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  1. That line in caption puts me thinking, which of all characters would be the one adequate who can/do such a thing?
  2. Does nobody have a feeling that could be the Mexican? And what I see is 2 gloves next to the corpse isn't Richtofen the only character that has like those same gloves?
  3. This could be a explanation why Richtofen used the other three in the future to brainwash them, because he knew who they were and what they are capable of cuz he went to battle with them in the past.
  4. :o :shock: Awesome, haven't thought about that
  5. Has anybody noticed some stage icons glowing blue or red and pulsating? Even you can hear someone saying something? I searched for old topics but haven't found nobody saying something about it, if there is a topic all ready delete this one. Grtz, D
  6. To think that all happened in real life and they use a lot of that to put it in a game and it's making such a success. It's Wunderbarrr Nice piece of work SHOOTER. I'm also bookmarking it for future updates.
  7. That's a really nice find, haven't thought about that myself. Great find Sir!
  8. Maybe because its like a bonus map, still there a plenty of secrets and easter eggs in the map that connects to the storyline
  9. What about the right side, looks like a half face and body. You guys see it?
  10. really wanted to help him out but he doesn't reply hmmm...
  11. You just to need to understand that there are players out there that don't have have the skill to play zombies like it supposed to be played. I think that's why Treyarch had made up easy mode in zombies to attract more people to the game. Not everybody is a hardcore zombie player.
  12. Can you be more specific ps3, xbox360 or PC? What is your nat type? 1,2 or 3? Grtz, D
  13. "It may be points or, whatever you call them" Some people call the earn able value in the game as, money, credits or points. It could be that JZ means that in the hint. "Wait appropriate amount of time" This can mean only 3 things I can think of. One is that you actually wait somehow in the game and something must happen ( I don't think this has a good reason to just stand somewhere in the game and wait for something to happen, it would be silly nor either i think i has something to do to get at certain round and something will happen, it wouldn't fit.) Two is if you couple the sentence of points and amount of time together, in the while that you're playing (amount of time) it could be that you need certain amount of points, or whatever you call them, in the bank or on the character. I red a post a while ago about the NAV card could have to do something with the points. Stock up a amount of points in the bank or on the character and maybe something will happen with the NAV card. The only linkage we have is that the NAV card is located next to the points, so it could be that they have a link with another. Three is just wait for the DLC and see what happens. Going back to point two. A while ago I discovered something strange, i was playing a solo custom match Green Run Tranzit match on original difficulty. I had like 15k points and was on round 22. I had a NAV card without the red dot next to my points. I friend of my joined the match. I could see him connect in the game and he was spectating. While he was spectating his points where 0. But the strange thing he had a NAV card next to it with a red spot in it. I managed to get to round 23 and my friend spawns in the game with 1500 points. This was the moment that the NAV card of him disappeared. I'm personally with the thought there must be something more in Green Run Tranzit mode, but the thing is some much time has been spend to find something new without any results. If there is patience and wait for the DLC maybe there could be a clue for what to do next in Green Run Tranzit. Grtz, D
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