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  1. So even though I shut down this KN44 theory down, here I am again trying to revive it haha. Things just got a bit interesting MrDalekJD recorded a QnA with Mr. Jason Blundell and a particular question came up, "There's a lot of weird KN44 appearances and I was wondering if that was anything to look into?" Here's a link to the part of the video where this is discussed. Now while the issue on this thread isn't mentioned (the KN44 being bugged into the GK Outro Cutscene, I still believe that was just a character Model glitch), there are other appearances mentioned. Jason's reply to all this was: Dammit! Haha, not directly saying yes nor no, just saying there's no harm in theorising about it. I don't know where we go from here, whether this was just a typical Blundell troll or whether he is trying to steer us in the right direction!
  2. I don't know exactly but watching his stream he said "In the sewer under the Infirmary". Where that is exactly I'm not sure but that's what he said.
  3. Twitch Streamer just found the 9th Wisp, it's pretty trick to find it's on the top of the roof of the Bunker. The current VOD I have is in two parts, I'll edit this together into one part when I can. Part 1 Part 2 Transcript: Holy shit, is Monty a God/Devil or something? "Free will.. oh that was my idea by the way." Edit - Well 10th has been found already by SmartGuy! Transcript of 10th Wisp - Shit, so Monty controls everything ever. Monty Wonka.
  4. Wisp #8 has been discovered, don't know who to credit yet but here's the video. It's on the roof of the Dragon Command, the big hole above Sofia and the other consoles. Transcript -
  5. Thought I'd share this here since it relates to this post. Thanks to CodeNamePizza, Here's the cutscene viewed from Theatre Mode. It's funny and bugs out a lot, but you can see that often when the characters default to their model stance, he's holding a KN44. So I think when designing the cutscene, Treyarch modelled him with their standard weapon (which as above I have shown is the KN44) and then re-fitted him with an MR6. So I don't think this is anything to freak out over, just the cutscene glitching out and showing his defualt character model for a brief second.
  6. From the GK Ciphers, aren't Apothicons just corrupted, evil Keepers? If so, are you saying he's more likely to be a good Keeper than a bad, corrupt one? I suppose it depends if you think Monty will be good or evil in the end.
  7. As promised, Wisp #7! Firstly, credit to redditor Javan0 for finding this and here's the location, it's under the skirt of one of the Mannequins in Department Store, naughty Treyarch! Transcription - So basically, Blundell is overwriting all of Jimmy Z's hard work of creating the WaW/BO1 Universe, by saying it's just one of many and they weren't special haha. RIP.
  8. Wisp Number 6 coming in hot! This time you'll find it in between the elevator where you connect Armory and Infirmary. Video enclosed and Transcript incoming - Okay so this definitely isn't the last one, if someone else doesn't beat me too it I'll come back to ya with the next one too!
  9. Another Wisp has been found and oh boy is it juicy! Credit to SmartBoy316, here's the video: And the transcription:
  10. A new Monty Wisp has just been found by redditor /u/M_AJLAN. Here's a link to the video and below I'll transcribe it: In case you wanna find this yourself, it's in the Bunker, throw a grenade in the window to the left when facing PaP head on. Now if I may allow me to analyse it with a bit of speculation. So basically after Origins when Richtofen separates from the other 3, he came into contact with Monty (somehow, I assume we'll find out, maybe in the comics or more wisps?). Monty, being omnipotent and more powerful than Richtofen, then sends him on a mission to retrieve the Kronorium and therefore the Summoning Key, and then Richtofen returns to the other 3 and begins the quest of retrieving their souls. The more and more I hear of Monty the more it proves that Richtofen is his lapdog. Unfortunately for Monty though I think Richtofen intends to bite back.. What this new Wisp does is clear up some of the chronology. We know that Monty comes into play somewhere between Origins and SoE, which is a 2 year period IIRC?
  11. Just reading the transcripts he sounds like an asshole, it's not until you hear his inflections/tones that he becomes charming. Even still, I don't trust him. Very passive-aggressive and sounds deceitful. I do think he's just gonna use Nikolai/Takeo for his own benefit (Tank seems to be on Richtofen's side) So he can only be in one place at a time. Which begs the question, from where is he talking to us from? The House? We still have much to learn about Monty's hidden agenda..
  12. I hate to say what you don't want me to say, but I think it is that? I mean in the Multiplayer the default weapon that a Specialist will hold is the KN44. And it's on the cover of the Paintshop/Gunsmith menus. I think Treyarch just likes to use it as a standard. And did this happen just this once to that redditor or does it happen every Cutscene regardless of who plays it? It coulda just been a visual bug?
  13. I think when the Treyarch Zombies "off-season" is upon us, Gorod Krovi will be looked at as "BO3's Mob of The Dead". Such a stupendous Map in my opinion. The reason I know I love this Map is because I spent 40+ hours on release day with little-to-no sleep EE Hunting and I still want to play this Map! I ain't "burnt" out on this map just yet ;) haha My only qualm with this Map is that I wish there was a viable training spot. Yeah there's some dodgy places like Dragon Command stairs and Tank Station, but there's no "Ascension Landing Pad" or "Moon Biodome". I know some people think this makes the Map too easy but I like having a part of the Map where I can take a breather and not stress every time a group of 10+ Zombies gathers up. But the weapons, the bosses, the Dragons, the EE, everything is else fantastic! Der Eisendrache still has a special place in my heart but I feel Krovi is superior to SoE and ZNS in every way. This map is "lit" ;) lol sorry again
  14. Oh damn, I didn't even realise this posted, I got an error when I hit submit and just assumed it didn't submit haha. Well thanks for checking it out anyway, regardless if you agree with my theory or disagree :D
  15. The Gorod Krovi Easter Egg is solved and we have advanced further in understanding Blundell’s Zombies Storyline. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the Cutscene and subsequent Monty Dialogue. From this few minutes and a previous minute of monologue during DLC 2, we can piece together the rough nature of the DLC 4 Story. First let’s read the transcript of Doctor Monty’s speech after the EE: Let’s break some of this down. This tells us a lot about the nature of Edward and Monty’s relationship. Monty is seeking out the other three but not Richtofen, why? Is there a vendetta against Edward from Monty? We can already see that their relationship is not a friendly one, as Monty makes a snide remake of Richtofen going off and doing his own thing. Clearly he does not like Richtofen. This confirms what was previously thought, that Richtofen spent years after Origins searching for the Kronorium. What he got up to in these two years I believe we’ll find out in the Comics coming out soon. Monty no longer needs Richtofen now that the Souls have been extracted. As previously mentioned, Monty doesn’t like Edward and he wants to “dispose” of him somehow. But I’ll get back to that later. Again I don’t wanna talk about this just yet but hold onto this as its crucial. All I'll say for now is Monty doesn't want Richtofen to uncover his true fate. Okay, we’ve analysed that. Now, let’s take a trip back to DLC 2 time. Where Treyarch released this Richtofen “memories” segment. I’m going to do the same thing again, transcribe it and analyse the important parts: While we don’t know how long ago exactly he’s talking about, we might be able to assume he’s talking right around the time where Richtofen set off on his travelling. This statement shows that Edward is indebted to Monty somehow, he owes his life to him. And throughout this it does seem like Richtofen is aware he’s addressing a higher being, one more powerful than he is. The gravitas of this cannot be ignored. Richtofen knows he and everything around him is expendable. Whatever Edward is doing for Monty he values more than his life if the end goal is peace. This can be justified with the opening dialogue “And I've been trying so hard to do the right thing”. While he may not trust Monty, he agrees that what he’s trying to achieve must be accomplished, just maybe not the part where he has to die.. This is what I was coming back to. Richtofen knows that he is expendable, but Monty does not know that Richtofen knows this. Richtofen has a plan to outmanoeuvre Monty when Monty eventually tries to off Richtofen from the plan. And he’s not just doing this for himself, but his allies when after the ZNS cutscene we all receive blood vials. Maybe once Monty realises Edward’s counter-plan, he will try to take out Tank, Nikolai and Takeo too, believing that they are without blood? Ultimately, this is a case of two beings thinking they are one step ahead of the other. Monty is clearly the more superior, higher being who underestimates Edward and Richtofen knows he’s in treacherous path. In my personal opinion Richtofen’s memories segment is an excerpt he’s personally written in the Kronorium (which is confirmed a book) as a sort of memoir/suicide note in case his plan goes wrong. When Monty says “he’s been in the house for ages”, I think this is metaphorical. Monty means that Richtofen had signed his death warrant as soon as he sworn his oath to protect Monty, he’s in the ethereal house and just doesn’t know it yet. The blood will keep the Origins 4 as pure, whole beings on Earth when Monty tries to kill them. What is clear though is that Monty wants to turn the other three against Richtofen. Maybe Monty suspects Richtofen’s double-cross? So many questions to answer. At first glance Richtofen is the protagonist and Monty is the antagonist, but is that truly the case? I will edit/remove parts that are unanswerd or don't make sense.

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