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  1. Guys this could be the SAME guy from the Portrait in Kino. Open the first door (in black ops 1 kino) and go into the Mule kick room. There's a bunch of portraits in that Room and on the right side there is a mystery portrait that is All black. The left side of it looks identical to the paper cut out in the die rise loading screen....
  2. Next step for maxis side (2 players take the balls) GO to the room with Buddha's in it and kill zombies using snipers, once you kill enough you get a quote about how something has been revealed on the Map. I think at this point when you go down in Who's Who in that room or somewhere else on the map, you will be able to interact with something.
  3. "Find the englightened one, re incarnation is key" Step - Take balls to the Buddah and down yourself with Who's Who perk
  4. I was going to suggest this too, that you have to die in order to pick an item up or activate something while in the who's who doppleganger
  5. Try shooting with the Upgraded SVU - AS, when you buy that gun off the wall as Stu you hear maxis/ richtofen contacting you
  6. I think people are misinterpreting the gargled voice. I have a feeling that the gargled voice is a 3rd party (the Vrill or whatever they are called). I think that the aliens are involved now because they mention "mending the rift." That rift was created by richtofen so there's a possibility they are trying to set things straight again. Also got a feeling that by the end DLC there will be alien weaponry.
  7. Can you do it again ? to confirm it was not just a glitch
  8. My theory is you have to complete something when the song is still playing. You know how there's symbols on the counter board? With the bicycle and other clues, Well I think they are parts that you need to get to the bunker. If Marlton is in the bunker then getting those parts to the bunker would allow him to construct a weapon. When you knife the door he says quotes referring to creating something. I have a feeling that when the door opens there will be a weapon available inside the bunker maybe for a limited amount of time. I've heard people claim you can slide the bike underneath the bunker. Good find with the song man
  9. I play on PC or else I would of liked to team up m8 :-) And sorry guys, they are cash registers Lol. Well im just sayin, there's 4 of them in total... which is interesting to say the least. What if they have to be all shot / semtexed at the same time??
  10. You could be right. Day x/2 me could be a double entendre x = number of players 2 players / 2 = 1 player must die in a certain spot 4 players / 2 = 2 players must die, possibly 1 at rain forest cafe and 1 at diner Tombstone may be required.
  11. Don't have much time right now this one's going to be quick... Scattered throughout the map are telephones. From recollection there is one at the Diner, Inside the Rare Books in Town, and inside the Bar on the first floor. Am I missing any others? Please respond with the other locations. Also, at the diner in the shed and inside the garage stored on the walls are these rolled up strands of wire. Can they be semtexted down similar to the metal plates for the Gersh device on moon? Or taken down some how? What part do these telephones play? They seem to be connected to any place that normally would accept MONEY. Rare books.. bar....diner Maybe has to do with points????
  12. two words : MONEY LOANS. Put a certain amount of points into the money loan thing then wait for something. Perhaps stare at the clock with no hands in the bank after galvaknuckling the money loan thing. All put 250,000 into it then stare at the clock and see if hands appear.
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