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  1. Knives don't matter because I have the knife emblem, yet rarely stab/punch zombies
  2. I have a k/d over 200 with no shotties. I'm thinking it might be a overall stats. I hope it's not going to be k/d because it is not fun being paranoid about my downs
  3. +1. I understand that the new site is going to have brains, yes? I also am under the assumption that we are rebuilding here also. I'm not asking for a definite answer as to where we are going. I would just like to know: If we are trying to rebuild here, why hasn't the key element been brought back? I would almost say bring them back and give everyone 0. The people who have UOTM medals should get their brains for that. I'm sure you know what I mean and could probably explain it better, but where are the brains? I'm hungry... If your answer is that we are not rebuilding here and are merely coasting until the new site is completed, then I guess we will all have to live with that. If brains aren't to be on the new site, I am at a loss for words. I made a thread not to long after the site went down (and came back). This thread was based around the fact that since the brains were gone, everyone could feel equal for a while, and not try so hard for brains, and instead focus on solid theories. I am eating those words right now, as I think it was that very thing (the brains being lost) that led us on a downward spiral. The people who worked so hard to get where they were, and stayed up long hours, were now getting looked at like they were a first time poster. I think brains should be top priority, bar none. Agreed. The decision to not bring them back has caused more harm than good
  4. It wont close with people in it.. how else would you get back out?
  5. Samuel " I'm like a regular thomas fredison.... or what ever his name is" Instant win for me
  6. PINNAZ Samuel's secret magical underwear....I can't really answer that to be honest. I just always assumed this because they have dulled eyes (as they do once a emp is thrown). Maybe they got there after the event, given the larger effect of the emp perhaps the zombies were pacified for quite awhile
  7. I think they are likely pacified from the emp that disabled all of the electronics
  8. By the sounds of it he is glitching out of the map in theater mode. As far as I know console commands (no clip) have been removed.
  9. Welcome to the site man, enjoy your stay. That naughty little waffles brings alot of people to the site. If your interested in Call of duty zombies... then this is the ONLY place to be
  10. Wow, 1000 is impressive. I remember Tankeo's posting rampage got him up there pretty quick, except your posts are of a higher quality (joking tankeo. I know your out there somewhere). Lenne, I hope your here for another 1000. Sincerely Salad
  11. I miss Superhands.... He was a multiple world record holder, who still found the time to reply to all of my pm's. He dedicated hours upon hours of his time to help us all become better players. He was a UOTM winner, nice guy and someone I looked up to at the site. Yet I feel alot of us shunned him for his mistake. We turned our backs on one of our best. We all make mistakes, we are human and for everyone who couldn't look past what had happened, SHAME ON YOU
  12. Brains. Getting rewarded for good threads= better quality threads across the board
  13. Your banned for having a cyan name
  14. Then your timing was out. It can be done, it's just a little tricky
  15. They are just being lazy. The ladder part for the bus is in turbine

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