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  1. LiamFTWinter

    Der Eisendrachen

    Rocket seen at the far right of the image is pretty interesting
  2. LiamFTWinter

    Black Ops III DLC 1

    Most likely Werfen, Austria. Richtofen's note has co-ordinates that lead us right next to the Hohenwerfen Castle which looks pretty similar to the castle in the Der Eisendrachen image
  3. LiamFTWinter

    Black Ops III DLC 1

    Sony asked for something for the playstation experience
  4. LiamFTWinter

    "She has MY BODY"...

    samantha in richtofen's body still has samantha's voice though
  5. LiamFTWinter

    Possible Perma Perk

    Your knife is green because you have widows wine
  6. LiamFTWinter

    Secret Codes in Shadows Of Evil & The Giant

    found this one earlier while the servers were down, just reminded me to go get a better image of it
  7. There are codes hidden on both maps that I don't see many people trying to solve, we've found 2 on shadows of evil so far and 1 has been solved and we've found 5 on The Giant and 2 have been solved. SHADOWS OF EVIL CODE 1: THE BOXING GYM BEHIND A PHOTO OF A BOXER CODE 2 (SOLVED): ON A TABLE IN THE RIFT Use an everything formula plotter to get CODE 3 (SOLVED): IN THE WATERFRONT DISTRICT NEXT TO THE PERK MACHINE, INTERACT WITH A BRICK ON THE GROUND TO REVEAL IT M IS INTERESTED IN THESE WORTHLESS BEINGS ALL HIS WORK WILL BE UNDONE X. THE GIANT CODE 1: UNDER A BRICK IN FURNACE ROOM NMFU3DNILVAXTPPH9AYHRXUM3 PDBVMHN/CANVGPYS+3HGQKH CODE 2: IN A WINDOW LEADING FROM SPAWN TO TELEPORTER C TheGiant kCmlgFi6GUJNgkNl1Q41fbfyLoCFTCvlqkZilOKlAXAzp1U1uy1BE4U fPBfpKmmLObjYnQNRBaPrKiVWzc5A4vOw3xle8FOhAGJZ7g4inOwn dJxMOvO3dc1M82at2T6935roTqyWDgtGD/hwwRF30HqFM5vcw1 JtlNbsgWRm4o4/quEDkZ7x1B275bx3/Fo1 CODE 3: IN A WINDOW TO THE RIGHT OF THE PERK IN ANIMAL TESTING (credit to /r/codzombies for the image) VXFPNFSVOHBMJBOHYDPLBBR NDJWOWIWUUJJJHVYKAGZAIY CODE 4 (SOLVED) : Match numbers to elements in the periodic table to get intheucelvlvbelvowtheuwauvesiswherehonornsufferns remove some of the letters we don't need to get In the Cell Below The Waves Is Where Honor Suffers CODE 5 (SOLVED): IN TELEPORTER A (credit to /r/codzombies for the image) When scanned we get "The Mountain Must Be Searched For The Frozen One"
  8. LiamFTWinter

    How to upgrade the Apothican Servant legit?

    Who knows, I hope I'm wrong but it just seems like something that we would have made at least some progress with by now
  9. LiamFTWinter

    How to upgrade the Apothican Servant legit?

    Well each weapon now has to have some kind of upgraded version because of the gumballs. I honestly don't think there's any way to properly upgrade it and if there is its yet another easter egg with no direction for something so basic
  10. LiamFTWinter

    The Giant: Character Quotes

    pretty sure some of them are just re used quotes
  11. LiamFTWinter


    Unless the giant easter egg has no new dialogue there isn't one at all other than the fly trap The Giant is a great map for gameplay other than the random perks, the easter eggs are a let down though, I was expecting more than a fly trap with new locations after all this time. Shadows is one of my least favourite maps ever, It feels like everything was made for your first playthrough, the rituals and complicated pack a punch are amazing the first 2 times but 20 times after you get really bored but it's something you're forced to do if you want to enjoy the rest of the game. Could go on for ages about how disappointing it is

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