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  1. IMO assuming this guy is some sort of preacher he could be referring to God, as if it was his sermon about cannibalism and survival on this new world. Could be that he's trying to get more followers throught these TV/radio transmissions. However, your theory is pretty good and would perfectly fit in the storyline. Stuhlinger could be the leader of this cannibalism cult, he doesn't remember it because he ate zombie flesh and is suffering from memory loss, also showing some clear signs of paranoia and schizophrenia. Also that other quote from the CDC guy, he was describing the symptoms for those who got in contact with 115 fog, Stuhlinger has most if not all of them !
  2. you guys should demand ps3 specific EE IMO that would be the best solution for it, but I gotta be realistic there's no way such thing will ever happen.
  3. As a PS3 player I'm angry and excited at the same time. Sadly by the time we get the DLC there will be nothing left to discover. Good job though !
  4. Why would it be a sin ? Is it because they extensively use NoClip and Hacking ? I'm against that too ! Well CODZ and PTG used to have beef. No sure anymore though. I said something that's wrong, I'm not implying they are hackers. What I meant by that is they were one of the first to show all the audio quotes that weren't and haven't been found in game.
  5. Why would it be a sin ? Is it because they extensively use NoClip and Hacking ? I'm against that too !
  6. Haha I have a bad feeling that they would never do that... My guess is the same, I think they're gonna leave some loose ends so we can keep on discussing and wishing they'll release a new game (perhaps a zombies only game ?) Regarding the timeline there's one fracking quote of Maxis's that really bothers me "You....You are not one of those foul creatures. Excellent, I have been searching for decades. Listen now, what I have to say is of the utmost importance to mankind. If you would see this planet free from the curse of these wretched undead creatures, and the monstrous evil which controls them, then you must obey my every command. I cannot affect physical change... yet. You must be my hands. Only you can stop that awful worm, Richtofen." I don't recall hearing it in game
  7. You just blew my mind ! After seeing it the first thing that came to my mind was this
  8. There's a guy posting comments on NGTzombies saying he found it, something related with the fog and/or a truck on the fog. He says he'll post a video later on about how he done it. How do I know he's lying ? He created his YouTube account today, he goes by the name of MrZOMBIEztacticz Fucking troll ! :evil:
  9. If I recall one of the Wonder Weapons was shipped to Hong Kong before we even get to know it

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