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  1. Rocket seen at the far right of the image is pretty interesting
  2. Most likely Werfen, Austria. Richtofen's note has co-ordinates that lead us right next to the Hohenwerfen Castle which looks pretty similar to the castle in the Der Eisendrachen image
  3. Sony asked for something for the playstation experience
  4. samantha in richtofen's body still has samantha's voice though
  5. Your knife is green because you have widows wine
  6. Who knows, I hope I'm wrong but it just seems like something that we would have made at least some progress with by now
  7. Well each weapon now has to have some kind of upgraded version because of the gumballs. I honestly don't think there's any way to properly upgrade it and if there is its yet another easter egg with no direction for something so basic
  8. pretty sure some of them are just re used quotes
  9. Unless the giant easter egg has no new dialogue there isn't one at all other than the fly trap The Giant is a great map for gameplay other than the random perks, the easter eggs are a let down though, I was expecting more than a fly trap with new locations after all this time. Shadows is one of my least favourite maps ever, It feels like everything was made for your first playthrough, the rituals and complicated pack a punch are amazing the first 2 times but 20 times after you get really bored but it's something you're forced to do if you want to enjoy the rest of the game. Could go on for ages about how disappointing it is
  10. I think it was just a bit jarring to have all these characters on the map that speak a lot suddenly turn silent as soon as really interesting things happen, do these characters really have nothing to say while they are seeing ghosts with swords, fighting a tentacle man in a suit and killing a giant worm with a train? And the only things that were really solved before release were the pap and swords which I don't think should count as easter egg steps really, looking at origins step 1 is getting and upgrading the staffs which is way harder than getting and upgrading the swords and then origins went on to have 7 more steps while shadows had 2 more after that point It all just feels off and not as good as some of their other work and it's made worse by treyarch promising so much from it
  11. this easter egg was easily the most disappointing ever no quotes from any character once you've opened the pack a punch not even the playables, we get an interesting character like the shadow man and he stops talking once you activate the easter egg nothing to really figure out, it was all just trial and error and making the game harder rather than actually solving anything, keep in mind we were on the final step on day 1 and the only reason it took us until now to solve this step is because there was no direction in anything we had to do, no riddles, no quotes, nothing 4 steps total and 2 of them were charging an egg in the most simple ways possible wasn't this supposed to be the biggest easter egg ever? what happened? and then the ending gives us something destiny got a lot of heat for by giving us the "I have no time to explain" excuse, where did the story progression go? this and the giant both felt underwhelming with easter eggs and they both felt like ways to set up DLC
  12. full guide no solo (unless something else can be done in solo to make it work)
  13. the dark ops challenges were found in the code https://www.reddit.com/r/blackops3/comments/3rt0yc/all_dark_ops_challenges/ Reach Deressurectionist (level 35). Apocalypse Averted (In Shadows of Evil, help the others).
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