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  1. There is a way to glitch out the mega gumballs so they last forever. I'd imagine that is what has happened here
  2. How am I only finding out about this now? Looks like a trip to Dan Murphy's is in order
  3. Link We need to find out where he lives, sneak up to his door and cover it with post-its offering piano repairs
  4. Just when they convinced me to upgrade my **** please report this topic, post ****, It turns out to be a ruse.......... heartless bastards
  5. That's the perfect example of a fanboy. Just because I criticize a game that he loves, he berates me. Thank you for the excellent example Edward Richtofen! If I'm a "fanboy" for still enjoying the new challenges presented to me, I guess your a "hipster" for liking zombies before it's spike in popularity Could you eat the same meal everynight over the span of a few years? I couldn't. Changes must be made to keep the series from going stale. Do I always agree with them? No, I don't. Yet expecting me to buy the same thing over and over, just isn't going to happen. If the old maps still amuse you..... change the disc
  6. Treyarch secretly love penis emblems. *quickly removes all emblems*
  7. No offence dude.. This does not belong in asylum. General map discussion or Die rise sections are where this stuff should be posted. I really don't want to be the douchebag to make you feel like you've done something wrong. It's the discription underneath asylum that misleads newer members. I'm not saying your thread is not important (everyone's theories and thoughts matter) It's just there is a place were this more accurately filed
  8. Alas, there is no solo leaderboards on blops1. If a two player game is started and one player backs out.. it's game over
  9. The green machines on the roof are generators that raise the elevators. The is one above each shaft
  10. Wow.... Nicely summed up Mix. I've been looking forward to another epic thread from you. It makes me really wish Tranzit had a comic book page instead of the postcards
  11. We can have two "old jays" can't we?... Welcome to CoDz jj almighty or should I say.. new old jay
  12. I just had a horrible time ever getting the pieces to the jet gun. I have two choices a. Run ahead and risk the next round starting or b. Move at a snails pace to stop the zombie from trying to respawn
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