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  1. Fire staff is wrong. Disc - inside the church or rarely around the excavator area thingy. Part 1 - kill the robot guy. Part 2 - shoot down the plane in the sky that is glowing. Part 3 - power up Gen 6 and the box next to it will give you a part. These aren't in any special order.
  2. He doesn't remember. Any player can pick up the gramophone once someone placed it.
  3. You can pick up the gramophone once you placed it down. I don't know any locations. Endless Faiils found the parts.
  4. If you put the gramophone downstairs in a mine, it will activate a portal. Once you're in the portal, it teleports you into a huge room and you will find a crystal somewhere in the room. Do this with all four mines and you will get all four crystals. These crystals are needed to build the staffs.
  5. Put the music box downstairs in the mines. It opens up a teleporter.
  6. Oh and the location for the sign is Ground Bitter Pits not Ground by the Pits.
  7. The last step is hard. I spent 6 hours in a game yesterday and couldn't get it.
  8. For Maxis' side, you need to punch the consumption cross, bone orchard vein, and the dry gultcher shaft at the same time with galvaknuckles and the whisp will appear. I don't know if the 3 signs change every game, but it worked for us.
  9. For Maxis' side, me and 2 others punched the consumption cross, bone orchard vein, and the dry gultcher shaft at the same time and the whisp appeared. You follow it around and you need to give it power so it doesn't disappear by killing zombies by it. It eventually leads to that buildable gallow thing and it powers up one lightbulb.
  10. Cool, I got to the coding on the wall by myself a couple hours ago.
  11. On top of a roof, there's a latern symbol and you put the latern inside of it. Then code appears on the wall. Idk what to do next.
  12. I shot the flying latern with the HAMR and it fell to the ground. Maxis said something and I picked it up. Does anyone know what to do with this latern?
  13. At the backyard at the mansion, if you shoot the water fountain with the ray gun, it breaks and a hole forms. I lost connection right after that. Does anyone know what's down that hole?
  14. I've built a lot of parts and heard Maxis talk. I think I lit up all the orbs with the Paralyzer. After that I started to see a glowing blue latern orb that's just flying around slowly in a pattern that doesn't lead me anywhere. Has anyone else found this? It flys around near the graveyard and where the 1st box is at.
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