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  1. So Maxis & Richtofen are looking to discover something hidden below? And they accidentally unearth something else? Something smells of Vril Ya and Argatha.
  2. Damn, Takeo's wall running and Katana skills are sick! And we finally get to see what Maxis looks like, nothing at all what I envisioned.. Samantha in 1918? Is she gonna be telling the story or something, like the tapes in MoTD? Either way that sent chills down my spine..
  3. I'm almost confident this is the location of our map. First the beam of light and there's a glimpse of one of the O4 in a church-looking building, very similar to this monastery. And Belgium borders Northern France, supposed origins of Der Reise!
  4. The difference in the robots is The Bus Driver is (mostly) friendly unless aggravated and is the remains of non-935 Human creation. This robot thing is believed to be created by Maxis and hostile. And this map isn't in Germany, no ties with Nacht at all. No idea why Nachts' remnants are in Green Run but as for Origins and Nacht there are no connections (yet).
  5. How about MoTD then? The AN-94 and 870 are walled there, among a bunch of other weapons not created in the 30s. Wall Weapons aren't Canon, just Tryarch compensating.
  6. The 74u & MP5K are on the walls of Kino, Ascension & Five which were introduced in the 70s, not the 60s when those maps take place.. I don't think the Remington being in Origins is a huge deal.
  7. Or maybe in our wilidest dreams Nolan North in Richtofen cosplay :D
  8. No, unfortunately it's not a remade Nacht, or even in Germany for that matter. Can't say much but we will be in Europe, perhaps somewhere we've always wanted to go but never been to.
  9. First one is Dig, the Multiplayer map based off an Archaeological excavation site, heads up. Yeah that other one is fascinating though. It;s absolutely connected to the Easter Egg, looks like some monument, in the Poster there's a beam of light coming from or to it, so there's something up with it.
  10. I'm thinking its gonna be more of a Cyborg zombie, a stronger, more efficient zombie. Connecting its' brain to a superhuman suit y'know so it's like, a super-zombie like Brutus.
  11. Well, there is the Ray Gun in the World at War campaign, and the Thunder Gun in the Black Ops campaign aswell. Those are Easter Eggs, my friend. Like someone said above, the Zombies UStoryline takes place in entirely different Universe, the minor connections you speak of are just small Easter eggs thrown in by Treyarch.
  12. Am I right in saying that that robot-thing is the creature shown in the Origins Teaser on the operating table? I mean, same skin color/paleness, obvious deformation and the robot looks like its had brain operation of some sort. Don't have the image handy but I'll see if I can get a side-by-side.
  13. What out of this thread was a leak? I really do not understand. Not from your Post, someone posted a bunch of leaked info about the map. Mods quickly deleted it.
  14. Not surprised with the Mauser being the new Starting Pistol. It better shot grenades PaP'd though! And a New MG, Nice. So we've pretty much got a new bus with that tank then, eh?
  15. You know we're gonna have supernatural Wonder Weapons on Origins, right? In that case would another Waffle really be necessary? And a build-able Wonder Weapon is something not seen before. Not sure how that would work but it's just a theory. Edit - Did some investigating and turns out the Ray Gun is the DG-1 (Die Glocke 1), The Wunderwaffle DG-2 and The ThunderGun being the DG-3, some of the Veteran Members here can fact-check me on that. So unless you want a build able Ray Gun we don't really need this build-able.
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