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  1. I heard it was just gonna be extra customization options in custom games. For instance, you can add a set amount of perks you can use, or add a time limit...whatever. But it was just supposed to be more options in custom games. Kinda saddens me. But supposedly it's going to get changed to something a bit better. One can only hope.
  2. Whoops..my bad. I didn't know there was a thread on this already when I made mine. In my defence, I did look around a bit to see if there was a thread on it, but it must have been buried in the other thousands of threads on this site. Anywayz, my sincere apologies. ZombiCidal
  3. uuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm........that....would....be.....AWESOME!!!!!!!!
  4. I understand that, but who's to say Element 115 keeps one from aging?
  5. CONGRATS!!! I know that must've taken a lot of patience.
  6. Wow all of you guys have some really good ideas. Thanks for the feedback. I just noticed that on the campaign mission where you play as Menendez, he's basically got super powers. You almost cannot die. And I also discovered one of the bottles from Mob of the Dead (for the music Easter Egg) in the cocaine basement on that mission. In fact, this basement almost resembles the catacombs from Alcatraz. So it appears that 3arch are still using campaign missions to layout their zombie maps. Maybe Menendez was just fuled by addrenaline. Or maybe he had some sort of access to 115. Again, I may be reaching, but it seems about time Treyarch involved zombies in the campaign.
  7. hahahaha agreed. Those towers are a pain. Though aside from that, I just realized that there are machete's in the campaign. Perhaps we'll finally get to see what a machete does to a zombies face. The possibilities are endless.
  8. Oh ok. Because there was a few times I didn't bother checking what the gun did after I PaP'd it. So I probably just didn't get to see it's performance afterwards. Thanks guys, you've been a big help.
  9. I've been playing the campaign for Black Ops 2 recently, and it brings up some interesting questions. I don't know how to make this an interesting thread, but that's not really my purpose. I want to talk about some things that tie into the zombie side of things. Now there's not much to go on here, so I WILL be reaching sometimes. But it's all in the name of thinking outside the box. Ok, the first thing to capture my attention was way back in Black Ops 1. In Kino, there were the 4 portraits on the wall with a 5th blank one. To this day, nobody can give a SOLID explanation to who this blank portrait may be. Some say Maxis, some say the Mexican from the CotD radios, some say it's a guy named Peter (I think that's the guy hanging in the spawn room of Shi No Numa.) Most recently, I heard it may even be Reznov. Aside from that, in Nuketown Zombies, the two houses on either side of the first room have mailboxes with the names Mason and Woods on them. I immediately put this to the side considering that the names were probably there when Nuketown was a MP map in Black Ops. But it still raises eyebrowns considering that Nuketown is now a part of the story line. Then we have the fact that Mason was under a lot of mind control. Then there's the grim reaper blood stains all over everything (that most people decided was just a simple texture that's always being re-used.) This blood stain has been seen in most every zombie map in BO1. And is even seen in the trailer that we find Woods in, in the first couple missions of the BO2 campaign. It's also in MotD. On the Electric Cherry machine. Now here's where it gets interesting. In MotD, we see that if we upgrade the AK-47, it's the Reznov's Revenge. Now we know that Reznov was affiliated with the same people that Mason was. Krevchenko being one of them. Krevchenko was involved in many top secret experiments done on POW's. One of which was the Nova 6 Program. Now at this time, nobody REALLY knows who has any information about Element 115. I mean, if the nazi's knew about it, then surely the Russians did. In fact, Ascension was in Russia. And it took place during the 60's I believe. That would have been around the time of Krevchenco and co. And we have Reznov. A guy who was in WW2 with us in World at War, and during the Vietnam days as a hallucination (or was it?) During the campaign of Black Ops 2 we see Reznov save Mason yet again, in a near death situation. Except, this time his hair is longer. Now I don't hallucinate much so I wouldn't know...but why would a hallucination age? Just sayin. If Reznov is just a hallucination, then all this is irrelivant. But what if he's not? Well that can only mean that he's at the top of the ladder. He's the tip of the pyramid. He's the missing link. Think about it. He's playing a part. He seems like just an ordinary solder, bent on taking revenge on thos who've done him harm. But what if he's actually the one really pulling all the strings? I'm going to have to take a break from writing this thread because I have to go somewhere, but I may add more later. Or if there's comments that basically finish what I'm trying to say, I'll just leave it be and just respond to comments. Thank you all for reading. Please let me know your thoughts, and if any of this makes any sense. Or maybe how this could actually be a pre-curser to a full CoD Zombie Campaign game. Sincerely, ZombiCidalManiac
  10. A friend and myself just had a graet game of MotD and I figured since I had so many points, I'd see if PaPing the Executioner more than once did something special. Well, I PaP'ed it over 30 times and nothing happened. Why can we PaP it more than once? Does anybody know?
  11. WHOA! haha 21 perks!? By the time we get 21 perks, some of them are gonna have to make us fly. Or invincible. Or infinite ammo haha.
  12. Yes true. I also hope we get some answers. And of course, some O4 action. I just wanna be able to play as Tank or Nikoli. Tank or Nikoli with the tomahawk or golden spork haha. The things they'd be saying.
  13. So far, Black Ops 2 has TranZit and 3 DLC's. Nuketown Zombies, Die Rise, and Mob of the Dead. There are still 2 more DLC's to go and a lot has changed since Moon (from BO1 obviously.) We've been introduced to many new things in BO2, including buildables, new melee weapons, new guns, new perks, and even new tacticles....(the inner child in me is struggling to not laugh at how similar tacticles is to testicles...ANYWAY!) With all these new things we're being introduced to, I wonder if we've been introduced to all we'll see, or if they'll keep coming up with new things for us to use. The Galvaknuckles are damn near my favorite thing to use. If they lasted past round 13, I'd love them even more. But then we were introduced to the Golden Spork which trumps the Galvaknuckles by a long shot (I can just imagine how much they would cost if they were a wall melee weapon...probably like 20,000 points.) Will these new melee weapons keep being re-invented, or will DLC 3 and 4 have something new? Maybe a chainsaw or a kitana blade for example. Usually I'd say they wouldn't put two melee weapons in one map, but so far all the maps with the N4 have both the Galvaknuckles and the Bowie Knife in them. I wonder if they'll use the Golden Spork again, or if that was just a one time thing. We also have the introduction of the tomahawk. That thing is pretty bad ass. Should we expect to see the return of a tacticle that can be thrown and retrieved, or should we get ready to see the return of Monkey Bombs or Gersch Devices? Or maybe both, or all. Obviously we'd be stuck with the decision to choose only one of them. But I could see DLC 4 having a map with litterally EVERYTHING we've been introduced to in BO2. Not only do we have all these new things, but there is also Turned. Nobody really plays Turned, but if done correctly, it could be used in a normal zombie map. I know this is turning out to be a long post, so I'll try to make this the last one... Ok, so Moon had ALL the perks we were introduced to in Black Ops, so if we're introduced to a new perk in every map, will the final DLC have ALL of them? Let's go down the list shall we? 1)Quick Revive 2)Double Tap 2 3)Speed Cola 4)Juggernog 5)Mule Kick 6)Stamin-Up 7)Dead Shot Daquari 8)PHD Flopper 9)Tombstone 10)Who's Who 11)Electric Cherry Not to mention the introduction of After-Life (which may also turn out to be a one time thing.) So with all this new stuff, would I be wrong in expecting something new OR the return of tomahawks in DLC 3 and/or 4? I'm just thinking about how over powered we can be if all this stuff is implemented into one map. It would be insane. Picture having 10 perks, the Golden Spork, the Hells Redeemer, (having to double tap the tacticle button for Gersch's, Monkey Bombs, or EMP Grenades,) having a Zombie Shield on your back and of course, some new Wunder Weapon....one can dream. Ok, well this is what was on my mind tonight after an awesome game of MotD. If you read it all, thank you and leave your thoughts below...if you didn't make it past the first paragraph...I can't say I blame you lol. ZombiCidal Maniac (at large)
  14. if i am not wrong, all the letters have been deciphered and you can check them on a youtube channel called PlayTheGameCentral. Here is the link to the video :- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDWwj3b6 ... Q&index=19 Hope this is what you were talking about! oh cool. Thank you very much. I wasn't aware that they were decoded already.
  15. I'm still waiting for someone (NOT ME) to desipher the letters and words on the posters inside some of the prison cells.
  16. Hmm interesting. I'll have to check out TranZit again at some point to see what your talking about. It's hard to play TranZit after having Die Rise and MotD...it just feels so void to me. It's possible that since it's almost summer time, I can't play it because it reminds me too much of Christmas lol.
  17. I noticed that too. I wonder what it means...if it means anything at all.
  18. keep in mind you can control your direction in the air. If u fall a bit left or right, just direct yourself towards the hole.
  19. thank you. and HOORAAAAAY!!! I can't wait to get to Alcatraz! But not in real life...of course lol.
  20. I personally couldn't care any less about rank, than I do at the present moment. I'm a stunning looking skull with gorgeous blue eyes and some decorative wooden frame behind my head. Anything else added to my looks could have woman running after me...it's hard enough to keep them away now....have I mentioned my BLAZINGLY beautiful blue eyes?
  21. Hi all, I've been able to watch this Alcatraz intro on my PS3 since the last patch. I was wondering if this means we'll be getting it any sooner. I've noticed that the Maxis Diary is still up and not Al's. So I'm not getting my hopes up or anything, but I was just wondering if this is on everyone's PS3, or just some sort of glitch on mine.
  22. Thanks for the reply Rissole. I see where your coming from. The question "how many NEW things could they possibly add to this ONE mode?" comes to mind often.
  23. Ok, so we're half way through DLC season and there's really been nothing but complaints. So I took the liberty to make a thread on what OUR COLLECTIVE favorite elements of zombie mode are. Now, this may be a tricky thing because mostly people like things that are NEW. So what was it about Der Riese that made it such a re-playable map? This map came out in 2009 and it's STILL peoples favorite map. So what was it about Der Riese that makes it the best zombie map thus far? (and for those who just want to post "Der Riese isn't my favorite map" please save it because it's not my favorite map either.) And before I say anything more, I must say this...When I say things like "people like this more than that" kind of thing, I'm talking about THE MAJORITY. For instance, the MAJORITY of people who play zombies, like the O4 better than the N4. Ok, now that that's out of the way, let's begin. Speaking of characters, allow me to speak on the mojority's behalf by saying that the characters in BO2 are dull and boring. Spawning in as Tank Dempsey, or Nikoli Belinski was satisfying enough for me already. So having cool characters to play as makes a difference. Most people will agree that controlling a bad ass character makes for a fun experience (ex. Halo, WAW-BO1 Zombies, Dead Space, Bioshock, The Walking Dead, etc.) I'm willing to bet that if we had the O4 from the door in BO2, Tranzit may have actually been a bit more tolorable. Most of my references come from Der Riese since it's THE fan favorite. So we had the introduction of teleportation. That added an element of science fiction. Horror and science fiction work GREAT together in video games. With the acception of the Ray Gun and a few things here and there, science fiction took a back seat in BO2 zombies so far. New perks are always great. But there's never been an addition to the amount we can buy. No matter how many perks are on the map, we're STILL only able to buy 4. Though we can access them in other ways, I still think it would be funner if we could buy as many as we wanted. Many WILL disagree with this, but that's obvious. The mystery behind things also adds to it. Yes, there are PLENTY of mysteries in BO2 zombies. Many of which we don't know the answers to. But these mysteries are all time based and won't be discovered (or not) until the final DLC. Der Riese (on the other hand) had references to nazi and WW2 myths and legends scattered through out the map. Almost everywhere you go on that map has some little secret. A little piece of paper under a brick that you need a sniper rifle to read is actually something fun. These things were left out of zombies since Der Riese. Major Easter Eggs are fun and all, but in this case, I think it's quantity over quality. Though quality is good also. If we could have the best of both worlds, that would be great. Die Rise could have had SO MUCH more to it. I think Alcatraz Island actually took a step forward in the right direction with all the writing on the walls, and the references to devil worship everywhere. Especially in the Wardens office. So maybe the 3rd DLC will go even further into that direction. I've been writing this up for a good 20 minutes now and I'm burnt out. So I'm hoping that you guys can fill in the gaps for me. What are your favorite things about zombies. Let's make this thread something that Treyarch can look to for reference so people can stop complaining about being let down everytime a new DLC arrives. It IS possible to make 90% of the zombie community happy. It just seems like we're not being LOUD ENOUGH about what it is exactly that we WANT from our zombie experiences. What would make the PERFECT zombie map in YOUR (the zombie community) COLLECTIVE OPINION? Please leave your thoughts below. Sincerely, ZombicidalManiac
  24. Wow...now I see why they don't release the DLC's for every console at the same time. There'd be double the amount of "FIRST TO FIND EASTER EGG" videos on youtube. And to the guy comparing stuff to Hitler, chill out dude. Everyone just relax. It's just a game....or is it? mwahahahahhahahaha
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