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  1. No problem ! I assume that would eventually happen, I'm not as much active member as I was. You got a nice theory, keep up the good work !
  2. You got a nice theory going on dude ! But if I'm not mistaken that in game pic was sent by me, not Grill. I posted it right after he had shown that isosceles triangle on google maps. After seeing that google maps pic the first thing that came to my mind was the impact points seen from Moon. It's a pattern !
  3. IMO assuming this guy is some sort of preacher he could be referring to God, as if it was his sermon about cannibalism and survival on this new world. Could be that he's trying to get more followers throught these TV/radio transmissions. However, your theory is pretty good and would perfectly fit in the storyline. Stuhlinger could be the leader of this cannibalism cult, he doesn't remember it because he ate zombie flesh and is suffering from memory loss, also showing some clear signs of paranoia and schizophrenia. Also that other quote from the CDC guy, he was describing the symptoms for those who got in contact with 115 fog, Stuhlinger has most if not all of them !
  4. I checked the other topic and there was no video, this guys gives an amazing explanation to it
  5. I live in Brazil and right now NOBODY is playing Turned, that's what I wanted to show.
  6. Wanna know my first impressions on Turned ?
  7. I might have missed this when I saw some gameplays on Xbox. I was playing solo, waiting for the elevator on round 2 next to the bench you build the Sliquifier, there was only one zombie left. I begin to hear some strange voices, just like the one on the cinematic trailer, as if someone was in pain and/or weakened. As I said, it could be all to hype for playing a new map and perhaps someone already mentioned it on Xbox, but I thought I was strange and new to me. Luckily I got "sick" today and have all day to do the EE EDIT: I was playing as Samuel and I'm pretty that wasn't the quotes from the EE
  8. Since I'm waiting for Die Rise on PS3 I decided to give your theory a shot. I play lots of TranZit solo and tried to do Simon Says on the bowling alley lights as you proposed on the other thread. I tried almost everything, shooting with various weapons, throwing monkey bombs and emp. Nothing new happened... Move along people, there's nothing to see here
  9. Can anyone tell me what time should we expect the DLC on thursday ? I dont even live in the US so I'm already expecting some sort of delay
  10. I chose Richtofen mainly because to me Maxis intentions are not very clear. I mean, we can clearly say that Richtofen is the villain but what would Maxis do in order to "improve the human condition" ? After all he's been throught a lot, he might have changed his perspective on what's right or wrong and what needs to be done to save the humanity. Perhaps both of them will lead us to the extinction of the human race and/or a new world order. Maybe it's not a question of "who's the bad guy ?", instead it could be "what are the consequences of choosing each side ?".
  11. I agree with that line of thought, most of new members don't even search for some related topic to the ones they're about to create. Before I joined the forum I spent 2 months reading other topics before posting one of my own. I mean, every week we see a "Possible New Step On TranZit" topic on the TranZit forum. Everybody thinks that there's nothing left to do on TranZit, but if you have solid info you must post pics and/or videos or else you be treated as a troll.
  12. The main reason I bought the Season Pass earlier was to be able to play a "new" map on PS3. Releasing it on PS3 for those who didn't acquired Hardened Edition was an awesome move by Treyarch, since we'll be the last ones to get the DLCs. However I gotta say that I'm not THAT much excited to play Die Rise. I mean, of course it's a new map for us ps3 users but I couldn't hold my curiosity since it's release on Xbox so I pretty much know everything about the map. I know that that's my own choice the fact that I watched a lot of gameplay but it sucks that the map won't be that new to us. I can't play TranZit anymore, most of us already got fed up with it. Even after patching it they made what I thought was impossible, they pretty much ruined what was already in crumbles. I admire their work and since I'm a big fan of the whole zombies genre, I decided to buy BO with all the map packs. It was by far one of the best decisions I made this year. After playing all the old maps I even got angrier with TranZit. I only want TranZit as it was (runing free throught the map with the last zombie and no glitches of course) and if PS3/PC do get all the DLCs after Xbox, PLEASE make some sort of "change" on the EE, even slightly.
  13. We haven't seen that helicopter yet. One can only hope they change, even if slightly the EE on PS3
  14. IMO this would be the perfect cast for the movie, both talented and funny Edward Richtofen - Christopher Waltz Ludwig Maxis (Voice/Actor) - Ian McKellen Samuel Stuhlinger - Gary Oldman Russell "Russman" Mann - Cedric ate Entertainer Abigail "Misty" Briarton - Sarah Silverman Marlton - James Franco
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