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  1. Meh, Element 115 does some strange things to people... Notice how the O4 aged, But only very slightly, due to their exposure to 115.. Just throwing it out there..
  2. Kino was before CotD.. At least thats what I thought.. Before it chronologically and In game.. As far ad Shangri-la, what shows that we went back in time? I think this sums it up: http://callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=67&t=11967 He makes a pretty valid point. I ran back through that map not too long ago actually, and remember seeing the tings he mentions above, such as the radios, etc. Perhaps, and I know it sounds silly, but maybe wherever that is, is just a few years, maybe a decade or less, behind the U.S. in technology. So assuming we never left moder
  3. So I was thinking earlier today, yes, I know, its as bad as it sounds! But I came to a thought that made me feel MUCH better about this story/timeline fiasco. We teleported to the future for CotD, yes? We never went back in time. We stayed in the present/future from there on out. Not sure if that is exactly what you were going for MMX, but I thought it was worth a share. Not sure exactly how it will all fit, but it seemed legit
  4. Now we have, Something to SHOOT for! Haha! Thanks a TON! Now I got some BLING! hahahaha!
  5. The background of your signature is littered with Vril-ya references. Also, the picture he placed into the video is 99% matching of the "reflection," we see in the clock. I see it quite clearly, and I wasn't even looking for it. Zombo, I like where you're headed, but without some sort of reference, we can't determine what "Him," actually is or where he originated.. Can someone PLEASE mention this to those who know more about the subject than us? We're doing good research, and speculation, but another brain pondering the same thought from a different set of glasses is always more help
  6. Also I know my tone wasn't so polite a couple times. I hope it has been cleared up that I am only adamant about the subject, and not upset at the poster, or at all actually. MMX, I urge you to read that thread if you haven't. Honestly, I do not believe that it was Richtofen. Example being, if you were a voice in someone's head trying to control them, and they started hearing another voice, wouldn't you play it off by acting like it was you? I know I would. I implore you to check that thread out. Again, I like the way you tied everything together. Still some things left uncertain, b
  7. Agreed. I have pushed all personal thoughts out of my head, and if you simply use logical deduction, you can infer that we are sometime where there ARE indeed "future," soldiers. Their gear seems quite consistent with that of today, but as there is no coalition between any of the afore mentioned nations, we cannot be sure as to date other than post-2013. I'm sorry, but no. If you would please read the afore mentioned thread I linked. I don't want to double post, so if you read that, there is great ideas flying around in there!! It is, as I said, undeniable that colors have an ext
  8. If you actually look at it, in game, it can be very hard to see. Extremely actually, but there is certainly something there. Then when you take a further gander into theatre mode, you can clearly read what is depicted above. Personally, I think it says "Colorado 1980," Also, if the Earth went into a state of nuclear fog, it would take likely several decades to clear. Explaining why Green Run is still extremely foggy, and GLF is less so. Decades, being nearly 30 years into the future from Green Run to GLF with the Vril-ya taking the N4 to Die Rise so Stulinger can, "Mend the rift."
  9. Don't forget the addition of Perk-A-Cola Tombstone, which you had earlier in the previous paragraph 41. I'm sorry, this Futuristic Fridge... I looked at it last night... My 6-7 year old Garmin GPS for my car tells me the date, time, traffic, there is a weather section, its touch screen, AND it tells me MY exact location, AND how to get places, with spoken directions!! Wooo, SOO futurustic!!! must have fell out of Marty McFly's pocket! C'mon, just because no one has simply DONE a small screen like this in a refrigerator for mas consumers, doesn't mean it HAS to be futuristic. So the thinki
  10. Thanks Lithium for clearing that up! I would also say that is extremely futuristic, well played. Also, I would like to know if anywhere in campaign we encounter things like these, or even if we encounter a high rise building, like in GLF. If so, then possibly they are reusing textures, but at the same time, it would seem as though they are purposely bringing us into the future with these findings. If anyone has info regarding campaign with reference to this matter, please let me know, before I gruel through endless bots that have perfect accuracy. P.s. Not to be overbearing, but the
  11. Yeah, this has been stumping me since the first walk-through I did on GLF. I'm not exactly sure what it is. I'm not thinking the same as some of the other forum go-ers that think, "Maybe its a way we can get to flopper!" NO, that is possibly the BIGGEST TROLL I've ever seen from Treyarch. Let's keep that simple: Get in theatre mode after a game where you have unlocked every single door. You cannot go places in FreeCam that you cannot go as a player. You cannot get into the passage for Flopper in FreeCam, TROLLED. But I did see another tweet from Reza saying " 'There is probably one big sw
  12. Thanks LOADS zombo! Great addition to the thread, because I've seen the image on the chalkboard before, and not on Zombies! I saw this when I was Doing the research for this post! There are MANY others like it if you Google Image Search "Vril." Also if you do that... Something that grabbed my attention that I didn't notice before... Nearly the only color associated with them... Is PURPLE... In nearly all the art you see that isn't '40's or black and white diagrams, is accentuated by purple... SO, where do we go from here in our search? HMMM...! :twisted:
  13. I've explored this map quite a bit, not only in game, but in theatre also, and haven't seen this fridge you speak of to be futuristic.. If you could give a location, or even a screenshot of said fridge, I would be quite content with it. I would like to find it in game, or see it, to find it in game, and make my own decisions on it, as I'm sure many other would, if they haven't seen it. Reused texture is all over the map! From simple things, like doors, to HUGE things, did you not see the tower pictures PINNAZ posted? The reuse textures all the time!! A perfect example is in NTZ Ye
  14. I understand what you're getting at here. BUT I like this quick save, (props zombo!): Richtofen is Mind-F*cker. Thats what he does, he preys on the minds of those he is trying to influence. If you were hearing voices, and all of a sudden you heard more voices, wouldn't that cause you doubt as to who is in control? If I were the one trying to influence people to do my bidding, I would play it off as if i were the one speaking the whole time! I'm not doubting you, just encouraging, I would LOVE to see these, and I'll try to do my own research a little deeper also.
  15. MMX, you definitely got me here: Yet as for the scrawled note talking about the power of element 115, Tac, you cannot easily say that would or should be the case, simply because its torn off. I mean, we see what's written, yes, but there are small indicators that the writing goes on near the tear marks. Also, punctuation is used, and then not in the very next sentence, where the questions lies. Just saying its improbable. Also MMX, I don't see examples of long lasting companies as LAW that companies have to wait ten years to put an "established date," on their own label. Eit
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