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  1. he barely clipped the ledge thats why his fall damage was nullified. the ledge his friend dropped from just look closely. didnt look like the guy jumped either just looks like he sprinted off making this easy to recreate. edit: want to clarify im talking about the 2nd video
  2. lostkause

    Green Glow

    that would be you getting the "deadshot" persistant perk. 2 headshots with 1 bullet activates it
  3. ya im hoping this gets changed b4 die rise hits ps3. first high round footage ive actually watched with the sliq anyone who says this isnt a wonder weapon is sadly sadly mistaken. id feel cheap using these spots also not to mention bored. id rather take my chances dieing and running the map
  4. bravo and lol about not posting the vid. i wouldnt want to put in all that work and have it snaked from me either. all those mad about it q up dont expect handouts. the fact that its still a mystery keeps the excitement
  5. different ngt talked about the elevator lights
  6. I haven't seent the minute man I missle, though I did see a pic of three missles all lined up together and my first thought was immediately moon. Though we do have a whole planet of possibilities and a whole decade to searcg though. Even more if trayarc decides to leave the sixties and go into other time periods, though I think sixties is pretty much where we are staying at for black ops 2 atleast. wanted someone else to say it for a sec thought i might be seeing things. the missle in the middle is the minueman I which looks very similar to the missles launched from moon. either way nice history lesson and the more i read on it the more it makes me think it ties into the story line
  7. check out wyoming.org warren afb during cold war. talks about how they were tasked in the 60s with creating long range accurate missles with heavy payloads. the minute man I missle looks familiar
  8. wyoming colorado border - Warren Air Force base. member of air force global strike command and home of the 90th missle wing
  9. yea it was different and i dont see a dlc after it. are there any secret facilities near the colorado wyoming border? just find it wierd thats where they teleport from
  10. regarding who's who anyone else think of penn and tellar?
  11. ya sorry wish i could post the vid. only watched the first clip but from what i seen a tv station was hacked and some wild footage came across the air. i had never even heard of it before today either just googled wyoming conspiracy. and through further looking it looks like they ported from the wyoming colorado border new mexico seems to be too far south
  12. prolly wrong but the dot in america looked like it was in wyoming. *cough* the wyoming insident *cough*. found some stuff about fema camps also. freaky vid tho freaky vid. id post it but you can only do so much on a ps3
  13. So he's not a troll just because he guessed that the little symbols would be used for something?! Right when i saw/heard about those things i knew that. Just like the Gongs in Shangri-La. are you telling me he couldn't of guessed either? OP seems to have abandoned this thread. After Liam asked for more proof to be exact, Pretty suspicious... first photo is the step after the symbols so idk you tell me. then when asked for a hint the symbol photo popped up wh ich is the step people were missing. i hope they solve it and say nothing just post the final quote and thats it
  14. seems like the op is no troll. thanks for the vid link
  15. well at least i got one thing right lol thanks for the guide 1mth til ps3 :(
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