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  1. Obiviously not Richtofen. He is talking in a mumbling voice first but then he is talking in a normal voice later. Why? Obiviously not Richtofen no proof http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_99a90P-riI You can obiviously tell at the start of the video that that is not Richtofen.
  2. Ok I'll look for it, thanks. Btw anything new in the box? No. There is a new wonder weapon thought!
  3. Me and my friend tried this. Result: (Its actually on my friends channel, not mine)
  4. Now its confirmed! NAVCARD ACCEPTED! What does it do! We'll find out! Keep looking people! (You have to use the old navcard from tranzit in die rise)
  5. This is not me. Im a pc gamer, but this might be the key to the TranZit easter egg.
  6. They instantly wake up as you start the round... We can maybe shoot the clocks? But i don't think that would work... You can put crawlers asleep if you emp them tho.
  7. I took a bad picture, you can check out the trailer if you want :P
  8. Something new i noticed in the Revolution trailer. I have no idea what to say for this, i mean treyarch doesen't put anything there by a mistake :P
  9. I would not belive this if i didn't know treyarch puts anything there for a purpose. That guy is at easily visible at the start of the trailer, also now in Dans picture. I belive Marlton is zombified.
  10. But marlton is in Die Rise trailer! Here he is on Dan Seamans profile picture:
  11. I heard him say "Now stopping at (some station)" and we were driving. So he just randomly said that quote. Can't say this is something like that since he says it only on the bus station. But after that he doesen't drive to new stuff. "New route Announcment engaged..." could mean he is not going somewhere, but he still says "now approaching.." but he is going at dinner. That might be dinner. But he still says its a new route, but its not Also you both had 10 000 points and Jimmy said "It might be points, or whatever you call them." But the part about waiting idk about... Maybe if navcard is placed exactly as he says that he will take you to the new place, it might work? Thought nothing worked so i don't think this will. Pretty awesome video thought. Its pretty weird, quotes match up, i never heard the quotes before. Great work. :D
  12. Hello there guys, im new to this forums (i alredy have 50 posts 'couse im pretty active ) But i never noticed the introduction section, untill now. Well let me introduce myself. Im Evil, and im a Potato, my plan is to rule the world. You are probably wondering how can i become an Evil Potato. Well here you go, Dr. Maxis threw me into a teleporter that he made with element 115, after that i just became an insane potato, then they traped me into a ice prison or whatever you want to call it, and now that lava is all over the earth im finally free! Im gonna kill Richtofen and take controll of the zombies! :twisted:
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