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  1. Has anybody decoded those lettered posters on the walls of some of the cells. I know theres definitely one in the cell right by the Wardens Office. It's just a bunch of letters and numbers put together. I know someone decoded the strange sequence of letters in the "Where Are We Going" video. I guess the same method would be used to desipher those codes. Just wondering if anybody figured them out yet.
  3. Thank you for your response InfestLithium. Well, I have a few theories as to why we might want to inject 115 into the Jet Gun, but as far as other maps like Die Rise go, I'd have to do a bit more imagination reaching. So for now, I'll stick with TranZit, and the Jet Gun. In TranZit, there is a machine in the power room that spawns a creature known as "Him." There isn't much known about that particular machine. But there is a lot known about TranZit and surrounding area (Hanford, and it being a place of military experiments.) Well, if the military is involved, you can bet there is some SUPER secret things going on. The MDT is still (as we know) the place where Richtofen resides on the Moon. What if the machine in the power room of TranZit is some sort of Earth made reproduction of it? There has been a gap in time from Nuketown to TranZit, so what if Richtofen was communicating with people on Earth, and giving them the knowledge to recreate the MDT on Earth. Perhaps giving him a way to manifest (a certain form of himself) on Earth? Now what if "Him" is actually the SKELETAL manifestation of Richtofen? Now what if when all the towers are connected, "Him" turns into a full on manifestation of Richtofen in his supernatural form, and the only way to destroy him is with the Jet Gun...powered by 115? A lot of these theories are based on things they say in-game. Like how Marlton says things about further modifications to the Sliquifier. And how Treyarch themselves said that TranZit may have alternate endings. And that thing about "new upgradable wonder weaponry" in Die Rise that we haven't yet seen. But I'm just digging and reaching. These are all just theories. But I have a strange feeling I could be "close" to the truth. Of course, there are a LOT of things I could be VERY wrong about.
  4. When the final DLC arrives, and all the towers are connected, Perhaps there are alternative endings. Hear me out. Each Nav Card Table has an Element 115 rock attached to it. What if you take the buildable gun from that map (TranZit=Jet Gun, Die Rise=Sliquifier) and hook it up to the Nav Card Table (on that map) and inject Element 115 into it. Perhaps there's an ending to each map that requires the maps buildable gun to be injected with 115 (creating an "upgradable" Wonder Weapon?) to complete a special task which gives an "alternative" ending? ZombicidalManiac
  5. Ascention. Played it over my buddys house. Didn't have a console. Went out and bought PS3 because of the free internet. Then Call of the Dead came out and I found out I had to wait an extra month after Xbox. I was pissed. But I got over it. But yea, after I played the hell out of BO1 zombies, I went out and bought World at War to play the previous 4 maps. So I downloaded all the DLC for WaW and kept on with Black Ops. Played that since 2010...now that Die Rise is out for PS3 I've been playing it like it's going out of style. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that Die Rise MIGHT just be the best zombies map Treyarch have ever done. Not only is it challenging, but they got almost everything right. The new wall guns kick ass, AND you can build the Wunder Weapon. DIE RISE=almost PERFECT!!!
  6. I think what Treyarch meant by "this is the most innovative zombies yet" is that we have to collect things from future DLC's and bring them back to TranZit to complete the Easter Egg. I look at Tranzit as Treyarch's baby and they still have massive plans for it. I'm willing to bet that by the time that the 4th DLC has come out some time in September 2013, TranZit will have all types of new areas and Wunder Weapons available. Each DLC that drops will add something new to TranZit. THAT is why Treyarch isn't saying anything to us. Also, I'm willing to bet that future DLC'S will play part in our ranking system as well.
  7. Wow those ARE coordinates in the PaP room!!! We might just be going to Japan like you said! But my money is still on Germany. There's something about those zombies that remind me of German zombies. But I will say, there is a LOT of evidence pointing to Japan. So my guess is swaying back and forth now lol.
  8. Some video points that way out thre but I'm not sure its legit. Is it a theory vid? Because a lot of folks were talking about going to Atlantis or Paris. I'm just guessing here, but I think we're going to Germany. Not because of the title being half German..but because Germany is where it all started. And just to point out, I don't think that Die in Die Rise is German for The. I think it's just an English title. Like Die/Rise. It could also be a new mode. Where you die, then rise back to life as a zombie. But yea, I'm thinking we'll be enjoying some classic style maps soon. Hopefully this is one of them.
  9. I'm shooting for Breslau Germany. And I have a feeling we might be seeing the Original 4 on this map. Just a hunch.
  10. I really like the idea of a twilight zone effect with TranZit. The fog separates time's and places. Maybe that's why the T and the Z are capitalized. Twilight Zone! lol
  11. People shouldn't get all disapointed when nothing happens today. I mean, it's just a bunch of theories going around. THAT'S IT! So don't say "thanks Treyarch" or "thanks Activision, for not giving us anything on 12/21/12." Because to be honest, they never said anything of the sort...so why EXPECT anything at all?
  12. While everybodys bangin their heads against the wall trying to figure out the next step of the Easter Egg, good ol' JZ is sitting on sandy beaches in some tropical place that's nice and warm. Probably drinking a deadshot daiquiri. And looking on his phone to see how crazy his game is making everybody. I love a good mystery, but now with trolls giving false info (still unconfirmed though very plausible) and people getting all twisted, maybe it is time to put it to rest until some sort of update. Or at least until good ol' JZ get's back to his desk. Lucky geezer's probably with a bunch of hot tail right now while we're running through the fog.
  13. Cool. Would you be able to link us to that please?
  14. It's a Tuesday. Most trailers and things related to video games come out on Tuesdays. Maybe we'll get some sort of a trailer or something. Not counting on it, but this is related to zombies for sure.

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