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  1. Yea just last night I had a teammate go down on an elevator and ride it up to the floor below me
  2. i am by far not a pro player, but i am definitely a decent player i have always been able to run circles for days and getting to high 20's early 30's is usually nothing. However since the update I find myself hating this more and more. I was just on nuketown running circles in the backyard, i had jug, started getting kind of crowded and saw a CLEAR opening between zombies, ran through got hit from a decent distance, saw another hole that i thought was kind of small but had no choice so i ran through and got hit, then a zombie atleast 2-3 running steps away double swats and i go down. This is ridiculous i never try to get cornered or let my lane get crowded but when it does happen I love to try to dodge and evade hits, and I don't always expect to come out unscathed but with the way its looking if i see zombies 5-6 feet away from me and there's more than 3 of them i might as well just set the control down and say i lost, even with jug. I love the game and love a challenge, I just think the new aggression is a little too much in some situations. I feel like i don't even get a red screen anymore i go from 1 hit to going down before I can even do anything. And mind you right before the patch i went to rd 26 on nuketown running fine and went down for something stupid and never bought quick revive.
  3. Lmao at last 2 posts. I personally think if we would meet up with the o4 it would be the finale dlc. That's just what I've been thinking since I found out about the 4 new characters. Plus considering on moon there was the teleport between there and area 51. if you considered the possible places the o4 could be it would have been one of those places, if you consider nuke town part of area 51 or atleast close to it, then you could see how close green run is to nuke town on the world map. I think it would be awesome if somehow they incorporated the o4 back to green run. Like say adding nuke town to transit Route then completing an easter egg to relink the teleporter to the moon and bring the o4 back! The Richthofen quote about missing Nikolai really makes me feel like Richthofen wants the original 4 back. Just ideas Lol
  4. Definitely sounds like a good idea, makes alot of sense too. I'm kind of curious though if they would have changed how the zombies are affected by fire, or rather what determines if a zombie respawns. Such as if a zombie has taken X amount of damage then die rather than respawn. And in these circumstances the zombie following you received X amount of damage from traversing the lava on those paths.
  5. I know everyone and their brother has had a theory the last few months, and I'm not trying add to the list of useless theory posts, but I've been thinking about a few things. I have been wondering if anyone has tried to insert the navcard while... 1.the bus was emp'ed. 2.while there was a turbine on the bus and/or next to navcard reader. 3.throughout all different stages of completing the ee. 4.emp'ing the electric zombie under the pylon again, after completing the ee in the same game I haven't completed the ee yet unfortunately, and can never seem to find a group of people willing/skilled enough to complete it. On a side note if anyone on xbox would like to complete either side of tob, I'd love to do it before dlc. I am a decent player, have plenty of money in the bank, know my way around whole map on foot. Gamer tag = TheDogFacedBoy
  6. What if the random drops are there to help us kill zombies under the pylon. Maybe we have to kill a certain amount of zombies or reach a certain round
  7. I have both Xbox and ps3. If I purchase the season pass for one system can I use the code to download the dlc on both systems when available. Or do I have to purchase a season pass for both systems?
  8. If it is truly done then why would JimmyZ have posted the tweet a day ago about some people wanting him to tell us and some saying keep his mouth shut. I feel if it was over he wouldn't feel like it was an option
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