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  1. when a panzer's extendo-arm goes through walls and solid objects, still grabs you, and pulls you through said solid objects into your impending doom for the game over. WTF. I really want to save that clip but I really dont wanna sit there holding the right trigger for half an hour just to get to it It was at the very end of the game,does anyone know any tips to just skip to the end so i can get that clip without having to sit through my whole game in fast-forward?
  2. Lol nope its pretty obvious that's its the same Sam, she didn't even have to get past the second word before I knew who the speaker was. They even changed the voice to the Little girl version so people like you would clue in
  3. I'm also pretty sure this song is about our good pal Edward Richtofin, particularly this part: Through the ages of time I've been known for my hate But I'm a dealer of sinful choices For me it's never too late but I also think the chorus is pretty blatantly about him too. "arming the strong, aiding the weak"
  4. I like the idea of each player being able to have 1 staff pertaining to 1 element at a time, that seems cool and fun for everyone and can't be any more OP than the Hell' Redeemer + Golden Spork combo that everyone int he lobby could attain in MotD. If its only one staff though i'm betting you'll be able to switch it between elements by doing something to it, maybe there are elemental stations or something that power it specifically for that element. Ice and Water are the same element :P
  5. whoa dude, like whoa, I have so many questions :P
  6. Is it just me or did they recognize Richtofin? Like you have all three of them pointing guns at each other just waiting for the other to make a move and then the second Tank notices Rictofin, doesn't even pause to take in what or even look at what he's doing and just abandons all caution and starts walking all business-like towards the only one of them in the room not actually pointing a firearm at him. Also note that Takeo seems to tighten his grip on his pistol as soon as he's close enough to actually see the features of his adversaries. He was already pointing the gun at them and knew that they weren't zombies but as soon as he see's its Tank and Nikolai its like shit just got real and he needs both his hands.
  7. ... The whole zombies storyline is an alternate reality Both to the actual Black Ops/ WaW stories and real life in general. Not saying you're wrong, just that you might over thinking a little bit, but then again maybe I'm under-thinking it :P
  8. Its a fictional story so they can make slight alterations that deviate from what happened in real life without it being an error.
  9. Don't misunderstand my post because I really DO think you are onto something big here whether she is the antichrist or not there something more to her than we know I think too. Also as another source of reference here are Richtofin's quotes from moon At 16:00 He talks about Maxis keeping the DG-2 from production and trying to steal the plans for the MTD and then he also goes onto referring to Samantha as "the source of madness" not him.
  10. You have some really good theories and points here but I just want to point out that she doesn't always talk in the little girl voice that you heard in the radio, she also announces the power ups which sound REALLY similar. The only difference is she announces the power ups so its just a louder and more commanding tone of voice whereas in the cinematic she's telling us a story. Aren't there also a few quotes from her after she enters Richtofin's body and you play as her? I've never personally heard them but I remember reading a topic about them way back and apparently they're pretty sadistic too EDIT: A LOT of quotes lol. like over 20 minutes of them. Even when she's talking "normally" she still sounds older and more mature than just a little girl, but it still sounds Aetherial sort off and listen to all the different tones she can take on. I seen some really good posts about how her voice changes with her mood, which would make sense because doesn't yours? :P
  11. They ALL have demons. Tank may not have murdered his wives or family but he's still a killer. He relishes war and revels in the glory of filth and blood. There really isn't someone you could consider a "good guy" among them but that doesn't mean they're evil or completely bad people. Takeo makes it clear that he wants to reclaim his honor and redeem himself, it wouldn't be too far-fetched to believe the others might feel similar. 4 Monsters vs an army of Undead Monsters.
  12. To me I just hear Samantha. Her voice always had the ability to take on these kinds of tones and we've even heard them throughout zombies history. Even the power up drops I find from her sound like this voice but also back at the end of the Ascension Easter Egg when she says "Come and find me". I absolutely think its her telling us the story from the future, her voice may sound a little different than we're used to but we've also never really heard her softly narrate a story. Plus who knows what inhabiting Richtofin's body is doing to her voice, technically if she's possessing his body she should be using his vocal cords. This gave me goose bumps by the way :P
  13. is he holding a severed human head? haha I wonder what kind of zombie he'll be this is crazy. we already have robot mech suit zombies, I kind of hope he's like the Screamer or Napalm Zombie type deal
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