} {b,f,g} {b,f,h} {b,g,h} {c,d,e} {c,d,f} {c,d,g} {c,d,h} {c,e,f} {c,e,g} {c,e,h} {c,f,g} {c,f,h} {c,g,h} {d,e,f} {d,e,g} {d,e,h} {d,f,g} {d,f,h} {d,g,h} {e,f,g} {e,f,h} {e,g,h} {f,g,h} 8 streetlights, 4 turbines: 8 choose 4 = 70 possibities Ordered quadruples: {a,b,c,d} {a,b,c,e} {a,b,c,f} {a,b,c,g} {a,b,c,h} {a,b,d,e} {a,b,d,f} {a,b,d,g} {a,b,d,h} {a,b,e,f} {a,b,e,g} {a,b,e,h} {a,b,f,g} {a,b,f,h} {a,b,g,h} {a,c,d,e} {a,c,d,f} {a,c,d,g} {a,c,d,h} {a,c,e,f} {a,c,e,g} {a,c,e,h} {a,c,f,g} {a,c,f,h} {a,c,g,h} {a,d,e,f} {a,d,e,g} {a,d,e,h} {a,d,f,g} {a,d,f,h} {a,d,g,h} {a,e,f,g} {a,e,f,h} {a,e,g,h} {a,f,g,h} {b,c,d,e} {b,c,d,f} {b,c,d,g} {b,c,d,h} {b,c,e,f} {b,c,e,g} {b,c,e,h} {b,c,f,g} {b,c,f,h} {b,c,g,h} {b,d,e,f} {b,d,e,g} {b,d,e,h} {b,d,f,g} {b,d,f,h} {b,d,g,h} {b,e,f,g} {b,e,f,h} {b,e,g,h} {b,f,g,h} {c,d,e,f} {c,d,e,g} {c,d,e,h} {c,d,f,g} {c,d,f,h} {c,d,g,h} {c,e,f,g} {c,e,f,h} {c,e,g,h} {c,f,g,h} {d,e,f,g} {d,e,f,h} {d,e,g,h} {d,f,g,h} {e,f,g,h} errr good luck... :? Well done man, thank you for that. This will put an end to all the noise once and for all lol. Now where is the poor bastard thats going to try it? you will be our hero on the forums here Haha :)
  15. optimus555

    Next Step Has Most Likely Been Found!!!!!! Update

    Alright this needs to be said. Once and for all. All permutations of 2, 3 and 4 turbines need to be completed. Its going to take a day and its going to suck. I cant do it i play on pc and pc players are shit. Find all the permutations for: 8 streetlights, 2 turbines 8 streetlights, 3 turbines 8 streetlights, 4 turbines its been a while since data management and i forget how to do the calculations to find out how many permutations there are but this will put an end to everything

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