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James C. Burns points out LOTS of hidden info in the trailer

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Maybe if you shoot him he flips the F$&@ out and swerves like a mad man? This would not delay your progress but would be a real B$&@# if you were trying to aim straight or carry out a precise action within the bus.

Also the way he worded one part makes it seem as if the game doesn't really begin until we leave the bus. Maybe we are in a no mans land type place and the bus is our salvation to the next area (rest of tranzit)?

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Part II is up.

He mentions Horses in Zombies.

The buildables are some what like the ones seen in Resident Evil outbreak files 1 & 2 which I still have. The main character that can make the weapons is called David.

He also mentioned the Zombies in straight jackets meaning an Asylum is close by. I'll say Carbon had something to do with this "Asylum" :lol:


Regards Alpha.

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when he shows the frame that has the two riot shields in front and someone is shooting from behind, that blueprint is completely revealed.

I haven't been surfing the site very well but it has actually been revealed to be most likely 99% the Der Riese blueprints. I have a link of RADAUSTINS video which shows a close up on it not to mention in the "zombie bus" trailer if you pause it when she cracks her knuckles its in plain sight.

It's almost like this Der Riese blueprint will be very significant.

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The mention of the bus driver and his anger 'kind' of and speak with literal surety that this would be the case, that he is in fact a product of Richtofen or if 935 were in Tranzit at one point. They built, and as he is a machine, his alliegance could be unknown to us. It could be that later on as more maps come out once the game is released, that he takes us to a 935 outpost. Alternatively, I also see this bus as a human trap due to it being quite confined. Agree or disagree up to you, someone on twitter disagreed and I listed my reasons, he still hasn't replied. Just one final note isn't his eyes 'blue'.

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During the second video, it talked about a turbine at the bottom of the screen during the analysis of the wunderweapon and that got me thinking. Don't turbines suck things in that get too close? So could the new wunderweapon do something similar?

Turbines pull air in on one side, and blow on the other. Maybe this will allow you to switch it around and either use it as a thundergun or a zombie vacuum? That would be hilarious.

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"Don't piss him off"... Would he deny me bus travel? :? I know the first thing I'm doing on Zombies :twisted:

Great find BTW!

Can't wait! That time is so close that...."Oh Piece of Candy!"

Sorry there was a piece of candy in my room. More like a bowl....I'm not fat... :oops:.

Just joking, no blubber in me just skinny :lol:. I'm to excited since its so close :twisted: its been four months since the wait!

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My previous post was a little rushed sorry. It was just stating that i'm kind of thinking the bus driver was built by those working for 935 or was built by Richtofen possibly before he went into the pyramid. Again until release, I have no telling if I'm right. Why I mentioned the eyes. Just thought I'd rephrase it a little, as it made barely any sense my last post.

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He mentions Horses in Zombies.

I bet the horse is how you get the "fuel efficient" achievement. You probably just pick up a horse from the farm. Advantages? You don't have to wait at a bus stop for it. Disadvantage? Only one or two passengers, AND it is a mortal horse.

I think horses can be in zombie mode (and that awesome!) like a scene with bus from singleplayer devs may doing it with horses:

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The wristwatch... I remember he said the guy wearing it is a scientist. An engineer. What if that watch is something to do with the bus? Maybe you can programme it to collect you from a certain place?

Remember how Richtofen had to use the Vril Device in Moon, and he was the only character able to do so?

I would imagine our engineer friend will be the new Richtofen in a sense, as his "tech" will have to be used in the Easter Egg, but only by him.

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