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    The guy talking about the flesh is the same one who's been talking to some voices saying "Yes, I see now. I will do it. I will do it for you, and the FLESH!". What we can assume from radios so far: Basically, there are groups of survivors. They follow either Richtofen, Maxis, or none of them two. The Jackass flats/CDC guy is one of the survivors that did not listen to voices. It seems kind of logical because people of his status would rather not risk listening to odd voices in his head and doing weird things. "Normal" people, citizens would be more likely to be affected by the voices and follow their orders. He mentions paranoia and all other sorts of things. All of these can actually (and most probably are) the effects of 115 being in your body while you are alive. Now, the Flesh guy really reminded me of Illuminati, I don't know why. The way he speaks... He is no leader. But he is enlightened! I believe he got mad thanks to Richtofen. Richtofen was in the heads of many survivors. He persuaded some surivors to eat flesh. The 115 made them easier to control from the Aether. "He" must be Richtofen or Maxis. Probably the second one. Probably Eddy convinced others to turn against Maxis and not listen to him. "He abandoned us" is said like and assumption that "He" left, and now the Flesh will let us survive, the Flesh will lead us. The Flesh might be a metaphor for Richtofen and his plan. It is obvious that many other survivors ate flesh. Stuhlinger did it too. Another person is the woman in the broadcast. She ate the Flesh, tried to follow the voices of German men (Maxis and or Richtofen) but she couldn't do something right. She needed others, but others did not eat the flesh, so they were not following the orders of the voices. She really seems to be affected by 115. And when she says she can't hear the German men anymore, it sounds like the voices abandoned her for some reason. Maybe she did not eat any more flesh, or the just did not need her. Now, I've heard "We are the living, and we are the dead." It's a song lyric. It has nothing to do with it, but the song is about the effect of 115 to a body. Now I see that people who consume 115 become insane. And insanity is something Richtofen wants, because it lets him control survivors with ease. So he can complete the masterplan. This is what I think. I dunno if I should put it in a separate thread, but please, comment on it. I know there are some gaps, but it's hard to see for me - I did not have much time to think.
  2. The easiest way to explain that is that every time our original crew travels in time, different universes are created. So now, Richtofen and the rest are in COTD, they teleport to Shangri-La and from Shangri-La they time travel to Moon. Since they have time traveled to Moon, in the universe where Moon takes place event Shangri-La and COTD never happened. They happened in a different "world" which Nikolai, Eddy, Tank and Takeo come from.
  3. Verrückt

    Your Favourite Gun

    M8A1. It takes some bullets to kill somebody with it, but in right hands and with right perks/attachments and tactics this can be a beast. I don't like Vector/AN because they... Hmm... They don't seem overpowered but they have this element which I don't like. It's almost as it would be too easy to play with them. I don't settle on easy crap.
  4. Verrückt

    Kino 2025 for Black Ops II

    There was some zombie concept art for a cinema posted here. It looked fairly modern and similar to Kino Der Toten, I've even called it "Kino 2025" and thought this thread was about it... Anyway, I don't really believe it would come back in it's cleansed form. However, I would love to see Zombie Verrückt 2025. This map had the greatest atmosphere.
  5. Verrückt

    Permanent Earnable Perks Proof and how to unlock them

    Yes, this confirmed. I have lost all od my abilitys today 12/1/12 I lost a Rank. A slash mark next to my skull ( both I have earned back today ) And I lost my Barriers, Revive, Headshot, Sprint all in one game. I also heard this mysterious noise in the game I lost them in that other people are reported to hear. Although I dis not start the game with these abilitys, some people say that lost them midgame when they heard the sound. I am seriously worried about all of this... I've lost Quick Revive and head popper, but the second one I got back. (and probably lost it already) The Barric-Aid seems to disappear and reappear, which is rather confusing. Treyarch needs to tell us. I know they love to be dicks about those little secrets, but seriosuly, that is just too much.
  6. No, Green Run is at Hanford Site, Washington. And nothing will ever change it. The container might be from that location, not the whole map.
  7. Verrückt

    Another Rank predicting thread/theory

    You're right, it's possible. And he did it. Well done to him.
  8. Verrückt

    Permanent Earnable Perks Proof and how to unlock them

    Update: Just after I unpasued the game, Barric-Aid started working. o_o" Also, just seconds ago I killed a horde of zombies and got another orb (already have the head-popper though) and Misty (my character) said: "Now this might me important..." I heard some people were losing their perma perks... I lost the Barric-Aid but I got it back nearly immediately... What is going on?!
  9. Verrückt

    Another Rank predicting thread/theory

    As I said, round 97 is possible to achieve on TranZit. What I mean is that everyone can get to x round, but I don't really care about that unless there is a proof. If you have a proof and wish to provide it, feel free to do so. I am not trying to be a dick about that, so don't be offended. (although I see you are not, so that's fine)
  10. Verrückt

    Another Rank predicting thread/theory

    97... Quite possible, but without the proof... Well, I have been to round 666 on Bus Depot survival, but my friend left at round 3 so I had to play with the other guy and the score did not save. :
  11. Verrückt

    Permanent Earnable Perks Proof and how to unlock them

    Barric-Aid... It's so weird! I am currently playing a solo game of TranZit, and for like 13 rounds i had the metal barricades (those with metal borders) and they worked fine. After that I got off the bus and trained in the farm, when I got back 20 minutes later when bus came, I suddenly had normal wooden ones. I got off at Town for a little while and when I came back to the bus, the metal framed planks were back, but they had no effect - the zombie was breaking them as fast as the ordinary, wooden ones. And besides that, is it just me, or any of you seem to knife/drink perks/swap weapons/perhaps even reload certain weapons faster? Oh, and one last question. During insta kill, do the fire zombies, when they explode, stun you? Cause when I had insta kill and knifed them all, they exploded but I did not get stunned, just hurt a little.
  12. Verrückt

    Another Rank predicting thread/theory

    Just a reminder - don't get your hopes up for a knife if you get blue eyes on your skull. It has been proven that both tallies and eyes are basically showing your activity. Don't play for 24 hours - you lose one tally and the blue eyes. So the eye colour is not relevant to the emblem advancing procedure.
  13. Verrückt

    Permanent Earnable Perks Proof and how to unlock them

    This deserves two infinities of brains.
  14. Verrückt

    Characters Of Tranzit... *Updated*

    What poor, deaf human being would suggest that? That's like the most stupid and... Wow... It is the most illogical thing I've seen in 24 hours. And I see a lot of illogical things daily.
  15. Verrückt

    Can you guys catch me up please?

    You might have missed some stuff, but don't you worry! All you need you can find on YouTube, and the game... Although fun and quite challenging, can get tiring and monotonic especially if you haven't got good people to play with. If I was you, I'd wait for Christmas/even later and buy the normal edition cheaper. You miss Nuketown, which is pretty sweet even compared to TranZit, but it'll be worth the wait and the money. I don't feel like I actually play a 60 pound worth game. It's fun, but it isn't the same as the previous zombies. And yes, the 'monkeys' will always make sure you don't get lost in the fog ALONE.

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