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  1. Now we have, Something to SHOOT for! Haha! Thanks a TON! Now I got some BLING! hahahaha!
  2. The background of your signature is littered with Vril-ya references. Also, the picture he placed into the video is 99% matching of the "reflection," we see in the clock. I see it quite clearly, and I wasn't even looking for it. Zombo, I like where you're headed, but without some sort of reference, we can't determine what "Him," actually is or where he originated.. Can someone PLEASE mention this to those who know more about the subject than us? We're doing good research, and speculation, but another brain pondering the same thought from a different set of glasses is always more helpful.
  3. Thanks LOADS zombo! Great addition to the thread, because I've seen the image on the chalkboard before, and not on Zombies! I saw this when I was Doing the research for this post! There are MANY others like it if you Google Image Search "Vril." Also if you do that... Something that grabbed my attention that I didn't notice before... Nearly the only color associated with them... Is PURPLE... In nearly all the art you see that isn't '40's or black and white diagrams, is accentuated by purple... SO, where do we go from here in our search? HMMM...! :twisted:
  4. I understand what you're getting at here. BUT I like this quick save, (props zombo!): Richtofen is Mind-F*cker. Thats what he does, he preys on the minds of those he is trying to influence. If you were hearing voices, and all of a sudden you heard more voices, wouldn't that cause you doubt as to who is in control? If I were the one trying to influence people to do my bidding, I would play it off as if i were the one speaking the whole time! I'm not doubting you, just encouraging, I would LOVE to see these, and I'll try to do my own research a little deeper also. I Love where this is headed, and I'd like it to get a little more attention, I KNOW there's people out there who know WAY more about this subject than me!
  5. Wow, props to Telixion for naming them, and getting credit for it! Like ChopperNator said though, its usually a quite vulgar reference in the heat of battle trying to blast these bastards off me!
  6. I agree with you. Some people are under the impression that all the Magic in the game is manifested by one of the Doctors. But we have knowledge that Richtofen has been in contact with the Vril-ya, and they have given him leaps and bounds in technology. Then he began to abuse the power they gave him. In this image, we see what looks like a CDC field operative, and then some unknown (to me) machine or craft above the crater. I don't know what the bottom right corner is.. But it looks to me like a closeup of the hull of some aircraft. If you look at some other loading screens, we see what look like other Vril-ya aircraft: Moon At the bottom right again, we see what could be a downed satellite, or a crashed Vril-ya craft. Shangri-la We see here MORE Purple Lightning TELEPORTING things. Ascension Here we see another possible Vril-ya reference on the Ascension loading screen. The Blueprint in the bottom middle looks as though a Bird's Eye view of some craft, similar to: With the discovery of these things, it seems as though the subtle Vril-ya influence isn't so subtle.. They've been here since Black Ops came out... Any other thoughts and input is highly welcomed.
  7. This could get tricky if we are trying to tie this to Vril. I only say this, because in WaW and BO, the Mystery Box moves whenever Samantha sees fit. She thought the O4 were working with Richtofen, and would toy with us by moving it throughout the map. Now since the events on Griffin Station, Richtofen is in the same position Samantha was in.. He thinks some of the N4 are working for Maxis' Ghost, AI, what-have-you, so HE moves the Mystery Box around to toy with us and waste more time. Thanks for the Fix about Ludwig, I spaced and forgot the beams and glowing orbs after the TranZit EE. For the most part, the community is on the same page as far as colors go. Leastwise those that actually have some grasp. Yet there are a few more places we see purple.. Such as some of the weapons after PaP'ing had "Alien," hieroglyphs and have Purple muzzle flash. Perhaps the PaP Machine is an evolved piece of equipment developed after some Vril artifact that could make any weapon more powerful, give it more energy.. I haven't done much research on the Vril, but if im not busy tomorrow, I'll try. One last place that is standing out to me... Two actually.. Teufel Hunden, and these new (forgive my ignorance of the name) Wall Hopping beings.. When the Hell Hounds spawn, its kind of Lightning, but almost has a slight purple hue to it. When these new things spawn, it is a similar flash, and when they move quickly, it leaves a purplish trail.. Mayhap they dwell in Argatha and are controlled by the Vril.. Kind of thin though, seeing as Richtofen always asks for them to fetch him our souls. But then again, Richtofen has been hallucinating and hearing voices since he touched the Vril MPD.. Maybe he is now controlled (partially) by the Vril.. I think he may be regaining his own control by fighting the Vril, explaining why he says he is weak.. He has been fighting and losing, which is why he needs our help in gaining more power.. This could also tie Samuel into the mix.. Possibly explaining why HE now hears the Vril.. They need him to be the one to undo all the doings that Richtofen is trying to have us do.. Maybe the "rift," that is to be mended is in fact, a tear into Argatha, where these new beings are escaping, and Richtofen has enlisted them.. Now the Vril are losing control, and need Stulinger to help them regain it.. All just speculation of course.. I'd really like to think there is more to it though.. Thanks! I've been dwelling on it since the DLC hit.. Just needed to pull more info together!
  8. I haven't read any new threads in Asylum, so I don't know if anyone has pursued this avenue also. If you have played through Solo, (or watched a YouTube video), you've found that we have another Cut Scene, as we did in CotD. We see a great many things in this scene. We also HEAR a great many things. Of the things we see, we see the N4 transported to China with a PURPLE beam of light. As far a color and influences go, far as im concerned, both the Maxis' are orange/yellow, and Richtofen is Blue. Then we hear Stulinger talking with some "Voice," and saying, "What do you mean? Dont you get it, there's nothing left!" I'll tie this in, give me a moment. Then Samuel talks to this voice, about not letting the others know about what he did, then a picture flashes of him eating Zombie flesh, and his voice gets deep and talks about "The Flesh." this is where I tie you in to another thread, by MixMasterNut, see: http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=103&t=28480 In that thread, InfestLithium writes about Chinese cannibalism, but doesn't seem to think Samuel is tied to that. I think he may.. Like he says, there's nothing left, and after they arrive at GLF, he says, "No.. What.. How did you.. What do you mean, mend the rift?" It seems to me that he recognizes the place where he is, and know something has gone on, and is still going on there.. All the while he is still talking to the garbled "Voice." Then it plays on, and we see Russman get, presumably, killed as Samuel flees into the elevator with Misty and Marlton. Then we hear what sounds like Richtofen say, "Accept your fate, begin anew." As the group is taken back in time, and Russman is there, atop the broken high rise. Samuel asks if they'd been there before, and the game starts.. This new undistinguishable "Voice," heard by Stulinger.. This troubles me.. It sounds primitive.. We only know one civilization in this realm to us to be primitive.. Vril-ya.. Richtofen started hearing voices after touching the Pyramid at Griffin Station, correct? Maybe Stulinger had come in contact with some Vril artifact.. Now, the Vril have had a subtle, to some, influence in CoDZ thus far. Yes, there are HUGE parts of the game that they were involved with, the MPD, the actual V Device you have as Richtofen on Moon, ALL of Shangri-la, etc etc, but have we actually seen them? I think this may be what the Purple beam may have to do with GLF. As far as we know, Richtofen cannot transport without a device, unless this is some newfound power via the aether. I think the Vril are about to play a HUGE part in the saga as we continue.. Just some thoughts.. I REALLY want some intelligent feedback and theorization.. Can some of the bigs throw some light on this for me? Also to correct me on anything I've missed or misinput? It would be Greatly appreciated.
  9. trevbo

    Max bank amount?

    The bank does not charge interest, verified today while messing around on TranZit. I ran around in town for a while, took out 5,000 and used it all. After I made around 10,000, I tried to put in as much as I could, but it only let me put in 5,000. I hadn't touched my bank for about 3 weeks, and tried today, even after updates and the DLC, my account was the same. Hope this helps.
  10. I totally agree with you! As soon as I read it, I thought of the Buyable Power-Up in the shed behind Yellow House. It starts the game with the Nuke Clock hands at 0, the Population counter at 00, and Nuke in the shed. then to 2x, Insta-Kill, FireSale, then Max Ammo, cycling back to nuke. See thread: http://www.callofdutyzombies.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=141&t=27562 in Nuketown Zombie Map Discussion. As for what's going on with Die Rise, who knows, perhaps its got something to do with that instead, (I've been keeping out of that forum as to learn things on my own when it comes out) But that tweet seems EXTREMELY directed towards NT to me, because followers have been begging for a hint. All of the other tweets have seemingly been directed at TranZit, and this one seems to be our guiding light for Nuketown. Just a thought.. I could be DEAD wrong..
  11. trevbo

    Max bank amount?

    I'll try to verify tomorrow. In theory, if they do, then you should just be able to deposit more money into the bank, without having to withdraw to see. If your bank was maxed, as mine was 5 days ago, and I am able to put more money in tomorrow night, then they surely do! We'll see, I'll try first thing tomorrow, but if anyone beats me to it, post your results!
  12. trevbo

    Max bank amount?

    Honestly, it took me about 3 rounds to the late 20's early 30's to max out. I've found that the best way to do so is quite simple really: Have two people, makes it easier to get more money in round 1. One gets 750, the other gets ~1000. Simple enough, one takes the shortcut to town via Church path, the other continues to ride the bus to Power. Player 1 opens bank, Player 2 turns on power. Then for the easy part. I always take out the same amount. 16,000. Since We're not trying to reach new personal bests for Rounds Survived, its simple. 6K-Knuckles 3K-SpeedCola 2.5K-Juggernog 2K-Doubletap 1.2K-M16 750 for the Farm Gate, to check for the Hatch. It should be obvious where I'm going with this; Buy the stated perks, hold out in the Tunnel, until your first departure, at the end of round 13, when Knucks drop dead. I usually make my first deposit then. then, its about high time every couple rounds, just to be safe. Bus usually comes around every two rounds, and hop on, take the shortcut, dump all your money, rinse, repeat. There's really no need for Box guns, since your whole goal is saving money. Since all my kills up to round 14 are knife, I get the extra 30 per kill, which over 300 kills, adds up. Plus I usually keep the M1911, and get my Bullet Penetration points, since theres no shortage of Max Ammo's it seems, which also adds up to a lot. But since it's been full, I never really have to refill more than once, because I only withdraw to EE hunt. WOOOW. I'm way off topic... Sorry...
  13. Yes! Finally! Someone with the same thought train as me. I will do exactly that, trains behind the turquoise house, (I always just say green, haha) and people scoff at me all the time when I open the door, buy the B23R, and head out back. Yet I always have the most headshots, kills, least downs, most points, and most revives... and thats just before round 20, before I buy Double Tap2.0! Then I wait until around 28 to PaP it, and then it just gets fun! Ammo is always on the wall, right inside the door! If even not that, I'll get the MP5 also, just to have more ammo on the wall, decent power, and always make your money back to buy more ammo! Usually people tell me I'm stupid for "not hitting the box to get a good gun." I save my money to buy Knuckles, get the Knives out of the box, and run around with a B23R and Krauss Refibrillator. I get told, "I'm not gonna pick you up when you get downed, idiot!" Then seemingly, about round 15-20, when teammates go down, and I'm the last man standing, I just run trains around them, until they're "dead red," and Refibrillate them! Don't worry, I'm an idiot, but I know how to survive! Haha, thought I'd share.. Sorry for getting a little off topic. But YES! the B23R is AWESOME! round 1-7/8 i think its one burst, then 8/9-like 19 is two bursts. Unless you have Double Tap2.0, then it's on like Donkey Kong! I'll rock an un-Pap'd, DoubleTapped B23R into the high 20's. Not to mention on TranZit, its the only form of ammo in Town at all, and thats only about every 5 minutes. never hurts to have a badass weapon in your pocket.. why waste all that money and time trying to get the Alien Ray, when you have Mr. Zombie Night Special at your disposal? Great thought 83457! I concur!
  14. Well, here goes! I'm Trevor, my GamerTag is x420x trevbo, though it changes with the winds. It will always have x420x infront of it though, as that has been my clan and gaming family since the 360 hit the shelves. I'm 22, nearly 23, and work for the US Gov't. I have been trailing the zombies phenomenon since World at War. Initially, I began playing the game, just as an escape from MP, when you get too bored, or just want to destroy EVERYTHING! Haha. Played throughout WaW, and then Black Ops came out, and I started to EE hunt. That has been my main goal in this game ever since! I love being on the hunt, whether it be solo, or with 3 other avid hunters. Most of the time with many of my friends on Xbox, I'm simply killing everything in sight, but sometimes, I convince them to open their minds! My sole intent with this site, is to further my knowledge of the zombies storyline, assist ANYONE in any way i can, whether it be providing off the wall input on a topic, with gameplay to back my theory, or simply to help a player reach a higher round, or get more money in the bank! A short overview of my "Stats," I play every game that isn't spent hunting, with the intent of reaching no lower than 30. Yes, it happens, Zombie Michael Phelps hops over a wall and people get double slapped. Or a Zombie in a window Punches your lights out. Yet when I play Solo, or with my standard group of 2-4 players, usually the goal is met. I've made: ~40 on NDU; ~30 Verruckt; I believe ~90 on SNN; ~45 Kino; ~35 Five; 24 DOA; 48 Ascension; 37 Shangri-la; CotD ~40; Moon~40; NML was somewhere near 100 kills, and 11 minutes solo at the very beginning of the game, PaP'd M1911, got swarmed! Haha. Any questions, advice, theories, ideas, wants or needs involving Zombies, shoot me a PM, and I'll do the best i can to help. If I cannot help you, I'm sure I can point you in the right direction of those who can! Thanks! -Trevor
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