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  1. Can this be what fall from the sky on Die Rise?
  2. WOW,that makes sense my friend!!!! :D
  3. I think we have to wait to the next DLC to continue the easter egg :D
  4. Mode = Turned Map = Dinner
  5. WOW,if you have to use this for the second part of the Easter Egg? like in the tower or something like that???
  6. At 2:30 he says ''Here zombie,let me help you'' ,I've heard about A LOT of theories that Samuel isn't human,because when he kills a zombie (a group) ,normally he says that he's hungry...That makes sense for u?
  7. I remember to see here http://easycaptu.re/pMUcm.txt ''Richtofen reviving you in'' i don't know if that is true,i just have proves,and i think i heard Richtofen in one vid of quotes (a mouth ago) spoke ''here,let me help you''
  8. Jimmy said on twitter that he doesn't have a youtube channel :3
  9. AND,if you put the numbers of the PaP 'place' ,that are on the wall,on the google maps, you gonna go to Japan!!!
  10. WOW!,NOW IT MAKES A LOT OF SENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!
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